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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

HOME / Recaps / Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, April 13, 2011

( — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, April 13, 2011.


Jana wants to know why Billy and Kevin are in her apartment. Billy points out that since he has a key, he let himself in. She demands for them to leave, but Kevin says before they go, she needs to explain why she has a recent receipt for the pregnancy belly if it were for Halloween. She's furious at them for thinking the worst of her. Billy and Kevin both assure her that they simply want to know what is going on.

Family and friends arrive to the church for Malcolm and Sofia's wedding. As the guests are talking amongst themselves, Tucker is with the bride, Sofia, ready to walk her down the aisle. The wedding begins with Sofia walking down the aisle; unfortunately for her, on her day to marry Malcolm, all she can think about is her time having sex with Neil. Shaking off her feelings, Sofia is ready to marry Malcolm. Malcolm and Sofia say their vows and are now man and wife. Neil offers his congratulations, as does the rest of the wedding guests. When Leslie offers her congrats, Sofia is a bit taken back at seeing her with Neil.

Adam has Phyllis and Nick in St. Martins, where he's booked a hotel room. Assuming that Sharon could be with him, Nick heads down to the front desk to ask some questions and to book a room next to the one Adam has. Phyllis waits for him to return. Adam, however, is smugly pleased that he's got them assuming things.

After Sofia and Malcolm head off to the reception, Neil questions if Lily is okay standing on the church steps where Cane died. She admits that it's hard but says she'll be fine. Jill talks on Cane's passing, but talks on the happiness she witnessed a few minutes ago. Colin gushes on how happy he was when he married her at the church as well.

Kevin tries to get through to Jana. Billy tells he that although he likes her a great deal, he puts his family and the safety of his children first. Both press Jana to come clean. Jana shares with Kevin and Billy about her trying to help find Daisy's baby. Kevin tells her that Daisy most likely has her in Canada, but Jana points out Daisy is a manipulative liar. Billy asks her how her buying a pregnancy suit has anything to do with Daisy. Jana tells them that she had to pretend to be pregnant in order to scope out potential black market baby sellers.

Nick and Phyllis, with their ears pressed to the wall, try to 'catch' any conversation that Adam might be having with Sharon. Adam, who is having fun freaking them out, turns on the radio and sits down to map out another location to send them to. Meanwhile, Sharon, is on the road gets scared when a police car's siren's alert her to pull over. The police officer asks for her to show some identification and after looking at it, instructs her to get out of the car.

At the reception Devon announces the arrival of Malcolm and Sofia Winters. Malcolm gushes on about her and how she has changed his life. As all raise their glasses to toast, a queasy Sofia bolts, to the surprise of all, including Neil. Lily goes to check on her and the two return. Sofia plays it off as a hunger pang. When it comes time for the toss of the bouquet, Leslie catches it. Sofia watches on as Neil and Leslie joke with one another.

Billy gets nervous when Kevin presses Jana for information about her leads in finding Daisy's baby. Jana tells them both that she did meet with a woman that was offering money to buy newborn babies. A frantic Kevin wants to know if she has a name. When Jana says the name Primrose, Billy quickly halts the conversation and tells the two of them that he's going to leave so they can talk alone. Outside of the apartment, Billy is clearly panicked by what Jana has stumbled on to.

Lily admits to Daniel that Sofia's wedding reminds her so much of her and Cane's. Daniel offers to take her home, to which she agrees to. They aren't the only ones who decide to head out early. Sofia, who is still feeling queasy, tells Malcolm she just doesn't feel too good. Malcolm takes the cue to whisk Sofia back to their honeymoon suite, while everyone else celebrates.

Without any hints on what Adam's up to, Nick tells Phyllis he's going to sleep. Sexual tension clearly in the air, Phyllis and Nick both bemoans about getting the night over with. Moments later, they hear Adam's phone ring in the next room. Adam softly talks to Sharon, who is scared, telling him that she doesn't think she can do it.

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