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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, June 22, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, June 22, 2011.


Sharon's wound from the pitch fork wouldn't heal and Sam told her she needed to get it treated as soon as possible. When Sharon refused to go, Sam wanted to know why she was so scared; he wanted her to know that she could open up to him about anything. Sharon asked Sam to fix her wound as best as he could. As he was examining her, he talked on a horse he treated and how it wanted to bolt from him. As he was talking, she admitted that she was running from her past mistakes. After confiding a bit to him, Sam told her he believed she was a good person. When she attempted to stand, she fell into him, prompting Sam to kiss her.

At Crimson Lights, Adam was doing an interview with a reporter when Nick walked in, overhearing his brother lying and trash talking about Victor. Nick put a halt on the interview, informing the rreporter that Adam was nothing but a liar. Adam played the 'victim' role by making it seem that Nick was just bitter that he was more successful than he was. Unfortunately, the reporter bought into Adam's story and said that he was going to put the interview in the paper. When he was gone, Nick accused Adam of using Sharon's name to get himself in the newspaper. Noah walked in and saw them arguing. He questioned why they always had to argue about his mother. When Adam started bringing up Sharon's name when it came to Noah staying at her home, Noah, once alone with Adam, told him to stop doing it just as a way to bother Nick. When Adam tried to get Noah to talk to him about Sharon, he told him that he wasn't interested in talking to him or becoming friends with the man.

Lily and Neil went off to do some bonding time with one another, leaving the twins in Malcolm and Sofia's care. When Sofia commented that Lily was merely acting as if things were fine for her, Malcolm pointed out that if Cane hadn't deceived her, she would be fine. As the two commented on their relationship, Olivia arrived to see them. Ushering Malcolm out to get formula, Sofia, alone with Oliva wanted to know what was going on. Olivia shared the news about both Malcolm and Neil's medical records. She explained that Sofia and the baby would have complications if Neil were the father, because his Rh factor was positive, whole both her's and Malcolm's was negative.

Cane and Genevieve went to the hospital to see the condition of Colin. Genevieve expressed her happiness that Colin would get what he deserved. Cane, however worried about his relationship with Lily. Genevieve told her son to do something about it and just go see his wife but he was afraid that she wouldn't want to see him. Just then Colin was brought back to his room and he wondered why they were there. Taunting him, Genevieve said she couldn't wait for him to spend life in jail. A smug Colin said that the judge most likely would have sympahty and understanding for him for what he had to do. After getting dressed for court, Cane told his father he couldn't wait to see his father get what was coming to him. Colin tried to put the blame on Cane for his lack of having a killer instinct as he did.

At Gloworm, Katherine approached Jill, angry that Jill wouldn't take her phone calls. Jill told Katherine that she didn't want to talk at all about Colin to her. Katherine told her that Colin's things were tossed out of the mansion and Jill bemused that she wished she were the one to have done so. Refusing to be a part of Jill's pity party, Katherine gave her a picture of Mac and J.T.'s baby, Dylan. She told Jill while she was sitting there pouting about Colin, life was going by her. Jill wanted Katherine to leave, but Katherine was deterimed to make Jill see that Colin was a waste of time.

When Noah departed Crimson Lights, Nick and Adam resumed their arguement. Adam believed that Nick was jealous that Noah was warming up to Adam. He told Nick that he truly missed Sharon would always feel comfortable talking about her. Nick however told his brother that Sharon was finally free of him.

Malcolm returned back to the apartment and started helping Sofia with the nursery. While they were working, he noticed that Sofia was thinking on something and wondered what it was. Sitting him down, Sofia told him that while the two of them were broken up, she slept with someone else. When she admitted to him that the person she slept with was Neil, Malcolm became furious and broke down in tears. He demanded to know who the father was. Sofia admitted to him that she didn't know.

Lily and Neil headed to lunch at Gloworm. She told him that she never wanted to see Cane again or have him near the twins. Neil offered to seek an attorney to help make that happen. She was determined to stay away from Cane but Neil admitted that if in the position, she could wind up forgiving him and take him back. Genevieve, arrived at the restaurant and wanted to talk to Lily. Neil told her to stay away from his daughter, as did Jill and Katherine, who saw what was going on. Genevieve said that she merely wanted to talk to her but they all told her it was best for her to pack up and leave town. She refused to leave town for anyone. Just then, Colin burst into the restaurant and loudly announced that he was so happy to be there. Cane, who also arrived took in the scene.

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