DETAILS: Find Out What Scares ‘Y&R’s’ Peter Bergman!

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Francis Specker/CBS

Things haven’t exactly been funny over in “’” Genoa City as of late, which made CBS’ recent Daytime After Dark standup comedy event all the more needed — for fans and the actors, alike! Soap Opera Network caught up with at the event, and he not only spilled details on the one thing that terrifies him, but also on who he thinks is the worst father in the world (Hint: It’s probably exactly who you think it is!). Read on for the comedy — and the drama!

Soap Opera Network: Did I just overhear you say that you would never, ever want to try standup comedy?

Peter Bergman: Nothing would terrify me more! What I think is funny and what you think is funny are probably two very different things, and the idea of just throwing my stuff out there thinking, “Well, this is funny,” and waiting for your reaction is, oh my god scary!

SON: But you don’t feel the same way or have the same concerns about your drama?

Bergman: You know, I don’t. I think there’s something slightly more universal about what people find touching. What you find funny is a very peculiar thing, and it’s a very personal thing.

SON: That makes sense. Speaking of drama, I’ve heard the mood on set has been a little somber, as of late, due to the death of Delia.

Bergman: Yes, obviously, any death is a big deal. But the work that (Chloe) and (Billy) did was spectacular, and you wanted to give them room to do what they were doing. So it was somber out of respect more than anything else, I think.

SON: How much does Jack get involved in that story in the coming weeks?

Bergman: I get involved only through trying to help Billy, but he doesn’t want any help!

SON: Not a surprise! And I guess Jack is busy with Adam (), who seems to really need Jack’s guidance these days. What does Jack think of that, and how does he view Adam?

Bergman: Well, Adam and Jack share a great many things in common. Adam and Jack are both Harvard boys, Harvard Business School grads. Both guys are the black sheep in their family, both have struggled in the sustained love department, and I think Jack more than anything sees in Adam what he’s been telling everybody about Victor () for so long, that he’s the worst father in the world. Just watch what he does to Adam. And yeah, it’s something Jack can hang a hat on.

SON: Is Jack stepping in — not officially, but perhaps symbolically — as a father figure to Adam?

Bergman: It might help Adam to have an ally or two. Adam needs somebody to bounce ideas off, because he makes mistakes. His emotions get ahead of him. So Jack knows what that is like, and Jack is just a couple of decades smarter!

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