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Y&R PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

Y&R PreVUE: Week of April 25 Edition

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "The Young and the Restless" during the week of April 25, 2011.


On Monday, April 25 Adam rails each person at the funeral for their role in Sharon's death. That same day Phyllis confesses all to a furious Jack. Sharon makes a new friend. Victor wants what Adam has, but Adam has a price.

The Inside Story: At the End of Her Rope
Agnes tells Jana that the outfit that is in the box is the one that her baby was wearing when Primrose took her. Jana realizes that Billy and Victoria are the parents of Daisy and Daniel's daughter. She quickly goes to work in piecing together the shredded bank documents and realizes that the number that she gave Kevin is one and the same. Wanting to prove that she's still good for Kevin, she calls him with the good news and asks for them to meet. When Kevin arrives, he's surprised to see Chloe with Delia. The two pretend to have a tiff and Chloe promptly takes her daughter upstairs, leaving Kevin and Jana alone. She's about to tell him everything when an unsuspecting Victoria arrives with Abby. Kevin excuses himself to go upstairs to speak with Chloe, not paying attention to the fact that Jana is not that far behind, following him. Unaware that she is there listening, Kevin and Chloe make fun of the fact that they tricked her. While Jana is visibly upset, Chloe has even more reason to be when she realizes that Jana has listened in on their conversation. A furious Jana goes into the nursery and scoops up Lucy and Delia unnoticed. Meanwhile, at the church a determined Daniel wants to tell Billy the truth about baby Lucy. He tells a stunned Billy that the DNA test he took some time back proves that Lucy is his daughter. Billy becomes worried, thinking that Daniel is telling him this in an effort to take the baby away, but Daniel assures him that Billy and Victoria are good parents for her. A relieved Billy thanks Daniel, but his joy is soon halted when Daniel fills him in that Kevin and Jana have been digging into his bank records. Shortly after Billy arrives home, he and Victoria discover that both Delia and Lucy aren't in the nursery. Victoria calls the police to report that they have been kidnapped.

A Closer Look: The Truth Comes Out
New on the kidnapping travels fast, as an Amber Alert has been issued. A frantic Chloe returns to the home and lights into Billy and Victoria for not believing her when she warned them about Jana's irrational behavior. A scared Victoria calls herself a bad mother for letting something like this happen. Seeing that she's upset, Billy opens up and admits the truth to her. Meanwhile, Daniel also is in search of the baby, which troubles Abby. When she questions his behavior, Daniel tells her that he's Lucy's father. The news becomes unnerving for her but her feelings soon change to anger when she learns that he shared the truth with Lily, rather than her. She lashes out at him for keeping her in the dark. More become involved regarding the baby when news filters to Lauren and Phyllis, who both corner Daniel, each demanding he tells the truth. As the truth has come to light for those both connected to Billy, Victoria and Daniel, trouble looms for Kevin, who receives a phone call from Jana. She tells him to meet her at an abandoned school. When he arrives, he learns the truth from her that Lucy is his niece. He's happy that she's found her, but his happiness soon turns to fear when he realizes that she is the one that kidnapped both her and Delia. A panicked and unstable Jana pulls a gun on Kevin and demand that they leave together and become a family. A quick thinking Kevin manages to get a message out on what has happened.

What To Watch

  • Victoria becomes worried about Phyllis's motives
  • Nick and Noah get their letters from Sharon
  • A ruling has been made on the cause of death for Sharon

The Young and the Restless News and Headlines

Y&R ALERTS: WEEK OF May 2, 2011

  • Things heat up between Jack and Diane
  • As Neil probes for the truth, Sofia tries to keep things under wraps
  • Abby continues to stick her nose in Ashley and Tucker's business


  • Jack puts plotting and scheming against Victor front and center
  • Olivia gets tangled in the love triangle of Malcolm, Sofia and Neil
  • Ashley and Tucker take to hiring a wedding planner
  • Abby's determination to break up Tucker and Ashley have damaging consequences
  • The loss of Cassie continues to plaque Sharon
  • Sam and Sharon continue to grow closer
  • Cane's mother Genevieve to town seeking to avenge her son's death
  • Colin and Genevieve face off against one another
  • Victor’s marriage to Diane is on shaky ground
  • Victor is greatly naïve thinking that he’s truly pulled Nick from Diane
  • Phyllis strains her relationships when she seeks custody of Lucy
  • Daniel doesn't have his mother's back in her custody battle
  • Adam and Nick work together to clean up Sharon's reputation
  • Victor and Nikki grow closer than they realize
  • Diane is none-too-pleased with Nikki and Victor's continuing closeness
  • Diane works hard to stay married to Victor no matter what
  • Sam's presence in Sharon's life could be some competition for Adam
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