AMC PreVUE: Week of July 4 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of July 4 Edition

( — A look at what’s happening on “All My Children” during the week of July 4, 2011.


On Monday, July 4, “All My Children” airs an encore presentation. Madison gets advice on how to re-approach Greenlee. Liza turns to Tad with an indecent proposal after a particularly bad day. Caleb offers Liza a new beginning. Tad is honest with Cara and asks her to respond to him in kind. Tad makes a big decision on Thursday, July 7. Asher becomes defensive when Colby & Frankie question his irregular use of his pain medication. Maya is unnerved by Mookie’s move to keep a closer eye on her. Erica tries to trick Ben but Jane thwarts her plan. Kendall confronts “Erica” about Jack & David. Greenlee, meanwhile, confronts David. Jake, Ryan & Jesse discuss how to handle David. Erica begins to emotionally manipulate Ben. Angie agrees to help Ryan. On Friday, July 8, Jane threatens an aloof David who works fast to get back in to her good graces. Jack confronts David.

The Inside Story: Heartache Club
JR, Marissa & Jake take notice of Amanda’s symptoms. Jake ends up making the decision to take his sick wife to the hospital. Marissa is taken aback by JR’s desire to expand their family immediately. JR questions Marissa’s sudden desire to slow down after practically dragging him into bed. Marissa becomes distracted when Bianca arrives with her date, Sienna. Bianca gives JR some advice on how to handle Marissa. Sienna calls Marissa out on her attraction to Bianca on Wednesday, July 6. Sienna takes her leave sensing the attraction is mutual. Amanda is relieved to learn she isn’t pregnant. After Jake steps out of the exam room, Cara reveals to Amanda that her symptoms are typically derived from HPV or cervical cancer. She agrees to keep her mouth shut. JR admits to Marissa that Bianca has been helping him win her over. Kendall clues Ryan in to what’s behind Bianca’s foul mood. Marissa learns Bianca bought the music box for her. Bianca admits to Marissa she helped JR win her because she couldn’t. Marissa is profoundly affected when Bianca puts their relationship on break.

A Closer Look: Bedside Manner
Ryan realizes Kendall genuinely misses Griffin after dropping by to update her on his investigation. Tracking Griffin himself for different reasons, after making a call, Ryan reveals to a surprised Kendall that Griffin never boarded the plane to Chile. Kendall arrives at the hospital for her check-up. Her heart suddenly begins to palpitate as she thinks of Griffin. Griffin & Kendall spot each other in the hospital corridor. Griffin swoops Kendall into his arms and carries her to an exam room when he realizes she’s in a hospital gown. He holds back from revealing he returned for her when she asks him why he didn’t go to Chile. Cara calls Griffin out. Griffin arrives at Kendall’s door and finally manages to work up the courage to confess to the real reason he couldn’t leave Pine Valley behind.

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  • Amanda reveals to a disbelieving JR that she has an STD.
  • JR struggles with the temptation to turn back to alcohol in the face of his life falling apart.
  • Is the noble Dr. Griffin really on team Ryan or is he actually on team David?
  • Erica’s friends and family stage a different type of intervention.
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