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EXCLUSIVE! Sal Stowers is Cassandra Foster on ‘All My Children’


Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that  (short for Saleisha Stowers) has been cast in the role of Cassandra Foster, the adopted daughter of Angela Hubbard (), who the good doctor found abandoned in a dumpster during her run on ABC’s “The City” back in the mid-1990′s. The character returned as an 18 year-old seeking comfort from mommy dearest in 2008 as portrayed by .

Stowers appeared as herself on “America’s Next Top Model.” She most recently appeared in episodes of “” and “.”

  • She’s pretty..

  • I would rather see Frankie Hubbard.

    • jeb22

      I agree. The last actor was hot!

  • Karen

    Sal is almost 30. How is she gonna look 18 on AMC?

    • Joss

      Cassandra should be in her early to mid 20s by now

      • ITA, Joss. She’s blossomed into young adulthood.:)