Daytime Snubs Itself Out of Awards Contention

The Casting Society of America
The Casting Society of America

Last week, the Casting Society of America (CSA) presented “The 31st Annual Artios Awards,” which honors casting directors for their hard work and dedication to casting television shows and films across the country during calendar year 2015. Sadly, for the first time in as many years, daytime was shut out of recognition by the organization. It only has itself to blame.

A rep for the organization confirms to Soap Opera Network that only two shows submitted themselves for awards recognition in the category of Daytime Series, which is one shy from the rule book. “There must be a minimum of three (3) nominations in each category for the category to be voted on and awarded for that year. At the discretion of the board, nominations will either be eliminated or may be folded into another appropriate category, if that category exists,” quoted the rep from the CSA rules guiding category eligibility.

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While it’s unknown at this time which shows did not submit themselves for awards contention, in recent years the award has only been given to the casting director of either “” or “.” The award had been previously given to the casting director of “” on numerous occasions during the ABC daytime drama’s run.

Mark Teschner via Facebook
via Facebook

Mark Teschner, who has casted for “GH” since at least 1989, won for his casting work during “The 30th Annual Artios Awards” last year. Prior to that,  won for her casting work at “Y&R” during both “The 28th Annual Artios Awards” (2012) and “The 29th Annual Artios Awards” (2013).

Wilson had won for her casting work on “AMC” every year from “The 19th Annual Artios Awards” (2003) through “The 24th Annual Artios Awards” (2008). Teschner won for his “GH” work at “The 25th Annual Artios Awards” (2009) through “The 27th Annual Artios Awards” (2011).

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” nor “” has ever won an Artios Award.