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AMC Teasers: Week of June 27 Edition

AMC Teasers: Week of June 27 Edition

( — “All My Children” Teasers for the Week of June 27, 2011.


  • Monday: (Episode #10651) — Cara promises Opal she won’t break Tad’s heart. Amanda suffers stomach cramps. Bianca makes an admission to Marissa. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Tuesday: (Episode #10652) — Marissa and J.R. reconnect. Griffin announces he’s leaving Pine Valley. David advises Jane about getting to chummy with Ryan. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Wednesday: (Episode #10653) — Ryan wants Tad to perform his and Greenlee’s marriage ceremony. Dixie’s restless slumber continues. Kendall and Griffin say good-bye. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Thursday: (Episode #10654) — Jake asks Amanda if she’s ready to try to have another baby. Asher takes Colby by surprise when he kisses her Jesse questions Jane about the kidnapping. (Rated: TVPG)
  • Friday: (Episode #10655) — Will Dixie finally wake up? Kendall tells Greenlee she misses Griffin. Erika is knocked out cold. (Rated: TVPG)
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