First Look: Nafessa Williams on ‘One Life to Live’

First Look: Nafessa Williams on 'One Life to Live'

( — As we previously reported, Nafessa Williams makes her daytime debut on Wednesday, March 23, as Deanna Forbes, the former girlfriend of James Ford (Nic Robuck), on ABC’s “One Life to Live.”  And, while Williams recently signed a four-year contract with the show, her time in Llanview was originally intended to be much shorter.

Last fall, when the model and aspiring actress was first cast by the show, her character was only slated to appear in three episodes of the daytime drama.  Fortunately for Williams, however, the show decided to further develop the character of Deanna, who will try to drive a wedge between budding lovers James and Starr (Kristen Alderson).

“This is more than I ever dreamed of.  I’m super excited and really grateful for the experience,” the twenty-something actress states in an interview with the Philadelphia Daily News.

Click here to watch Alderson and Robuck introduce Williams in the latest installment of their blog, “Unplugged.”

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