THANKSGIVING SPECIAL: What Are ‘DAYS’ Stars Most Thankful For? Find Out Here!

Days of our Lives
"Days of our Lives"
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The rest of the country may have been preparing for Thanksgiving by sending out dinner invites, planning menus, buying turkeys, selecting table settings and betting on the day’s big game, but Soap Opera Network has been getting ready for the celebratory day in a different way: Reaching out to several of your favorite “Days of our Lives” stars and getting the scoop on what they’re most thankful for! Read on for their answers and then join in on the fun by leaving a comment below telling us what you’re most grateful for this holiday season!

Jill Johnson/JPI Studios
Jill Johnson/JPI Studios

Arianne Zucker
Nicole Walker

“Oh man! I’m grateful for my job. I’m always grateful for that. The gratitude for having a job and living the way I live and having the things, the material things. I’m not a huge material fan, but I’m gracious for the fact that I have that. And my mom, she just had uterine cancer, and I’m grateful for the fact that it’s gone, so we’ll be spending her birthday and Thanksgiving together. So it’ll be nice having my mom still around.”