Briana Nicole Henry Announces Exit from ‘General Hospital’ as Jordan Ashford

Briana Nicole Henry, General Hospital, Jordan Ashford, GH
Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

It turns out when Jordan Ashford was being wheeled away after giving a tearful goodbye to her friends and family after surviving her and Portia’s kidnapping on the Monday, September 13 episode of “General Hospital” that it was also the final scene for portrayer Briana Nicole Henry.

On Instagram, Henry announced her departure with a lengthy post that also included photographic highlights from her time on the soap.

“I suppose it is that time isn’t it. As I celebrated my third year of being on ‘General Hospital’ yesterday, I also watched my last episode as Jordan Ashford air. People kept asking me how it felt to have ended my time on the show, and it wasn’t until yesterday that it really sank in, as I watched Jordan’s goodbye to her family and knew the tears you saw were real tears between not just colleagues but friends,” Henry said about her exit. 

Explaining why she decided to leave, Henry shared, “I decided it was time for me to move on from @generalhospitalabc and I got nothing but love and support from everyone involved. Not to mention was given the most beautiful send of that left me quite literally shaken. I’d like to take a second to thank every single person in my @generalhospitalabc family that helped me make GH my home over the last three years, especially @fvalentinigh. From the crew, to my cast mates to our security guard Emma, there were multiple people on any given day that brought such a smile and warmth to my heart.”

Donnell Turner, Briana Nicole Henry, General Hospital, Jordan Ashford, Curtis Ashford
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Giving insight into her personal experiences during her time playing Jordan, Henry said, “When I started ‘GH’ it was my first opportunity as a series regular, and to get the opportunity to throw myself into Jordan for the last three years and work with some truly incredible actors has been an honor. Thanks for holding space for me to grow. I am a better actor because of the time I spent within those walls and will forever be grateful for the way the show nurtured and challenged my ability.”

Speaking directly to “GH” fans and fans of Jordan and Curtis (Donnell Turner), Henry said, “To the fans, it took me a while to win you over, but once you saw my heart you made me feel so much love. I hope I brought something unique and honest to your beloved character of Jordan Ashford, she’s one helluva woman. Until next time loves.” She ended her post with the “clapping hands” emoji.

Henry took over the role of Jordan Ashford from Vinessa Antoine in 2018.

Check out Henry’s Instagram post with photos below.