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Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 23 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 23 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of May 23 Edition

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of May 23, 2011.


Katherine and Sofia have it out over Tucker's wishes on Monday, May 23. Victoria has a heart-to-heart with Traci when it comes to her yearning for baby Lucy to return home. Heather feels Nina's anger on Wednesday, May 25 when she learns Chance wants to go back to the military. Phyllis's latest stunt sets Billy off and on Friday, May 27, Nikki stumbles onto all things Abby and Ashley.

The Inside Story: Colin and Caleb Plot to Break Lily
Colin celebrates how proud he is of Caleb for getting Lily to believe that she's talking to her dead husband. As the two talk, Caleb tells Colin that he believe it's time to get the ball going sooner in snatching the twins from Lily, even admitting that it might be best to do away with Jill, Lily and Neil. Unfortunately for Caleb, Colin is dead set against it, especially after the last plan they did together killed his daughter, Samantha. Meanwhile, Lily continues to spiral out of control the more Caleb toys with her mind by telling her that her loved ones doesn't want them to be together. When Colin learns that Lily's family are growing increasingly concerned about her mental health, he tells Caleb that they are closer to getting what they want. Caleb asks his father if he can have Lily for himself once their plan has been achieved, to which Colin agrees to. When Lily has a breakdown, she asks Neil to take care of the twins because she's falling apart. Neil agrees to be there for her daughter. In the meantime, Colin's plans slowly start to unravel when Caleb has a secret meeting of his own, and his own agenda with Genevieve: Cane and Caleb's mother.

A Closer Look: Ashley's Lie Plague the Status of Jabot
While Tucker stays in a coma, things continue to hit hard for Ashley. Det. Mauro continues her investigation of the accident and she begins again with Abby, who still doesn't know she was the one that hit Tucker. During the interrogation, Abby snaps and tells Det. Mauro that she was the one that caused the accident to begin with: she set up Tucker and Diane to meet that night at the cabin. The detective finds this as proof that Ashley had a reason for wanting to get even with Tucker and has Ashley arrested. Unfortunately, with her arrest, and with the fact that she refuses to tell the truth, things continue to worsen for Ashley. Katherine takes things into her own hands when it comes to Tucker and decides not only to keep Ashley from visiting Tucker, but tosses her out from Jabot. Not missing a beat when learning of Ashley's firing, Jack tries to work on the charm with Katherine in hopes of stepping in as the one to run the company. While Katherine is impressed,Jack, who decides to go gloat the possible success of having the compnay back to Victor, isn't aware that the Dark Knight has his own plans to take Jabot. With Jabot in limbo of being run, Katherine finds herself face-to-face with the ghost of John Abbott to steer her in the right direction.

What To Watch

  • It's revealed that Tucker has a son
  • Sofia steps in to do Tucker's wishes
  • Nick and Adam continue to work together regarding Sharon

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

  • Jerry Douglas begins taping Monday, May 9 as the ghost of John Abbott.
  • Genie Francis's first air date as Genevieve Atkinson begins Friday, May, 27
  • Lisa Waltz plays Dr. Mason Monday, May 23
  • Karla Droege plays Claudia on Tuesday, May 24
  • John Siciliano plays Sergeant Goldman, Wednesday, May 25
  • Karen Hensel returns as Doris on Friday, May 27
  • Claudia Stedlin plays an AA group leader on Friday, May 27
  • Thom Bierdz returns as Phillips Chancellor on Monday, May 30

Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 30, 2011

  • Nick and Diane find themselves up close and way personal
  • Colin's plan to steal the twins goes into effect
  • Genevieve has her own plans and they stir trouble all around


  • Colin's actions could prove too late in preventing when they take a terrible turn
  • Lily's loved ones rally to her side when Maddie and Charlie are snatched by Caleb
  • Revelations come out into the open due to the kidnapping
  • There's another twist that comes out for the Ashby family
  • As Billy and Victoria fight hard to keep their daughter, Phyllis and Kevin pose a problem at every turn
  • Phyllis lures Daisy back to Genoa City
  • With Daisy's return, things may not go the way as some may want
  • The marriage of Billy and Victoria continues to crumble
  • Billy turns to the bottle for solace
  • Adam and Diane could wind up being more than just scheming partners when things get closer between them
  • The truth about Sofia's baby could come out when health issues strike
  • The Winters family face turmoil during a time when they need to stick together
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