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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 1 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 1 Edition

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Friday, January 29, 2010 at 8:00 AM ET by Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Pure as the driven snow.


Happy to see each other again, Matthew and Danielle kiss on Tuesday, February 2. Elsewhere in Llanview, while looking for Markko, Langston bumps into Ford. Langston adamantly denies Ford’s accusation that she was really looking for him. Even so, she accepts his offer of using his office to do her writing. And Kyle breaks the news to Roxy on Friday, February 5, that she is not going to be a grandmother again anytime soon.

The Inside Story: Traffic Jam

John and Brody execute their plan to bust the rogue cop out of jail on Monday, February 1. After busting out, John is surprised to find Natalie driving their getaway car. As the trio is fleeing the scene, Marty bumps into Lowell, who arrests her for aiding and abetting a criminal. Meanwhile, Jessica steals Nurse Charles’ cell phone, but is stopped by Mitch before she can speak with Brody. Mitch prepares to erase his daughter’s memories, while Brody remains certain that call came from Jessica. On Tuesday, February 2, the fugitives successfully allude the authorities. John and Brody get a lead on Mitch’s location using computer equipment Fish set up for them, determining he is using the abandoned observatory atop Llantano Mountain as his bunker. As the snow begins to fall, they head off toward the mountain, unaware that they are on a collision course with several other Llanview residents on Wednesday, February 3. Their car is soon inadvertently ran off the road and into a ravine by Dorian and Charlie. John and Brody manage to escape injury, however Natalie isn’t for fortunate. Brody sets out on foot in a raging blizzard to rescue Jessica, while John works to free Natalie from the wreckage.

A Closer Look: We Can Rebuild Her

Rex, believing that Stacy is really in labor, escorts her and Kim to the hospital on Monday, February 1. Schuyler is all set to administer the oxytocin to Stacy, but has a change of heart at the last minute. By Tuesday, February 2, Schuyler decides to put his faith in Gigi, and pray that she will be able to forgive him. Meanwhile, Rex and Gigi share a bittersweet moment as she watches him bring Stacy into the hospital. Although he is still heartbroken, Rex puts on a brave face when Gigi tells him she’s in love with Schuyler. Mitch gets news that Stacy is about to give birth, and sends Nurse Charles to kidnap her. After searching for Stacy to use as bait to get to Mitch, Dorian and Charlie find her at the hospital on Wednesday, February 3. But as they are about to take her away, they are confronted by a gun-welding Nurse Charles, who drags Stacy out to her car. As they flee the scene, Dorian and Charlie are in hot pursuit. At the same time, Rex discovers Stacy missing, and he and Kim soon realize that she is grave danger. As the snow begins to pick up, Dorian and Charlie soon find themselves on a crash course with Nurse Charles and Stacy, as well as John, Brody, and Natalie. Following the accident, they proceed on foot, unaware that John, Brody, and Natalie were in the car that they ran off the roadway. At Mitch’s hideout, Stacy encounters a zombie-like Jessica, and begins to panic. Hoping to squirm her way out of a difficult situation, Stacy doesn’t realize that she is sealing her fate when he confesses all to Mitch. Furious that she is not caring his grandchild, Mitch tosses Stacy out into the blizzard on Thursday, February 4. Meanwhile, Schuyler crashes his car when he attempts to drive to Viki’s cabin to hook up with Gigi. Rex and Fish set out in search of Stacy, and soon discover Schuyler and Dorian’s wrecked cars. Dorian and Charlie are surprised to see Gigi when they seek refuge at the cabin on Friday, February 5. Mitch comes up with his most perverted plot yet. Schuyler is on his own as he faces the elements. Charlie searches for Jessica, while Gigi looks for Schuyler. And Rex makes an interesting discovery when he locates Schuyler’s backpack.

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