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Y&R Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Y&R Recap: Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — "The Young and the Restless" Episode Recap – Wednesday, March 30, 2011.


The court session is briefly delayed due to an emergency that the judge must handle. Sharon worries about the thoughts going through the jury's minds. Meanwhile, Nick and Billy discuss the court case and are surprised on the fact that Victor is going to take the stand on Sharon's behalf.

At the craps table, Phyllis gets in on the game, while Adam from a distance watches and hopes. Koa, impressed by Phyllis, asks her to stick around to see her 'luck' change. After bowing out after losing, she manages to switch the dice and drop a sedative in Koa's drink. Shortly after, Koa is kicked out of the gambling venue after he's discovered cheating with the loaded dice. When he sees Phyllis, he realizes he's been set up but passes out thanks to the sedative.

Chloe grows tired of not being able to be with Kevin. He warns her that her being around him is only putting her in danger with Angelo. She soon leaves to meet him and Angelo is curious to know what Chloe wants to meet with him about. She tells him that wants to be with Kevin, but because of his threats to Kevin that he'd hurt her, she's been forced to keep her distance. Angelo tells her that he had no intentions of hurting her; he only told Kevin to put him in his place to do what he wants. When Chloe tells Kevin what she did, he takes matters into his own hands and pays Angelo a visit. He demands that Angelo leave Chloe alone or he'll expose his gambling books to the authorities. After Angelo backs down and departs, Chloe learns that Kevin was bluffing.

At the courthouse, Nick arrives with Faith and Sharon is overcome with happiness to see her. Sharon thanks Nick for bringing her. Nick tells Sharon that she needs to fight to prove her innocence and tells her he wants to stay at the courthouse as moral support. Billy and Nick watch as DA Walsh tear apart Sharon's character; going as far as to say she's the cause of Cassie's death. A furious Sharon lashes out in the courtroom.

At Crimson Lights, Heather receives a phone call from Chance wanting to meet with her. When she arrives, Chance wants to know if she has feelings for him. She is hesitant to admit how she feels, but not wanting to let her go, Chance tells her to take her time to sort her feelings. Meanwhile Paul and Nina voice their concerns and fears if both their children get together. Back at the mansion, Heather, still fearing for his safety, tells Chance that the two of them can't be together.

Adam and Phyllis manage to drag a drugged Koa back to his motel room. When he comes to, Adam and Phyllis demand to know what he did with the camera that can prove Sharon's innocence. Koa admits that he in fact met Skye, who gave him the loaded dice. Koa doesn't believe them when he's told that Victor has already talked to the police about seeing Sharon trying to save Skye and that he's going to take the stand on Sharon's behalf. Fed up with Koa's stall tactics, Adam threatens him. Koa soon admits that the same day he caught Adam with the camera and knocked him out, he gave it to a street kid to sell.

The judge gives both Sharon and Walsh a stern warning about outbursts in the courtroom. Walsh continues to rip apart Sharon's character and tells the jury that Sharon not only committed the murder of Skye but also tried to flee the country. When it's Vance's turn, he deflects Walsh's statements of Sharon being an unfit mother who committed murder,stating that Sharon was in Hawaii to prove Skye was very much alive and to bring her back to Genoa City to clear Adam's name.

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