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Y&R Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011


Y&R Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

Y&R Recap: Friday, June 24, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Friday, June 24, 2011.


Abby went to see her mother at the prison. She commented to her mother how Billy's actions cost him his relationship with Victoria and the loss of Lucy, while she was paying for a crime she didn't even commit. Abby was determined to tell the truth to help her mother. Victor and the D.A. arrived and told Ashley was being released from prison. Ashley wanted to know how it happened and Victor said that the star witness against her, Diane, was under a federal investigation, so her testimony was no longer good. The D.A. told Ashley that even though she was out of jail, she still had a retraining order against her to stay away from Tucker. Abby took Victor aside and told him she needed to talk to him. They left for Crimson Lights and she admitted that she was the one that ran down Tucker.

Diane paid Adam a visit. He was surprised she stuck around Genoa City. She told him that because of the investigation, she can't leave town. When she began threatening to blow he whistle on him, he tells her that she'd only be implicating herself further by giving him up. Adam laughed at her when she said she would tell the authorities how he has a history of manipulating vulnerable women. After bickering back and forth, Adam convinced Diane to help him again with getting even with Victor. Diane said she would be threatened that if he crossed her, she'd take him down.

Katherine met with Tucker's doctor, determined to get him to do more forms of treatment for her son. Her conversation with him was cut short when Jack called, wanting to make his position of CEO official. Katherine told him she'd meet with him later. When she hung up the phone, she demanded Tucker to get out of bed if he didn't believe in her methods of doing business. When she left the room, Tucker's fingers started to move.

At Crimson Lights, Victor listened to Abby tell him that she was the one that hit Tucker. She said she needed to get people to believe that her mother is innocent. She continues to share that she was the one that set up Diane and Tucker to head to the Abbott cabin. Victor asked how she could be sure on what she did, since she was drunk at the time of the accident. Abby explains that she'd never forget a memory like that. When Victor offered to get Michael to see what he can do, Abby said she already tried to talk to the D.A. but he didn't believe her. When Abby believed that Victor was treating her as a helpless child needing to be cared for, she took off. Victor made a phone call for someone to keep an eye out on her.

While Victoria continued to call Billy, he was at Jimmy's bar chatting it up with the young blonde. The two chatted and shared drinks with one another. After a bit, Billy decides to go home and is ready to call a cab. The blonde offers to take him home. Meawhile, Victoria showed up at Jabot to congratulate Jack on getting his company back. The conversation turns to Billy and she tells him that she wasn't able to reach him. Jack tells him to head over to Jimmy's; that's where he was the last time he saw him.

Despite the warning of staying away from Tucker, Ashley goes to the hospital to visit him. She was sorry for not being there with him more. As she was talking to him, he squeezed her hand. She pleads for him to open his eyes but when he doesn't make any movement, she told him she wouldn't give up until she came back to her. As she was stroking his hair, his eyes began to open. When the doctors came in, she told him what happened. Tucker tried to speak but couldn't do so. Meanwhile, Katherine met Jack at Jabot to sign the paperwork when she received the phone call about Tucker. She hurried off to see her son.

Victoria found herself going to Billy's trailer. When she walked in and saw the blonde, who had showed up at Billy's in an attempt to spend the night with him. Billy sputtered that nothing was going on between them and she was just leaving. The woman admitted to an agnry Victoria that he was telling the truth. She hurried out the door and Victoria lashed out at him. He admitted that he was gambling a bit and drinking but he'd never cheat on her. Depite his protests, Victoria walked out on him, telling him that her father was right about him all along.

Back at Adam's suite, Victor arrived and handed Diane a supeona. She laughed it off, telling him that he couldn't prove anything against her. Adam said the same thing and Victor smiled as he pulled out the supeona for him, too. Adam wished him luck on trying to get him convicted and laughed at him. Victor, however wasn't moved by his snarky words and walked out. His next stop was to Jabot, where he surprised Jack, who was returning to show Katherine the new skin care line. Jack joked if Victor wanted to toss another chair out of the window. Instead Victor hands him a supeona and tells him he need not get too comfortable in his new role as CEO.

Abby, reeling from telling Victor the truth and wanting to help clear her mother's name, met with Kent to do a new Naked Heiress webisode. As the camera rolled, she revealed everything about what she did; and how she destroyed her mother's happiness the night she ran Tucker McCall down. From a distance, Deacon listened in.

At the hospital, Katherine arrived and saw Ashley there with Tucker. Ashley assumed that Katherine was going to have her thrown out but Katherine told her that Tucker needed her. Tucker attempted to say his first words. As he struggled to talk, he managed to ask Ashley why Abby tried to kill him. Both Katherine and Ashley were stunned by his question.

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