‘The Chew’ Falls Again! Talk Show Reaches Lowest Benchmark for Daytime Programming

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC

( — A few weeks ago an insider informed us that a 1.7 is the lowest acceptable point a daytime program can reach in households before television networks begin to worry about the future of the program on their daytime schedules (ten years ago it was a 2.7). After four days on the air, “” has hit that benchmark.

According to of TV Media Insights, “The Chew” had a 1.7/6 household rating/share point for its Thursday, September 29 telecast – the show’s fourth episode on the air. “The Chew” is down 14% in households and one share point from what “” had pulled during the same point last year (September 2010) and is down a whopping 36 percent and three share points from its local ABC affiliate lead-in averages (predominantly “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”), which averaged together was a 2.8/9 2.6/8.

“Chew’s” Four Day Performance is as follows:

Monday 9/26 – Lead-in: 2.9/ 9, The Chew: 2.1/ 7
Tuesday 9/27 – Lead-in: 2.8/ 9, The Chew: 1.8/ 6
Wednesday 9/28 – Lead-in: 2.7/ 9, The Chew: 1.8/ 6
Thursday 9/29 – Lead-in: 2.6/ 8, The Chew: 1.7/ 6

What’s interesting to note is that “Chew’s” rapid fall is a direct result of the lead-in programming from the ABC affiliated stations across the country more so than the program itself, at least based on numbers alone. Could it be that viewers that tuned into the ABC lineup before the start of “All My Children” were also viewers of ABC’s local programming, but with “AMC” no longer on the air the viewers are just not tuning in? We won’t know the answer to that question based on just one week of ratings data, but if we see this trend continuing during the all important November sweeps period, ABC may have some big problems on their hands.

  • Wait a minute I fell off the chair from laughing!! How are you doing Brian Frons & Ms.Sweeney!!Karma is so great.

  • lol They already had some big problems with viewers when they decided to take off OLTL and AMC. Their little cooking show failing is just an added bonus for us. 🙂 lol

  • Who’s laughing now Mario and Clinton Kelly?  You laughed at us soap fans and Clinton Kelly called us morons and turds on his FB page.  Well, guess what?  Karma is a beautiful thing.  You’re show is going down and so quickly!  LOL!   And I can’t wait for the day it’s cancelled  for good!  What garbage to put on TV.  Big mistake ABC.  Soaps live forever!

  • Karma is a bitch isn’t it.. #FireFrons

  • I have TRIED to watch The Chew and it just SUCKS.The reason why is because of the hosts.None of them are likeable or interesting to watch.The bottom line is it is BORING.Now if they got rid of those hosts and hired someone like Paula Dean then maybe it would have a real chance of staying on the air.

    • NOT!

    • Have not watched and will NOT!

    • NOT! Paula is just not likeable either! That “YA’LL” every  10 seconds has got to go! She would be as ANNOYING as the hosts of THE CHEW! A cooking show of any kind just needs to go! No one wants to see it during the day! People want the soaps, they want drama, they want a story line that they can follow! Bring back the soaps!

  • I believe we warned the mouse that taking AMC from our house would result in falling ratings for ALL programming and that the replacement show would tank… Sorry Frons all your neverending promotion during our beloved AMC did NOT train us to want to watch.. It strengthened our feelings that we needed to continue to boycott ABC except for the soaps AND boycott all who sponsor this new endeavor… FIRE FRONS! FIRE SWEENEY!

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure the fact that Brittany Forgione’s twitter comment & Clinton Kelly’s rant on his Official Facebook page that soap fans are morons, turds, retards & crazy had something to do with this also (I just deleted 25 more morons/turds).  Forgione made a public statement apologizing for her comment (she was watching “the chew” and glad the soaps are gone), that statement caused WWIII on twitter & she also resigned from her position.  Clinton Kelly is far less a man.  He will not admit fault, all the comments on the Chew’s fb page are all “positive” comments for the negative ones are all deleted.  Same for Clinton Kelly’s “Official” fb page.  After seeing the post, I went to his page & did an ALT/PRT SCRN & pasted to paint so he could not lie that he did not say those things, contacted ABC and the Globe magazine hoping to shake this ass off his high horse. So by CK’s & the Chew’s standards, if it’s not a positive comment, it’s not worthy of being posted & is deleted within seconds. By the next day, the comment was deleted, but the war on FB still continues!  What happened to freedom of speech & constructive criticism?  Anyone see the whole ratings for ABC Primetime??  ABC is continually on the bottom of all the networks due to their stupid decision…they reap what they sow!

    • Anonymous

      I’m so glad you sent it on to ABC, although I sincerely doubt they’ll care since they really have nothing but contempt for the soap fans.  I did respond to his comment and, of course, was promplty deleted and blocked.  Like you said, so much for free speech. Mario Batali did the same thing, but he did leave my comment when I asked him why he was removing people who didn’t agree with him.  My 80 yuear old mother doesn’t have access to a computer so she will not be able to watch her favorite soaps any longer.  It’s a shame for all the elderly!

      • ABC like most of society does not have respect for the elderly or anyone who’s opinion differs from theirs. You see, we are supposed to just accept and watch that they shove in front of us.  I loyally turn off my television at 1PM and find other things to do. Usually play a cd or listen to some music. No ABC programming in my house. My son either. He’s totally against ABC and Disney and wants the soaps back. I raised him right.

  • Anonymous

    not many people are fans of Paula Dean either…those ya’lls every second word & that bad southern drawl of hers (I know people from GA, most don’t talk with that twang, her’s is accentuated)  If I want to watch a food show, I’ll turn to FoodNetwork or The Cooking Channel (which I watch quite frequently).  IMHO, any show they put in the soaps time slots will tank

  • oh delicious!!!!!!!!!! and I still don’t know how they plan to do more than a month of shows. You can only cook so much sheeze for an hour a day–every day.

  • I love all my fellow Soap Fans! Your passion is amazing, and we are all helping to prove the point that our Soaps can’t be replaced. So many wonderful writers, actors and other staff out of work for what? ABC should have felt blessed to have had Susan Lucci. We must continue to prove to ABC how stupid they are, and support Prospect Park and the New Frontier for Soaps…


  •  I am sorry but the chew is not something I can watch. It just sucks for the lack of a better word.
    Will not be tunng in to ABC to watch that at all

  • I am sorry but the chew sucks (for the lack of a better word) I will not be tuning in to ABC during this time slot.
    who ever thought this show up needs to find a better way to make a living. Come on ABC you can do better. I would rather watch a soap opera than the chew and I am a cooking show FAN.

  • Of course the lead in is going to drop due to no AMC. There is basically nothing of note on daytime tv except a soap fans soap. If this show happens to make it till January, wait till they see the numbers fall yet again, when it no longer “leads in” to OLTL. Stupid network Soaps are daytime tv!

  • I am so happy that stupid show is going down just like Me and others hoped it would. lets all continue to boycott abc and disney for what they have done to us loyal viewers screw the chew

  • ABC thinks that their programing is what the people want.  Maybe they just should listen to the people, and the ratings are showing that the CHEW is not what the people want.  Till ABC/Disney wisen up and get rid of Brian Frons, their ratings will continue to drop.  It is just the way it is.

  • I for one am glad the program is tanking!  Exactly how many of these food/lifestyle/reality shows do we need?  We all ready have two table-talk shows in The View and The Talk and a WHOLE network dedicated to cooking i.e. the Food Network!  Let’s all face it … The Chew is a bunch of losers who couldn’t make it on The Food Network!  I’ve been a fan of All My Children for 12 years and my Mother has been a fan since the show started and, frankly, with out AMC and OLTL there is NO REASON at all to watch ABC since all the good programming is on FOX!

  • I am Laughing So Freaking hard!!   You deserve it!!!!    

    • ME TOO. I won’t watch ANY ABC programming until they return the soaps!! PERIOD!! =0p

      • My2Cents

        abc is never taking back the soaps.
        NEVER. Its over.

        • my DEAR my2cents you are enitled tooyour opinion and this is the joy of being an american but this my dear was a grass roots movement a voice of millons of woman who have had these programs for generations. Maybe i should ity your generation for being shallow and nonpassionate spoiled brats, go support Justin Bieber and be mindful of what goes on before you make such statements. And you can have your 2 cents back

          • My2Cents

            Tammy Devine….Before you go flapping your mouth, I can assure you, my 35+ years of watching GH trumps whatever time you have invested in this show. Who is Justin Bieber and what does he have to do with GH??
            As far as having my ‘2 cents back’ -lol it was never yours for the taking. It was mine.

          • hey 35 years aint nothin you wern`t there from the beginnin we all have the right to voice our opions so go flap your mouth where maybe someone cares uh maybe

          • My2Cents2

            words like ‘ain’t’ show how brilliant you are.
            Kiss my Azz. Can you understand that??

          • Hey, Tammy, I agree with you, my 2 cents is just here to try and bring down the grass roots movements we all started, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is actually an ABC plant from the production staff/ public affairs division of abc-tv, and she gets very defensive and hostile when called out on her, or even Perhaps HIS views, because there is no way to even be sure the picture she/he provides is actually the true person providing the statements here, I think it best if we all ignore her/his posts and keep our support for the grass roots movement STRONG, SCREW THE CHEW, and ABC can go down in FLAMES, all abc programming on one boat, a sinking ship,  its the VIEWERS who control the RATINGS and decide what succeeds or what fails, not some money grubbing television executives and their “AIRHEAD” bosses, trying to save a buck by providing cheap, poor quality programing on ABC daytime, when the soaps have provided entertainment and profitability for generations of fans and companies, and still continue to do so, adios my 2 cents, SCREW THE CHEW, and BYE, BYE BYRON FRONS, you will not be missed.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve watched AMC for 40 yrs. I agree with My2Cents that ABC is never taking back the soaps.  I DON’T want ABC to have anything to do with them. Prospect Park will hire the best writers and promote it the way ABC never did. ABC is now blocked from my tv.

          • My2Cents

            abc is what it is.
            With the brilliance of PP, hopefully we will finally get real entertainment. Screw abc!!!!

        • and so are they…

  • There is nothing suprising. The promo’s feature a group of really ugly people during lunch with not personalities.Then surprise the only attractive person just happens to be Dr. Oz’s daughter. Didn’t even know he had a chef daughter. I suspect they knew this show was a longshot and that is why they kept General Hospital. To plug in the Chews place when they give their time slot to Katie Curic.

  • My2Cents

    Whose crying?? I am LMFAO!!!!

    • Most of the time I would put my TV on ABC when I would leave for work because I always left it on for my animals to hear something to keep them from being lonley ,and hey they could watch my soap AMC & OLTL while I was gone. No more….AMC was the main one all these years but I have started to enjoy OLTL about tens years ago. I have personally been disrespected by ABC.Only thing I will watch on abc is OLTL.They have shown a couple of prime time shows that look like they might be good. I will not fall for them again,I got interested in several shows last year or two that they canceled after I got into them.So ABC is not worth my time.My TV now is tuned into USA while I am away and DVR-ING OLTL.ABC can kiss where the sun dont shine.

      • My2Cents

        How do your animals feel about all this? lol

        I have to agree. ABC has lost its credibility. NOT just with soaps, but other choices they make.
        I had heard, that they were in talks with Casey Anthony. (didn’t happen) How low can a network get to air that interview???

      • If your animals were forced to watch “The Spew”, they would be howling in pain and your neighbors would call the ASPCA!  LMAO!

  • Guess wat ABC you bit more of thn you can Chew padon the pun tee hee laughing my ASS off. You were warned ABC the people spoke and told you all we were not gona watch this manufactured garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe ABC ught toothink twice about teling your biggest market WOMEN wha we want on television this is the best news i have heard since April. Bring back our stories or get ready too file for chapter 11 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha MORANS.

    • My2Cents

      Perhaps Tammy Devine…if you spelled your words correctly, and spoke a better language than hee hee, hahahahaha, gona, ught, abc would take your comments more seriously. Instead, they are more than likely laughing at you.

  • I will never watch a show that takes the place of a soap. I have more loyalty to the soaps than that. Be it ABC, CBS or NBC. You dump a soap you dump a viewer. I’m so glad The Chew is failing I hope it cost Brian Frons his job.  

  • This move came from Brian Frons and just as he fired AMC, he should be fired for his lousy ideas and foul up. He did this because he wanted to save money and felt it could be more cost efficient. Well, with causing a declining viewership to shows that went before AMC and after, he has caused more damage than just losing AMC’s audience. AMC fans are longtime fans. Not only will I not watch abc daytime of any kind, I will never watch an abc show of any kind whatsoever. Thank Brian Frons.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely however I also have banned Disneyas well as all things Oprah from my house, as well as several of ABC main advertisers including Hersheys.  Stupid, stupid move ABC/Disney.  Viewers are not as brainless as you clearly thought and we don’t appreciate being belittled. Chew that over for awhile!

    • I’m watching Antenna TV. No ABC for me until OLTL comes on. Tonight it comes on at 3:30 and the Chew is on before it due to the coverage of the Columbus Day Parade. 

  • Anonymous

    The only shows I watch on ABC are OLTL and GH anything else including the news can burn after theytook off AMC !

    • same way in my house

    • Donna, watch one of the soaps on the other networks.  they need the ratings and support.  I watch DOOL to fill unfor AMC until it returns.  Some of my days favorites are back and so it has been wenjoyable for me if I have to miss AMC.

      • I bet Days of our Lives is LOVING this 😛

      • Those other soaps aren’t All my Children…

    • Same here! And I am sticking too it, no matter how many gimmicks they come up with to get you to watch.

  • Anonymous

    Payback time….LOL Reality/talk/game show/cooking shows are almost impossible to launch these days during daytime. The Talk was a mediocre success story in what how many years? There is a reason The View was the last benchmark show to survive. Regis/Rachael Ray are lucky to have the audience they have. NBC canned all but one soap and now show that hag Gloria Allred in a courtroom? Even when it was bad, Passions was better. Note: The Talk is doing about the same or even worse than As the World Turns. And with all these cast changes recently, ratings will not improve. Yes, you can save some budget money, but with no viewers advertisers will run.

  • Whats the The Chew?    Bwhahahahahaha…………. !!!!  ;p
    Wow did I ever miss AMC this week when is that coming back ………….  🙂

  • Anonymous

    This just made my day! Everyone needs to remember during November sweeps to have all TVs in their homes turned to ANY other channel other than ABC.  Let’s see if we can help ABC set a new record low in ratings, lol.  Of course, that’s assuming this mess is even still on the air in November, lol!  

  • Anonymous

    BTW, they’ve been pimping the spew on GMA this week and as soon as it comes on, the channel gets changed and stays changed.  I’ve stopped watching the View completely because of the non-stop pimping, I like Good Morning America, but I love my soaps, so if GMA has to go, so be it.

    • Yeah, I watch The View a bit, but since The Chew came on to “guest” on it, I have been utterly disgusted with the show.

  • I love all my fellow soap fans!!! SOOOO glad this little “chew” show isn’t doing well…Not sleeping too well at night, Brian Frons? We TRIED to warn you, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO…YOU knew better! Arrogance doesn’t pay….you made a TERRIBLE mistake. Too bad, so sad. YOU’RE bad…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!

  • janwax99

    This is the best news I’ve heard all week………Never ABC without OLTO……

  • janwax99

    this  is the BEST news I’ve heard all week…..NO abc in my house without OLTL

  • Wow, I seriously hope this show bombs. I love AMc and OLTL and even GH when its not totally about sonny…I miss the Q’s. But i will stand by all three shows cause i am all my family have watched them since their birth or our births as in my case lol. Honestly food shows should stay on channels that were made for them…I honestly dont watch abc any more except for local news and what soaps are left…My fellow soap fans i salute you!! Also i feel sorry and sad for the elderly that are not able to watch AMC or the others when they go off air. just shows you what ABC thinks of its viewers…

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad the Chew is tanking but it does not surprise me. They pushed the advertisements constantly during our soaps upsetting an already very upset viewing public.  How did they ever think they would win us over?  They are taking what is daytime tv and replacing it with junk. I don’t care to waste my time watching another cooking reality show.  Big mistake ABC, big mistake!

  • This is no shock. Everyone knew “The Chew” would have worse ratings than “All My Children”. But remember that “AMC” also had millions more viewers recording, watching online, or watching on SoapNet. Now imagine if a competent person had been in charge of ABC Daytime these past few years. “AMC”‘s numbers would have been even higher. What I don’t understand is why they wasted so much money on promoting an inferior product when their goal was to save money.

  • Screw The Chew

  • Serves them right for messing with the Soap fans, who are loyal. (Unlike ABC)  I will never watch the Chew, can barely stand to watch The View, and will certainly never watch whatever show is replacing OLTL!  I hope they see they have an epic fail on their hands.

  • Looks like The Chew is clearly on borrowed time right now as affiliates will likely pull the show from their schedules if they slip under the 1.7 rating they got on Thursday. It’s already way behind AMC and now below The Talk which was in last place for all daytime broadcasting shows.

    The soaps have won this war so far as their finally away from Disney who ruined their soaps the last 10 years and now with a company who treats these soaps with respect.

    • You know what the problem is. FRONS and ABC will never admit defeat and won’t pull it off the air. Cause in their minds, even if they don’t perform, they will still be cheaper then producing soaps and that is the argument they will use to keep this crap on the air. I am so dissapointed in ABC, what drives me even more nuts is that the Prospect Park deal puts money in ABC’s pockets!!

  • My2Cents

    Let’s not forget, this show has only been on a week or 2. It does take time for shows to gain an audience.
    So, I guess we maybe laughing a little to prematurely.

    I hope not!!!! LMFAO!!!

  • I imagine Susan Lucci and company are gloating about this right about now. Frons, ABC, and The Spew suck big time.

  • I don’t watch ABC daytime at all anymore because they cancelled All My Children. I don’t miss it. I watch NBC now for my news, etc. No more ABC Daytime for me!

    • you should at least watch OLTL in solidarity.  But I understand too maybe not wanting to get invested in a show, but when AMC and OLTL come back on THEONLINENETWORK, you could be up to speed on OLTL and watch them both. I like the fact that this will bite Frons right in the backside!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Carrie,  Are you saying that we will have to sit in front of our computers if we want to watch AMC and OLTL?

  • Anonymous

    It has been a bad week without my AMC, so glad that I read this article,made me feel better and made me smilel!!!

  • Anonymous

    Good!  You see now the loyalty is to the soaps and NOT to the network!! This won’t fade with time either.  Bring back AMC for all to have viewing access to.  Why not run it on USA since Prospect Park has already been successful there?

  • I would always watch the lead in show, who wants to be a millionaire but am not watching it anymore.  I don’t watch the local ABC noon news either.

    At one point I e-mailed the local affiliate and told them I would no longer be watching.  They said that was silly because they had nothing to do with AMC being cancelled.  I say you dance with the one that brung ya!

    We’ll see how important the soaps are to overall ABC ratings!  Same with Oprah.  I never would have seen her show if it didn’t follow the soaps. 

    Take that, ABC.

  • May have big problems?  Those low ratings represent dollars. There are going to be much fewer for ABC television.
    Ratings and Dollars.  Bad move by ABC. I can’t wait to start watching these soaps on the internet.

  • I have a great idea ABC. Maybe the Chew can be the program before Wipe Out!

  • The new programming has got to be changed, put it on at 1 AM not 1PM haven’t tuned into ABC for a week now, still watching reruns of AMC that i DVR’d (is that a word) Don’t even watch DWTS and I used to love that, I get my results on the internet. ABC HATES ITS  VIEWERS!!!!

    • Anonymous

      No sense in watching DWTS because they are basing people leaving on how popular they are not on how well they dance, for instance they kept Chas Bono at the bottom of the board and let Elisabetta Cannala’s go after she scored a 21.  I was so annoyed I am not watching ABC anymore either.

      • Agree, I stopped watching DWTS as well. I just want entertainment back and I hate when shows use controversy to get people to watch. I’m furious over soaps being taken off and won’t turn ABC on until 5 minutes after OLTL comes on. When the soaps are gone, I won’t need TV for much as I’m so sick of reality TV I can’t stomach it anymore and I used to love watching some of them. I still like Big Brother and The Bachelor, but were being drowned in them now and the quality of many of them is just not there. Were not going to get what we want by tuning in to the chew to give it a chance as we’ll lose hope for sure os seeing anything but these kind of shows. I truly believe we can live without whatever tips the Chew has to offer. I really don’t like the previews, I don’t need to watch the show. It’s nothing new. If we keep watching these shows, entertainment will be lost. Daytime is anything but reality, especially in the past. If anything, they may have lost some people because they were trying to raise awareness of issues instead of keeping us on the edge of our seat like they used to. I haven’t cried watching a soap in a long time, but I still like watching them. We see enough talk of issues everywhere else. I want a nurses ball back on GH and Frisco singing to Felicia. Will Luke’s son save the world from one of Helena’s evil sceme’s. Remember the ice princess? Luke and Laura on the run? Fun and entertaining stuff. I will continue to boycott the chew and hope for the continuing of my soaps.

        • Anonymous

          Hi Marilyn,

          I don’t know what happened with AMC & OLTL.  I never even considered that the day would come and they would be on no more. There are enough food shows on the air already. All watching those shows does for me is make me hungry so I don’t watch them.  Conversation is completely boring.  And the way the one guy Mario B. introduces “there are 2 kinds of people, Italians and those who wish they were”  I am not Italian and I have no problem with it, but for him to say that is like saying if you are italian then you want to be heavyset and going bald.  He should watch or tape Know the Cause with Doug Kaufmann, very informative health show.  Take care it would be so nice if our soap would come back and oltl would stay on.  Do you know anything about the new soap on sunday nites with Rex and Gigi?  It is probably on a station I do not have anyway.

  • Cheryld Conway

    The Chew WHO?  I won’t turn the TV on until OLTL is scheduled to air.  Once GH is over ABC is off….I am GLAD that The Chew WHO is tanking; it will continue to tank..  Soap Fans made ABC and they will TANK ABC…

  • I keep wondering if Frons is beginning to sweat with the building of Prospect Park and their online network as well as the growing popularity of Dirty Soap, not to mention all the negative word on The Spew

  • I am PROUD of my fellow soap fans, Mario Batali can always go try to beapply for spokesperson of JENNY CRAIG—This also needs to be posted to allof us loyal sopa viewers in Hawaii, disney just opened a resort on OAHU, called AULANI, do PATRONIZE it either, ABC programming is lame DISNEY LAND/WORLD, DISNEY CHANNEL,  DISNEY AULANI RESORT,  all the DISNEY CHANNEL, disney hasn’t had a good thing going, at over 100.00 a ticket, I will gladly go to UNIVERSAL STUDIO’s and/or stay home and watch my SOAPS, THE CHEW SUCKS!!!  BYE BYE BRIAN FRONS!!!

    • I am in total agreeance …This show is horrendous!  After many many years of faithfully watching All My Children (I even planned my lunch break around it)  I am horrified that this is the crap they took it off the air for.  THE CHEW totally blows!

  • Don’t forget  toothink and MORANS!!!!

  • Well DUH! Of course we are not tuning in to ABC. We have been telling you this since April 14th. Get a clue!

  • Can’t remember when I ‘ve been so happy to see ratings tank.  I watch One Life To Live and General Hospital on ABC.  That’s it.  After Frons’ statements about training viewers to watch shows and Clinton’s remark about deleting morons, any desire I may have had to give the Chew a chance was nipped pretty quickly.  Get a clue:  your viewers are your customers and disrespecting them is a mistake. 

  • Remember AMC and OLTL fans–November is sweeps month!!

    Keep boycotting ABC  all you AMC and OLTL fans!!  We’ll show them just how loyal we are to these shows.
    I don’t understand why another network didn’t pick these two shows up instead of Prospect Park who will show it online.  I also just read this morning in another place that one person thinks we’ll be charged a fee to watch them online.  I certainly hope not.  And I hope that we will be able to DVR these shows somehow or be able to download them to a DVD so I can watch on my big screen tv.  I didn’t buy a computer to watch my tv shows on a small screen.  I want to watch my favorite shows from the comfort of my sofa or from my bed.

    • Marcy Halpin

       Another network did not pick up the shows because ABC would not sell it to them… there were interested parties.  ABC did not want to lose the ratings to another network. 

      I could be wrong, but My understanding is that Prospect Park only has the “online rights” to the shows, and ABC still holds the Television rights.  Also, I think ABC has licensed or leased it out to PP, which means for ten years, any profit PP makes on them, ABC still gets a cut. 

      • My2Cents

        You are 100% correct Marcy.

      • So, not only are they cancelling the show, but they are preventing other ways for us watching it? ABC is off for me.

    • Pan Am needs to go next…still with the same old same old…women can be stewardesses and sleep with married men….this is what they’re feeding us at ABC network.  

  • Now this news actually made me smile:~D  ABC used to be my network of choice.  TV was tuned to ABC all day & evening and often into primetime.  Not any more…it goes on at the start of One Life to Live and off at the end of General Hospital.  Chew on that! 

  • You watch normally they would cancel ashow when the ratings fall that drastically, but not this one as Frons and his boss want to prove there were right. All that will accomplish is absolute proof of what idiots they truly are and how they affected ALL viewing and ALL shows on ABC. All networks need to understand they can NOT tell we viewers what we want to watch. We already know what we want to watch and we watch it whether it goes ot another network, on the internet or dvr-ing.  You want to change with the times networks (count what people dvr for one thing!), we get that, but you forgot the essential component – your viewers. No viewers, no network…….

  • Anonymous


    • I know it sucks to have to maybe pay to see our soaps…but I’ll do it. I’m sure many will. ABC will see what a mistake they made. I hate the chew…I even fast forward through the commercials for it…the cast is terrible.

  • Anonymous

    this is bull crap that they took amc off of the air and OLTL will be going too…i enjoyed watching them and now they will be gone..Geez thanks ABC….The Chew sucks and will never watch it and after OLTL goes off of the air i will have no reason to watch ABC…..Bring back the soapsssssssssssssss !!!

  • It’s not an opinion but a fact: The Chew is a crappy show. #TheChew #ScrewtheChew 

  • Mario Batali is no SUSAN LUCCI, actually he makes a fat pig covered in flies and FECES look good, he has NO BUSINESS being on any program that supports healthy lifestyles and nutritious foods, oinker that he is…I’m sure his salary is dirty and cheap, who in their right mind would ACTUALLY want to pay him plug nickle for his (lack of) TALENT, he is a disgrace to daytime tv, HORRIBLE to look at and even more disgusting to listen to, he is repulsing to even hear his UGLY voice during commercials of ONE LIFE TO LIVE, and GENERAL HOSPITAL, when I usually eat my lunch, it makes me loose my appetite, after the CHEW cancels, perhaps since JENNY CRAIG wouldn’t offer him a job, he can go to PRISON HEALTH SERVICES, as a cook for all the criminals and public enemies of AMERICAN SOCIETY…  No offense meant to anybody out there who works for the PHS…

  • Cheyenne Cook

    Oh does it FEEL NOW!? You do not mess with Soap Opera fans…they are loyal to the core! Karma is a bitch ain’t it? You messed with the wrong people, screwed over hundreds of people in one day, and look what happened…you’re so called idea of “what viewers want” has tanked miserably! ABC’s mistake was not cancelling these beloved shows but hiring you to be in charge of them. (I know Frons won’t read this but I don’t care, it felt good to get that off the chest)

  • Anonymous

    Chew on that ABC.  The only soap I was 150% loyal too. The soap I would tape, watch on Soap Net, unless I was home at noon is All my Children.  I have been honest with not watching any of your programing until you bring my soap back.   I am so HAPPY the Chew is failing, you made a BIG mistake. 

  • I know it is immature of he too be so giddy that this show is failing but….*does happy dance*

  • Well DUH!!! who didn’t see THAT coming. The Chew should get chewed up and spit out and bring back AMC and keep OLTL. Everyone – keep your tv dial off ABC the entire month of November and let them wonder what happened! Don’t mess with loyal soap fans of over 40 years. ABC didn’t even have the courtesy to take our opinions into account – now they can pay the piper.

  • I won’t even listen to the old Jackson 5 song ABC anymore. 

  • So tell us Frons… You Like Chewing on your Roast y Toasty Chews ??????


  • Most importantly they need to get rid of Fons.  He thinks he is The God of daytime.  He has been knocked off his pedestal. I remember back when he and Larua Wright (Carley) had a commercial and  The comments were
    His statement was. “Hi I’m Brian Fronz,  I run ABC daytime and
    Soapnet”. Laura ask “What exactly does the president of daytime do”?
    Fronz:  “First and foremost I’ responsible what shows we have on ABC
    Daytime and everything that goes into them creatively, but also from a
    business side what goes on with into them as far as a budget, how we
    spend our money and the market side as well”.

    Well Guess what 5 strikes and he should be out!

  • For all we know, Fronz may be one of the main share holders in Prospect Park.

  • We have not had ABC on any of our televisions since AMC went off the air. ABC”S prime time line-up is horrible, and our ABC affiliate stations newscast in our region (Richmond, VA.) is the worst . So, all of the corporations spending advertising money on ABC, you might as well burn it for heat, or donate it to a worthy charity, because NOBODY”S WATCHING !!!!!!!.

  • The Chew is the most god awful piece of garbage on TV

  • I hated to see All My Children go off the air, and I gave the Chew a chance, but it is the most awful show, And when they take  One Life to Live off the air, I will no longer watch ABC during the day, and I don’t watch it much in the evening,

  • If I want to watch food shows, I go to the food channel.  I don’t want that on my local channels.

    • i’m with you on this they should have left the soaps alone bring them back hell put them on a another station, its not right , and then  the way they ended amc what was that? i truley hope they end oltl right.

  • I’m only watching young and the restless and that is online now.  Getting ready to get rid of COX CABLE.

  • davegmc

    typical ABC programming, crappy content, presented by homos

    • Cleo Jones

      You are such a bigoted idiot! What do you mean “presented by homos” as if there is any thing wrong with that! WHY DON’T YOU SHUT UP AND STAY OFF THE INTERNET


    • DeeGee

       I think it’s OK that you like “The Chew”, but I honestly don’t think another show like this is necessary.
      We have so many live shows, why did we need another–especially like this one? I SO miss the tradition of daytime soap operas…especially AMC and OLTL. The one thing I think they could have done, as far as replacements, was to put something VERY different in this time slot. It’s been (overly) done! Also, these people are just annoying!

      • Tjbrouwers1

        The days of soaps are done. dead and over. I take care of my mother and have watched them for years with her.  how many times can the same stories be told on the same show. AMC how many times can Erica get married or kidnaped and locked in a hole?   or on OLTL  how many of Vicky’s kids go crazy?  or herself  for the 200th time.

        • Takeshi Kaga

          Next you’ll be saying soaps rely on stuff like evil twins to bring in ratings.

  • linda

    like I been saying all a long the chew sucks and we didnt need a talk show so stupid a food show they should all go back to the food channel were they came from they are boring and stupid and not worth wathching maybe the fact the food channel didnt want them either they were probably the same on that channel so its pass the boring show around were wil they go when abc realizes they are pulling chanel 7 down i hope they realize it soon.

  • shelley wilson

    I absolutley love love love The Chew. Michael Symon and Carla Hall are so funny and and Clinton I just love all of the stuff you enlighten us to.  Daphane  your receipes are fun and so healthful.  Mario I just love Italians. Pls keep up the good work I don’t even watch the food channel any more. I look forward everyday to watching and laughing with you.  (Michael with your sexy self)

    • sparkys nemesis

      Carla Hall impossible to watch. Very, very unattractive. Not that they have to be models but really…? And all the giggling? No, just keep Mario, Daphne and Michael — with Clinton just being the announcer.

  • Shelley

    You people are haters and don’t know how to have fun.  These people are the best group of host ever so much fun to watch and learn some new receipes too!

    • landview lover

      ok there’s 1 of you. Soap fans lets make abc LAST in the ratings.

  • Shelley

    You people are haters and don’t know how to have fun.  These people are the best group of host ever so much fun to watch and learn some new receipes too!

  • Laineblair

     I agree with the comment  above Carla Hall is offensive to my eyes she is beyond Homely!! and Clinton acts like a 12 year old idiot let him be a host but not Clinton;s corner and do not let him dance with Carla PLEASE I beg of you I watch Mario’s face and I  agree with him it is ridiculous Mario and Michael are professionial Chefs and this behavior is an insult to them and it is insulting to educated, classy people like myself Carla is rude and her facila expresions even to her own Mother and other guests are inappropriate I do believe there is something mentally wrong with her. My freinds have stopped watching the program because of her and the silly  things on the program. Stick to cooking and having good guests cook as well!!! Daphne is good but too young and unskilled adds nothing to the show and dresses like a Hooker and is too chubby for the clothing she wears she was fat and has lost wieght and thinks she looks good but doe snot know how to dress which is ironic as you have a man there who hosts what not to wear why does he not take Daphne under his guidance and take her shopping spring for the money and get her a new wardrobe PLEASE!! and get rid of Carla PLEASE or this show id doomed!

    Annoyed to no end!!