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Diary of a ‘One Life’ Extra

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Diary of a ‘One Life’ Extra

Sunday, February 15, 2009 12:55 AM EST | By Scotty Gore

( — An aspiring actor describes his day in Llanview, and offers a glimpse into an upcoming storyline.


Wayne Chang, an acting major who is awaiting his big break into show business, recently (February 11th) paid a visit to the “One Life to Live” studios, where he made his soap debut as a Llanview Hospital orderly. In the February 12th entry in his blog, Chang takes fans through a hectic day on the set of the long-running daytime drama.


Arriving shortly before his 1:00 pm call time, Chang spent the afternoon on the set taking in the soap experience and chatting with a fellow extra named Steven. After introducing himself to Chang, Steven tells him that he played a butler in a episode of “OLTL” before. This go around, Steven is taping at least two episodes as a doctor at Llanview Hospital, the first of which coincides with Chang’s day on the set.


While waiting for his name to be called, Chang describes the drama playing out in the episode being filmed that particular day. Featured in the episode are the characters of Rex, Gigi, Stacy, Schuyler, and Roxy, in scenes at Llanview Hospital. First, Schuyler and Stacy share a couple of scenes, with Roxy making an appearance toward the end. Then Stacy and Gigi have a small confrontation. Lastly Rex attempts to comfort an emotional Gigi whose mind is elsewhere. It appears that Gigi has become disconnected from Rex. Following their emotional scenes, Stacy comes barging in with some sort of news.


It also appears from Chang’s blog entry that viewers will soon be getting a glimpse of inside of Schuyler Joplin’s home. Chang states that “We [he and Steven] walked through a small double door…[on their way to the hospital set] Then as if I walked into a giant Cubical office space. Each giant Cubical is a set. I see a Ktichen… Skyler’s Room… A beautiful Victorian style living room… Then the Llanview Hospital Lobby. It was a very tiny set… Smaller than the usual Starbucks Coffee Shop.”


Look for Chang and Steven’s scenes to air around mid-March. But be sure to look close; Chang points out that he “speed-walked” through his scenes. To read Chang’s entire blog entry about his day ‘On the Set of “OLTL,”‘ click here. Also, be sure to visit his offical website, with a complete listing of his other acting credits, by clicking here.


In other minor casting news….


Mellini Kantayya portrays a nurse on March 17th. The actresses has appeared in a handful of episodes of “OLTL” between 2006-2008, and has had various dayplayer roles on “All My Children” and “As the World Turns” in recent years.


Michael Shimkin plays a process server on March 20th. Shimkin has portrayed the same role in two episodes in 2008, and appeared as ‘Rex’s contact’ in a 2006 episode of “OLTL.”


“One Life to Live” airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Check local listings.

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