UPDATE: ‘AMC’ Hires First Newbie Actress for Reboot?


UPDATE 1:30 AM ET: Looks like Jordan Price will be portraying an aged Miranda Montgomery!

PREVIOUS 12:13 AM ET:” and “” casting director and assistant casting director have been busy these last couple of weeks casting pivotal roles for the reboots of our beloved daytime soaps. Now comes word that one pivotal role may have gone to daytime newcomer , who tweeted just a short time ago, “Soo I’m pretty much beyond excited to start work. #PineValley, here I come 🙂 #AMC.” Both Goodman and Morlani responded to Price’s tweets with Goodman saying, “I couldn’t be happier! Just remember me when you are a big freakin star!” Morlani added, ” SO excited. Me too….remember me as well!”

Which role did Price get? We’ll soon find out, but keep in mind that it was recently revealed that “AMC” was looking to recast a number of its young characters with more age appropriate actors and actresses. The phrase “fresh faces” comes to mind.

You can get a sneak peek at Price’s acting skills via an excerpt from the 2010 short film “” below:

  • she’s beautiful!

  • CTwildheart

    Hmmm…..most likely Miranda Montgomery, Bianca’s daughter and Erica Kane’s granddaughter. She is beautiful enough for that….can’t wait to see her in Pine Valley myself! 🙂

  • I think she looks a lot like Jen Lilley..

  • Sally

    And here they come the actual new cast for AMC. The veterans will be used to prop these newbies up. I bet you will see the veterans fade away after their initial contracts and these new characters and actors will be the new AMC and OLTL. After all these newbies work far cheaper than established actors.

    • And watch how fast the show fails online if that is the way they are going..

    • Bambic

      You’re bumming me out…

  • 🙁

  • I’m not too worried about her being hired she is just and older Miranda, she isn’t a new character. What has been concerned is why Prospect Park still hasn’t contacted the whole cast yet? Walt Willey, Bobbie Eakes, Stephanie Gatchet ,Jamie Lunar,Christina Lynd, Sarah.. I was told by Carolyn from SOD is because the show will be 30 minutes, Which doesn’t explain to me why OLTL has the majority of their cast back it will also be 30 minutes.. They can rotate the actors.

  • Aleana

    where is her mother they haven’t cast her yet