Australian Company Gears Up to Release ‘B&B’ Parody

Bell-Phillip Television Productions
Forward Roll Productions
Forward Roll Productions

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the folks over at “” will be thrilled to hear that an Australian company, Forward Roll Productions, plans to release a new soap-influenced comedy series called “The Happiness, The Heartache” — a pilot which pulls most of its inspiration from “B&B.”

Championed via social media sites by Ronn Moss (ex-Ridge Forrester), who’s intensely popular in the land down under, the comedic show follows the lives of two families in the glamorous world of fashion and espionage. “The story of two dynasties; their passionate loves, manipulations, betrayals and victories, are all played out against the backdrop of a world dripping with outrageous glamour,” states an official press release describing the show. “An intensely proud adherence to the spirit of the American daytime soap, only funny… [and] an irreverent look back at everything that was weird and wonderful about the most successful TV shows of all time. A time when shoulder pads and big hair ruled, and audience enjoyment went up in direct proportion to how twisted a plot. Plots that proudly displayed a blatant disregard for what was logical, possible… or even what happened last week. It was a time where the delicious shock factor reigned supreme.”

Forward Roll Productions
Forward Roll Productions

, who created the series and will also star, says: “Part of the show’s appeal is that it doesn’t convey a message of any worth; this is pure entertainment. The characters are so shallow, vain, naïve and stupid, it’s surprising they would have a capacity for a hidden agenda, but they do… they all do.”

For more information on the series and to see how you can help raise money toward shooting the pilot, which will also star , , , , , , , , and , check out Forward Roll Productions.

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