‘DAYS’ and ‘Passions’ Alum Lindsay Hartley Stars in ‘Nightmare Nurse’

lindsay hartley

“Days of our Lives” and “Passions” alum Lindsay Hartley (ex-Adrianna Hernandez; ex-Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald) is set to star in “Nightmare Nurse,” a Lifetime movie about home health care gone horribly wrong. Hartley is cast in the title role as Chloe, a nurse with a killer agenda.

The movie opens with Brooke (Sarah Butler) and her boyfriend Lance (Steven Good) celebrating her promotion at work and their one week of living together as a happy couple. Things take a horrible turn, when they’re out driving and a man suddenly steps out in front of their car on a dark road. Lance immediately slams on the brakes and swerves to avoid hitting him, causing their car to crash.

Brooke and Lance wake up in the hospital; however, the man on the road seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Fortunately, the couple aren’t badly hurt, except for Lance’s leg injury that requires him to be bedridden. To get back on his feet he’ll need a nurse, and Chloe (Hartley) is recommended for the job.

At first, Chloe seems absolutely perfect, but things quickly change. Brooke, in fact, receives a call from someone warning her that the nurse “isn’t who she says she is.” When Chloe’s troubled past comes to light, it becomes clear that someone is out to destroy Brooke and Lance’s lives.

Traci Lord also has a pivotal role in the movie. She plays Barb, a woman with a connection to the man in the road that started Brooke and Lance’s whole nightmare. Daytime alum Julian Stone, remembered as the first Jerry Jacks on “General Hospital” appears in the flick, too. He plays Marco.

“Nightmare Nurse” premieres Saturday, February 27 at 8 pm on Lifetime.

Here’s a peek at the movie’s trailer: