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OLTL PreVUE: Week of July 12 Edition

OLTL PreVUE: Week of July 12 Edition

Friday, July 9, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what’s happening on “One Life to Live” during the week of July 12, 2010.


Cristian and Layla are shocked to see Evangeline, who has been hooked up to a ventilator on Monday, July 12. Layla is forced to decide whether or not to keep her sister on life support. Elsewhere in Llanview, Bo is unswayed when David offers him a muffin basket and kicks him out of his and Nora’s loft on Tuesday, July 13. Later, Natalie and Jessica eat some of the muffins, unaware they were made by their cousin David. After eating them, both women race for the restroom. When Todd asks her to marry him on Thursday, July 15, Téa assumes it is because she is at death’s door. However, Todd informs her that she is the love of his life. Blair tells the lovebirds that she and Eli are getting married as well. Viki calls Charlie to inform that she doesn’t think she can go through with the plan.  However, Viki soon tells David she wants him to model some swimsuits for The Banner’s style section. And on Friday, July 16, Viki and Charlie put their plan to make Dorian and David jealous in motion.

The Inside Story: Will You Marry Me?

Todd tells Blair that she should accept Eli’s marriage proposal on Monday, July 12. Blair leaves Eli a voicemail telling him she’s made a decision. Meanwhile, after learning James is out of surgery, Starr runs into his hospital room, with Cole trailing behind her. Once in the room, Cole in unnerved after noticing just how close the two have become. Ford promises to protect James from their father. Cole is advised by Ford to keep Starr away from his brother. Across town, John and Marty inform Nora of what’s happened with Hannah. However, she informs them that she cannot grant the girl immunity on Tuesday, July 13. John shares with Bo his suspicions regarding Hannah. Eli threatens Hannah, reinforcing the fact that he’s capable of pretty much anything. Brody reads Jessica’s headline in The Sun about Hannah pleading insanity. John becomes upset after realizing that Jessica wrote the article. Eli offers to defend James. Blair confides in Langston about Eli’s proposal. And Dorian believes it’s easier for Markko not to care for Langston, than to risk getting hurt again.

A Closer Look: Family Ties

On Wednesday, July 14, Nora and the judge agree to drop the charges against Todd. Marty questions Hannah about why she confessed to both crimes. Starr and Cole come to the conclusion that Bull ransacked their apartment instead of Hannah. Nate tells Starr he’s sorry for stealing the money. Marty tells Nora that she feels Hannah may have faked her breakdown. At the same time, Cole is positive that he can get Hannah to tell the truth. Langston wants Markko to tell her if the fact they still care for one another means anything. But on Thursday, July 15, he tells her that he has accepted a scholarship from UCLA and is about to leave town. Dani tells Nate her father is in the clear. Matthew confides to Destiny that he was the one who ratted out Nate to Bull. Rex is afraid Kelly will fire him since hasn’t gotten any leads on Bennett Thompson. Ford and James talk about their mother, who abandoned them when they were little. Blair tells Eli what he’s been wanting to hear. Cole is unable to coax Hannah into admitting she faked her breakdown on Friday, July 16. James confesses to Starr that is beginning to have feelings for her. Nate’s mother Inez insists on returning the money, and secretly hands it over to a nurse with instructions to use it pay the medical bills of her sons, Ford and James. And, when Eli reminds Todd that he hasn’t forgotten that he killed his brother, Téa confesses that Ross is still very much alive.

One Life to Live News and Headlines:

OLTL ALERTS: WEEK OF July 19, 2010

  • Jessica and Natalie find themselves in the ER. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
  • The Buchanan girls get some unexpected news. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
  • Jessica and Natalie each keep a secret. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
  • Ford has himself tested after learning of Jessica’s medical history. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
  • Layla holds Evangeline’s life in her hands. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
  • Gigi enrolls in LU. (Soap Opera Weekly)
  • Dorian catches Viki and David in a compromising position. (Soap Opera Weekly)
  • Dani confides in Greg. (Soap Opera Weekly)
  • John and Brody start bonding. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Rex is drugged. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Charlie tells Viki their plan is in the toliet. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Langston and Starr repair their friendship. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
  • Blair is caught by surprise. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

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  • Starr
  • Langston
  • James
  • Cole
  • Hannah
  • Markko
  • Nate
  • Dani
  • Viki
  • Dorian
  • Bo
  • Nora
  • Ford
  • David
  • Evangeline
  • Layla
  • Charlie
  • Téa
  • Blair
  • Todd
  • Bull
  • Natalie
  • Cristian
  • John
  • Jessica
  • Inez
  • Rex
  • Ross
  • Bennett Thompson
  • Kelly
  • Brody
  • nurse

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