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Y&R Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

Y&R Recap: Thursday, June 23, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Thursday, June 23, 2011.


Colin announced to those in Gloworm that the charges against him are no longer standing. Cane, who entered the restaurant, confirmed the news, which disgusted both Neil and Lily. As the two prepared to leave, Cane approached them, wanting to talk to Lily. Neil spoke up and told Cane to stay away from Lily and the twins. Lily, in turn told Colin he was no longer to see the twins either. After they left, Colin turned his attentions toward Jill, wanting to have a talk with her, but Katherine side-stepped him and told him Jill would have nothing more to do with him. Jill, however, was willing to give him a minute to talk.

At Lily's, Malcolm was still reeling from the news that Sofia and Neil slept together, and that Neil could be the baby's father. A furious Malcolm demanded to know if she did it to spite him. A apologetic Sofia swore that she didn't set out to hurt either brother, but not wanting to hear what she had to say, Malcolm stormed off. Shortly after his departure, Neil showed up and approached a crying Sofia. She admitted to him that she told Malcolm the truth about their one night stand. She told him she had no choice to tell him when she learned about the Rh factor matter regarding the baby. She stunned Neil further when she confessed that she lied about the possible paternity of the baby.

At home, Victoria watched home movies of her, Billy and Lucy together. The moment was interrupted when Victor paid her a visit. He wanted to know how she was holding up and she told him that it was hard to do. Victor shared how he felt the same way when he had given up Adam at a very young age to stay back in Kansas with Hope. Victoria said that she didn't take up Michael's offer to appeal the case because she knew she wouldn't have a chance at getting Lucy back. Knowing that his daughter needed to think on something else, Victor offered her a seat on the Newman board. Victoria was stunned, considering their fight in court. Victor told his daughter he wanted to be with his family again. He suggested she dicuss it with Billy, but was surprised when Victoria shared that Billy walked out on her.

Jack and Billy were together moving his belongings into Murphy's trailer. When Jack said he thought that Billy and Victoria would make amends, Billy said he doubt she'd ever forgive him again. As they were busy with moving in, Chloe stopped by unannounced with Delia. She told him it was his turn to have their daughter. While he was thrilled to see the little girl, he was surprised that Chloe was letting him see her. When Jack told Chloe it wasn't a good time for them to visit, Chloe changed her mind and said they would set up another time for her to be with him. After the two left, Billy reached for a bottle of liquor to drink. Jack lectured him that he needed to stop turning to the bottle but his younger brother ignored him and took a drink. When Jack spotted the gambling papers on the table, he became even more concerned and told Billy he didn't need to go down that road again. Billy assured his brother that he wasn't gambling. Jack left and Billy snatched up the gambling sheet and headed out.

Alone with Jill, Colin told her that despite how he did things when he met her, he truly did love and was still loved her. Jill found it hard to believe anything he had to say. Meanwhile Katherine was having words with Cane about all he put everyone through pretending to be dead. Cane tried to tell Katherine that he wouldn't have needed to do the things he had done if it weren't for his father, but Katherine corrected him and said he was just to blame as his father was. She walked away and cut into Jill and Colin's conversation, telling Colin his time was up with Jill. The two women left and once Colin was alone, Genevieve, who saw the whole thing, made fun of him.

Daniel went to Jimmy's to have a drink and began thinking about Lily. Giving her a call, he wondered how she was doing. A little bit later, Lily, receiving his message showed up at Jimmy's where the two of them had a heart-to-heart.

Neil, who was still at Lily's went into the twins room to check on them. With him in the other room. Malcolm returned and questioned Sofia on when they could find out the paternity of the baby. Sofia was ready to talk to him when Neil came out of the twins room. Seeing Neil, Malcolm charged at him, ready to attack him, but Neil held him off. After a few snarky words at his brother, Malcolm stormed back out of the apartment.

Cane bumped into Chloe and Delia. After he made plesantries with the young girl, Chloe questioned Cane on his behavior. When she lashed out at how he was a liar to everyone he ever cared about, he corrected her and told her she did the same thing to him by saying he was the father of Delia. Not letting him get the last word, Chloe said that compared to his letting everyone think he was dead, she was a saint.

Billy headed into Jimmy's and said hello to both Daniel and Lily. The two of them soon headed out and Billy orded up drinks for himself. He soon was approached by a pretty blonde, who instantly started to flirt with him. Meanwhile, Victoria, thinking about her husband, decided to call him, but only got his voice mail.

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