Ratings Report for the Week of April 12-16, 2021

Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots, The Talk
Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots ("The Talk")
Monty Brinton/CBS

For the week of April 12-16, 2021, CBS’ “The Young and the Restless” ranked first in Women 25-54 (0.74) and tied for first place in Women 18-49 with the second half-hour of “The Price is Right,” both with a 0.50 rating. The daytime drama series has grown in the demographics each of the last three weeks and is near or on par with its year-ago performance in both demographics, losing the least year-to-year among the 13 daytime broadcast shows rated by Nielsen in W18-49.

Following “Y&R,” “The Bold and the Beautiful” also lost the least amount year-to-year in W18-49, ranking sixth for the week with a 0.38 rating (+0.02). The soap tied for fifth place in W25-54 with “The View,” both with a 0.61 rating.

“General Hospital” tied with “Today with Hoda & Jenna” in W18-49, both ranking seventh in the category with a 0.34 rating which was a decrease of -0.01 from the prior week. “GH” increased by +0.04 in W25-54, ranking in seventh place with a 0.60 rating, just one point below “The View.”

“Days of our Lives” showed some life, increasing week-to-week in both W18-49 (0.27, +0.01) and W25-54 (0.40, +0.02). Against its NBC counterparts, “DAYS” lost the least in W25-54 year-to-year.

Returning to originals for the first time since Sharon Osbourne‘s very public exit from the series dominated headlines last month, CBS’ “The Talk” remained daytime’s lowest-rated program, ranking 13th in both W18-49 (0.23) and W25-54 (0.35).

What follows is a rundown of how the daytime shows performed during the week of April 12-16, 2021 in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54 rating, the primary sales demos that determine advertising rates for daytime television programming.

Note: Last Week/Last Year (+/-) denotes change in-performance from the prior week and the year-ago. Numbers in green denote increases compared to last week/last year.

Women 18-49 Rating

RankShow (Network)This WeekLast WeekLast Year
1.The Price is Right 2 (CBS)0.50same-0.26
The Young and the Restless (CBS)0.50+0.06-0.02
3.Today 3rd Hour (NBC)0.47+0.02-0.27
4.The Price is Right 1 (CBS)0.42same-0.26
5.The View (ABC)0.39+0.03-0.08
6.The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS) 0.38+0.02-0.07
7.General Hospital (ABC)0.34-0.01-0.17
Today with Hoda & Jenna (NBC)0.34-0.01-0.14
9.Let’s Make a Deal 2 (CBS)0.33+0.01-0.21
10.GMA3: What You Need to Know (ABC)0.30+0.02-0.11
11.Days of our Lives (NBC)0.27+0.01-0.20
12.Let’s Make a Deal 1 (CBS)0.26same-0.19
13.The Talk (CBS)0.23+0.02-0.09

Women 25-54 Rating

RankShow (Network)This WeekLast WeekLast Year
1.The Young and the Restless (CBS)0.74+0.02-0.13
2.The Price is Right 2 (CBS)0.73-0.05-0.46
3.Today 3rd Hour (NBC)0.64same-0.49
The Price is Right 1 (CBS)0.64same-0.43
5.The Bold and the Beautiful (CBS)0.61-0.02-0.13
The View (ABC)0.61+0.05-0.12
7.General Hospital (ABC)0.60+0.04-0.14
8.Let’s Make a Deal 2 (CBS)0.48-0.01-0.35
9.Today with Hoda & Jenna (NBC)0.46-0.01-0.32
10.GMA3: What You Need to Know (ABC)0.44+0.04-0.21
11.Days of our Lives (NBC)0.40+0.02-0.30
Let’s Make a Deal 1 (CBS)0.40-0.03-0.30
13.The Talk (CBS)0.35+0.03-0.16

Day-to-Day Drama Performance Snapshot

“The Bold and the Beautiful”

DateWomen 18-49Women 25-54
Monday, 4/120.390.63
Tuesday, 4/130.310.57
Wednesday, 4/140.470.68
Thursday, 4/150.390.59
Friday, 4/160.350.57

“Days of our Lives”

DateWomen 18-49Women 25-54
Monday, 4/120.300.43
Tuesday, 4/130.320.43
Wednesday, 4/140.260.38
Thursday, 4/150.240.36
Friday, 4/160.260.43

“General Hospital”

DateWomen 18-49Women 25-54
Monday, 4/120.310.62
Tuesday, 4/130.330.58
Wednesday, 4/140.340.59
Thursday, 4/150.300.54
Friday, 4/160.400.65

“The Young and the Restless”

DateWomen 18-49Women 25-54
Monday, 4/120.520.74
Tuesday, 4/130.470.75
Wednesday, 4/140.530.74
Thursday, 4/150.530.77
Friday, 4/160.440.71

*Notable Preemptions/Schedule Changes

  • “Days of our Lives” aired for just 39 minutes on Tuesday, April 13.
  • “General Hospital” aired for just 33 minutes on Wednesday, April 14.
  • “Today 3rd Hour” aired for 52 minutes on Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13. On Wednesday, April 14 and Thursday, April 15, the show aired for just 50 minutes. It aired for just 53 minutes on Friday, April 16.
  • “Today with Hoda & Jenna” aired for just 47 minutes on Monday, April 12 and 48 minutes on Wednesday, April 14. On Thursday, April 15 and Friday, April 16, the show aired for just 49 minutes.