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Robert Scott Wilson Staying at ‘Days of our Lives’, Jackée Harry Bumped Up to Contract Status

Robert Scott Wilson Staying at ‘Days of our Lives’, Jackée Harry Bumped Up to Contract Status

In light of “Days of our Livesreceiving a two-season order from NBC which will keep the series on the network through the 2022-2023 television season, the soap has also signed Robert Scott Wilson (Ben Weston) to a new contract.

First reported by Deadline, the publication noted in its news story on the soap’s renewal that the series had locked Wilson in with a new contract and has also bumped up Jackée Harry (Paulina Price) to contract status after she had been recurring this season, the show’s 56th.

Previously, the publication reported that producers had been making “if-come deals” with key cast members, which included Wilson and Harry, in anticipation of the show getting renewed by the network.

In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, head writer Ron Carlivati talked about Wilson’s storyline following the news that co-star Victoria Konefal (Ciara Brady Weston) would be returning on-air to the soap this summer after her character exited Salem last month.

“You debate a lot of different things, including, should Ben and Ciara go off into the sunset together to make everybody happy? Well, that’s not entirely fair to Rob [Scott Wilson, Ben], who is not leaving the show. So the struggle becomes, how do you split them up? What then becomes of Ben? How does Ben move on? Originally, we felt that Ciara had to ‘die’ so Ben could at least attempt to move with his life, but as we were telling that story, it felt unfinished,” said Carlivati.

He added, “Should the character of Ben’s story ended because one actor made one choice and another actor made another choice? And I’m not putting the responsibility on Victoria at all. Like I said, I encourage our actors to pursue their dreams and their careers in any way that they see fit, so to me, there is no blame to be put on anyone; this is just the way it happened to play out and we are left with, what’s the best outcome of that situation?”

While it’s unknown at this time whether Konefal will also be back beyond a recurring capacity for when episodes produced following the show’s renewal begin to air later this fall, at least fans of the soap can rest easy knowing that Wilson will in fact continue in his role.

Wilson joined the cast of “DAYS” in May 2014 after a two-year stint as the first male model on “The Price is Rightconcluded, and a brief turn as an adult Pete Cortlandt in the 2013 online reboot of “All My Children.” His IMDb page indicates he is currently filming “The Faction of a Hitman,” a mob thriller that also features the likes of Tara Reid, George Lopez, and Vincent Pastore, among others.

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