DAYTIME EMMYS: Who Should Win? Outstanding Lead Actress (VIDEO)

Bell-Phillip Television Productions and NBC


Dollar Bill Spencer has been having a love affair with his wife Katie’s sister, Brooke Logan. When the affair began, it was complicated. Katie had postpartum depression and hoped that Bill would have a chance at love even if it was not with her. But home now and well again, Katie never in a million years would have thought that her sister and her husband would betray her in the way that they did. And then, to keep the secret from her all this time. You know what they say; Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Now that the secret is out, Bill attempts to restore Katie’s faith in their relationship but Katie worries about Brooke’s feelings for Bill getting in the way. When Brooke arrives at the house, Katie’s anger gets the best of her. She becomes unable to control her emotions as she presses Bill and Brooke for answers about their adulterous affair. Ultimately, not able to stand it anymore, she does the unthinkable and cuts both her sister and her husband out of her life forever.