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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, June 7, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, June 7, 2011.


At Crimson Lights, Diane spotted Nick there and tried to cozy up to him. When he showed annoyance rather than kindness, Diane was quick to bring up how the two of them had sex the night before. Unfortunately, Nick could have cared less, telling Diane that the sex they had was a one time thing. Their conversation was interrupted when Adam arrived with the news that the two of them did a great job in getting Sharon's name cleared. Showing him an Internet news story, it pointed out that Sharon's accident was just that: an accident.

Sharon was in the barn reading the Internet article about herself with Sam arrived inviting her to dinner. She quickly declined him and he soon received a phone call. While he was gone, she wondered what it would have been like if she would have approached Adam at the festival. She soon changed her mind and decided he was in a better place without her around. Sam returned to tell her about a horse that died. During the conversation, Sharon learned that Sam used to be married. He shared how his wife walked on him. She soon decides to join him for dinner after all.

Sofia tried to conduct business with Katherine, but becamse frustrated that she was being blown off by her. When she left, Jack, who was spying them, approached Katherine; determined to get her to make him CEO of Jabot. Katherine told him she'll let him know what her decision is in due time.

Everyone was angry at the courthouse when Daisy and Phyllis walked into the courtroom. Phyllis gloated that now that Daisy was back wanting her parental rights, Billy and Victoria doesn't stand a chance in having the baby. They were further infuriated when they learned that Phyllis was trying to get rights for herself as well. Daniel pointed out that Phyllis was doing it for herself and that once she got what she wanted, Daisy would be history. When Lucy tried to reach out to the baby, Billy backed away from her.

After reading the article about Sharon, Nick was pleased that things were changed to make Sharon's accident was just that: an accident. Before Diane could say anything more to Nick, he left the table and found himself running into Noah, who was back from New York. The two started to talk and Nick filled him in on what was going on back home. As the two talked, a young girl approached them. Noah introduced Nick to Hunter, who he was helping out with a place to stay while in New York. He assured his father that she was just a friend. Nick was pleased to learn that Noah would be staying in Genoa City to continue his music with Devon.

At the jail, Abby told Ashley how she tried to tell the D.A. that she was the one that was driving the car. She admits that despite her telling the truth, the attorney didn't believe her. Ashley warned her that her constant pursuit of trying to get Ashley off will only hurt her chances in the long run. A heartbroken Abby left and Sofia arrived, miffed that Ashley was the cause of Tucker being in a hospital bed. When Ashley told Sofia that she didn't try to purposely harm Tucker, Sofia soon softens and shares her frustrations regarding Katherine. Ashley advised Sofia to not back down from Katherine and to do what Tucker would want her to do.

When the authorities come to take Daisy to jail, Kevin leaves to follow them. Billy and Victoria leave also, taking Lucy back home. Lauren and Michael have their turn in lashing out at Phyllis for her betrayal. Michael can't believe Phyllis would use Daisy to get what she wants; while Lauren can't believe Phyllis is helping free Daisy after the torture she put her through. Phyllis stands up for Daisy but it only makes Lauren more furious. Michael quickly escorts his wife out of the courtroom, leaving Daniel and Phyllis alone. Daniel snapped that he couldn't believe that she resorted into helping the likes of Daisy all to get what she wanted, but Phyllis barks that it's not for her; she's doing it all for him. When he doesn't comment, she laments that she's disappointed in the person that he's become. Not at all buying her song and dance, Daniel walks out on her.

Adam teased Diane with the fact that he saw her and Nick having sex. Diane told him that it wasn't his business what she did with Nick. She soon tried another approach and asked if Adam would ever stop grieving Sharon; Adam admitted to her that he would not.

Sofia returned back to Gloworm to talk to Katherine. She shared that she didn't believe that Ashley belonged in jail and that Tucker wouldn't want her in there either. Katherine didn't want to hear Sofia's stance and told her that she was doing what she wanted to protect her son. When Sofia continued to press the issue, Katherine said that if she didn't like working with her, hand in her resignation. When Sofia refused and questioned why Tucker would ever give control over his company to her, Katherine shot back that effective immediately she was putting her on a paid leave of absence.

Jack ran into an upset Abby, who blamed him for everything that was going wrong in her life. Not taking the bait, Jack calmly talked to her into reason. He soon headed to the jail and visited Ashley. He told her that he talked to Katherine again about taking the CEO position. A peeved Ashley told her brother that she didn't want her new line in the hands of Katherine and for Jack to do whatever it takes to get back into Jabot.

Phyllis who is alone at the courthouse is faced once again by lauren and Michael. She tried to explain that she was the one that finally was able to get Daisy in jail and that Lauren should be able to be a peace in her doing that. Lauren told Phyllis that after what she did, there was no going back. She tells Phyllis their friendship is over and done. A silent but obviously angry Michael joined his wife as they walked out on a heartbroken Phyllis.

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