OLTL PreVUE: Week of August 11 Edition

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008 5:36 PM | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A love that transcends time.


Nora confronts Dallas about her feelings for Clint. After meeting with a contractor, Tess’ plan for revenge against Jared and Natalie is full steam ahead. Antonio prepares to return to Mendorra to bring Talia home. And Cord and Tina are reunited…. but for how long?

The Inside Story: Will Lightning Strike Twice?

Professor Del Fina warns Bo and Rex that their one chance at leaving 1968 is fast approaching. Back in 2008, Madam Delphina gets a vibe from the past as she and Gigi head for the
Buchanan Ranch. Rex and Gigi tighten their resolve to locate one another. Meanwhile, back in 1968, Bo (as Asa) and Rex (as Bo) do what they can to get through Bo’s farewell party as he prepares to head off for Vietnam. At the same time they remain anxious to get through the time portal in time to return to 2008. However, their trip home is jeopardized when Clint learns that Asa sent Maria away, and punches Rex. Back in the 21st century, Gigi confesses to Delphina why she has been lying to Shane about his father. Gigi and Delphina are on the edge of their seats as they await Gigi’s opportunity to be transported to 1968 and be reunited with Rex. Brody informs Layla that he wants to make things right with Gigi when she returns to Llanview. Bo makes himself act more like Asa to keep Clint in the dark and allow him and Rex to return to the present. Brody makes a surprise discovery after intercepting a package to Gigi from Adrianna. Gigi’s love for Rex causes her to overcome her fear of being struck by lightning. Bo, Rex, and Gigi all pray for a miracle as the lightning strikes, and are forced to deal with the consequences.

A Closer Look: All’s Fair in Love and War

Todd continues to play the victim in front of Marty, while Blair vents about Todd to Brody after stopping by Rodi’s for a drink. After being joined by John, he and Blair attempt to figure out the identity of the woman Todd is hiding. Blair confesses to John how she humiliated herself in front of Todd and Keys. Todd, meanwhile, is moved by the effect Marty is having on him as he continues to place his own spin on their history. However, Marty is successful in getting Todd to discuss his feelings for Blair. Dorian treats herself and Blair to a day at the spa, and is ecstatic to learn of Blair’s tryst with John. Unfortunately, Dorian puts Blair on the spot when she calls John on her behalf. Todd sneaks into Starr’s bedroom in an attempt to surprise his daughter. Starr is confronted by Todd, who tells her that she’ll regret her decision to give up the baby for the rest of her life. Before he leaves, Todd gives Starr a voodoo doll of Cole.
At the same time, Blair and John prepare for their date, and have only one thing on their minds. Starr and Cole remain on the outs.

What to Watch

  • Clint is surprised with a visit from Cord.
  • Cord bumps into Tina while looking for Sarah at Llanfair.
  • Cord and Tina admit their love for one another.
  • Cord crushes Tina by admitting they can never be together again.
  • Tess has ominous plans in store for Natalie.

SON ALERTS: WEEK OF August 18, 2008

  • Monday: As Gigi arrives in 1968, Rex is cozying up to another woman; Michael and Marcie realize their marriage is on life support; Marty and John dream of one another.
  • Tuesday: Rex admits his true feelings for Gigi; Todd feels awkward being close to Marty; Bo finally overcomes his daddy issues after a visit from Asa’s ghost; Brody reassures Shane.
  • Wednesday: Marcie, Starr, and Blair see a sonogram of the baby; Clint offers Jared a chance to redeem himself; Tina wonders what is going on the basement at Llanfair; Clint digs into Langston’s background.
  • Thursday: Marcie offers Starr and Blair a place in the baby’s life; Cole, Langston, and Markko contemplate their futures; Todd uses blackmail to get what he wants; Antonio sets off to rescue his beloved.

  • Friday: Rex prepares to leave for Vietnam; Delphina has disappointing news for Brody; Todd realizes that Tess has returned; Bo suffers a case of déjà vu after returning to Llanview.