WATCH: Part 1 and 2 of ‘The Bay: The Series’ Chapter 11

LANYfilms Entertainment
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LANYfilms Productions

With nearly 24 minutes in total airtime between them, LANYentertainment released the first two installments of “: The Series” chapter 11 on the official “Bay” website yesterday. Fans of the series will not only get caught up in the happenings in Bay City, but they’ll also get their fill of drama, sex, drugs, romance, deception, murder, and much more.

“The Bay: The Series” stars  (Lex Martin; Colin Atkinson, “;” Robert Scorpio, “”),  (Sara Garrett; Kayla Brady, “Days of our lives; ex-Katherine Bell, “GH”)  (Lianna Ramos; ex-Jessica Bennett, “Passions”),  (Janice Ramos; ex-Lily Corinthos, “GH”),  (Peter Garrett),  (Steve Jensen; ex-Jack Deveraux, “DAYS”),  (Orchid; ex-Simone Torres, “”),  (Will Campbell),  (Sofia Madison; Bobbie Spencer, “GH”),  (Igor Chambers) and  (Nathan Perkins; Sandy Foster, “”), along with a host of new talents. The series is written and directed by .

Episode 1

Episode 2


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