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‘One Life to Live’ April Casting Notes

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‘One Life to Live’ April Casting Notes

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Thursday, March 30, 2010 11:00 PM ET | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The spring season brings several new characters to Llanview.

Just when you thought the “OLTL” canvas wasn’t crowded enough, several new and familiar faces will share some screentime during the month of April.

Erika Slezak will bring Viki Banks back to Llanview in the coming weeks. On Friday, April 16th, she arrives at the Palace restaurant, only to misinterpret what she sees between Charlie and Dorian.

Carmen LoPorto returns Tuesday, April 12th, when the pint-sized Jack Manning blames his dad’s rotten mood on the fact that he misses Téa.

Maureen Mueller returned as Dr. Leah Joplin (who committed suicide in December 2008), in new flashback scenes on Tuesday, March 30th, where it was revealed that she was Allison Perkins’ sister.

Despite hearing that former “Another World” star Alice Barrett would be playing Dr. Townshend in Tuesday’s episode, the show instead decided to reuse the name of the character she briefly portrayed on “OLTL” in a handful of episodes back in 2008. That character’s name was Dr. Morrison.

Melanie King reprised her recurring role of Judge Avery Henson last week, during the custody hearing for Sierra Rose.

SON cannot confirm at this time the identities of the actors cast in the following minor roles, which will air during the month of April…

Pizza delivery girl Karen becomes Ford’s latest conquest. However, not wanting to pass up a good thing, the teaching assistant decides that two women are better than one, and continues his relationship with a naive Langston on Monday, April 12th, all the while sleeping with Karen on the side.

Also on the 12th, Destiny and Matthew introduce themselves to Nate, the young man who will be playing Cole in Langston’s musical.

Mrs. Stevens, the administrator at the California mental facility where Kelly’s mother Melinda resided before her death, first airs on Wednesday, April 14th when Ms. Cramer stops by with John McBain to ask her a few questions. Also on that date, Kelly is approached by a patient named Rodney, who claims to have some knowledge concerning her mother’s demise. Last week, viewers heard Rodney’s voice in phone conversations with Kelly.

And on Friday, April 16th, Rex and Gigi follow up on a tip from Allison and question Nurse Wojohowitz, whom the cult follower claims may be able to give some insight into the day Rex was born.

Also, “OLTL” released a casting call earlier this week for the role of “Pete.” The scene opens with “Rick” asking Pete what he is doing in his office. Pete wants to know if Rick broke things off with his daughter so he could be with some tramp. Rick claims it’s none of his business, to which Pete asserts that it is as long as continues to work for him. Rick fires back that he has paid off his father’s gambling debt and that he no longer needs to work at Pete’s casino. Nevertheless, Pete says that the debt is paid only when he says it is. He goes on to tell Rick that his daughter loves him and wants to marry him. Rick objects, however Pete reminds him that his daughter gets whatever she wants. Even so, Rick says that he will not marry the girl, and that he doesn’t love her. Pete tells him that he’s a dead man then. He goes on to say that he’ll learn to love her, and makes him set down and write a Dear John letter to his current girlfriend, saying that if he doesn’t, he can’t be responsible for what might happen to his parents. He tells Pete to write “I love her and I never loved you. Don’t try to contact me. I never want to see you or hear from you again.” However, when Rick says that none of it is true, Pete tells him that if it were, then he wouldn’t be telling him what to write. As the scene ends, he makes Rick sign the letter. Remember that “OLTL” frequently changes character names and sometimes tries to recycle parts of old audition scripts in an attempt to throw off viewers.

And the following actors made their “One Life to Live” debuts last week with the names of the minor characters they portrayed in parentheses. Daniel Passaro (Mr. G), Jarrell Singleton (Darren), and Anthony Thomes (Guard 1).

In other news…

Bree Williamson (Jessica) and husband Michael are expecting their first child this fall. A spokesperson for “OLTL” had no comment on whether to soap plans to incorporate Williamson’s pregnancy will be referenced onscreen.

“OLTL” Music Director Paul Glass tweeted on Monday that “LIFEHOUSE live in the studio today. First performance in new studio…sounded great and absolutely no nicer band in the world!”

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