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Y&R Recap: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Y&R Recap: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Tuesday, April 19, 2011.


Neil meets Leslie for lunch at the Athletic Club. They discuss the loss of Sharon and he shares with her how she and Drucilla were very close friends with one another. As they are talking, Adam shows up at the club. Neil and Leslie offer their condolences, but before he can say much, DA Walsh arrives and puts the cuffs on him for aiding and abetting.

In St. Barts, Malcolm and Sofia are enjoying their honeymoon when breakfast arrives. Malcolm, going in Sofia's purse to give tip money to the bell-boy, he discovers the pregnancy test. Over-excited, Malcolm pressures her to take the test that minute. Sofia is nervous to take it. After a five minute wait, Sofia comes back with the test. She's pregnant and nervous, while Malcolm, who is excited to be having a baby, wants to tell somebody. Sofia is dead set against it; thinking immediately about her night with Neil.

Nick is glad to see that Noah has returned home. He asks how he's holding up and tells him that he wish he could have gotten there sooner to be with him after learning about Sharon's death. Noah shares with his dad that he regrets saying the mean things he said to her. Nick explains that regardless of what was said, Sharon expressed to him how happy she was that Noah came to see her.

Lily, after spending time with the twins, calls Neil to ask him if he can come over to watch them. She wants to head to the cemetery to spend time at Cane's grave. When she arrives, she notices that the tombstone has been placed. Lily laments on how she'll never be able to touch him or sleep next to him. As she looks at the tombstone, she notices a handkerchief with several mementos that signifies her connection with Cane.

DA Walsh wants a confession from Adam about helping Sharon escape; Leslie instructs Adam not to say anything until they have talked. Instead of telling the truth Adam lies, telling Walsh that he left Genoa City in hopes of trying to get Sharon to contact him. He admits that when she did, he talked her into admitting where she was so he could meet her. Unfortunately for Adam, Walsh isn't buying his lies. Leslie tells Walsh either charge Adam or let him go. As Adam is getting ready to be released, an officer arrives with Sharon's belongings.

A startled Sharon pulls a pitchfork on the man who wakes her up. He tells her that he's the owner of the barn that she's in and all he wants to do is help her. She tells him that she was just passing through and wandered in his barn. He offers to take her to his home to feed her and help get her back to where she needs to be. Sharon tells him that she hasn't a place to go to. Sharon opts to take off but when one of the farm animals goes into labor, the stranger asks for her help. As she helps him, the stranger introduces himself as Sam Gibson; Sharon does the same, telling him her name is Sheri Coleman.

Walsh tells Leslie and Adam that the coroner cremated the body. He explains that the belongings are in fact hers, as well as the information stated in the medical examiner's report. Adam tells them that he was the one that identified her body and that it is her. When Adam asks if he can claim the belongings, Walsh tells him that true kin are the only ones that can have her belongings. An upset Adam doesn't think it's fair.

While Neil is babysitting, he has Leslie come over to spend time with him. He soon gets a call from Malcolm, who to Sofia's dismay, opens his mouth and tells Neil about her being pregnant. Neil nervously congratulates him, but also wonders if he's the father.

Still trying to figure out how the items got placed at Cane's tombstone, Lily is startled by a woman who appears. She tells her that she can sense her pain and that she thinks she'd be able to help in terms of the loss of her husband. A puzzled Lily listens as the psychic tells her that Cane is definitely around her. Lily tells Judi that since his death, she can sense his presence around her.

Nick and Noah go to visit Doris. She tells them about Sharon coming to see her before she took off. She also mentions Adam coming there to give her the news. While they are there, Noah gets a phone call from the coroner to come see him. As they arrive, they overhear Adam, who's still trying to get Sharon's remains, tell the officer that he was the only one that cared about her. As they are getting her belongings, Adam comments to Nick, that since he and Sharon were on the outs, he should be the one that handles everything. Nick tells him that her family and her loves ones will be taking care of everything. Adam tries the same tactic with Noah, who in return, slaps the engagement ring in his hand.

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