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ATWT PreVUE: Week of August 11 Edition

ATWT PreVUE: Week of August 11 Edition

Sunday, August 10, 2008 8:10 PM EST | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A madman plays with the lives of many…


Neal returns to Oakdalefor business and a chance to woo Carly again. Lily and Holden have a run in and seem to have a pleasan exchange until Holden announces that he’s moved back to the farmhouse. Lily angrily insults him by rubbing Carly in his face. Holden leaves and soon finds himself at the Lakeview. While he is there, he sees Carly and Neal having lunch and immediately becomes peeved and sulks off. Seeing Holden still has a hold of Carly, Neal asks if she still has feelings for him. Later, Carly calls Holden and he shares some bad news with her. When she arrives to console him, he tells her he wants to start over with her and leans in for a kiss. A flustered Carly puts on the breaks telling him that she can’t take it further and leaves. Mike, on the other hand, pays Lily a visit. He sees that she’s still upset about Holden and tells her that any man would want to be with her. Lily seizes him for a kiss, which Mike tries to slow down. Lily, however, desperate for more, continues until the two are in bed together.

The Inside Story: A Mad Man Holds All the Cards

After doing a careful investigation, Margo learns that Rick Decker has poisoned those he felt have wronged him. She immediately sets out to arrest him but is stopped when Paul and Barbara tell her he holds the antidote to save those who were poisoned. Margo agrees to let Rick formulate the antidote but tells him he will be arrested after all have been saved. Rick, not wanting to go back to prison, takes matters into his own hands when he knocks the police guard out. When he rounds the hospital he comes upon Susan. He immediately tries to force a kiss on her but when she rejects him, he injects her with the poison. Margo soon learns that Paul and Barbara made a deal with Rick and have then followed. She soon finds him preparing to escape and when he sees her, he runs back into the hospital and takes all those he’s infected hostage. Chris, who has come up with the antidote tries to get to those that need it. He’s soon stopped by Rick, who has a gun on him. Paul and Margo soon find themselves in the middle of the hostage situation. Paul makes a dive for Rick while Tom tries to get the gun, only to suffer a heart attack in the process. Aaron tries to reach the hostages but is shot when he falls out of one of the hospital vent. Emily manages to get to Tom to help him. Chris advises Margo to let Rick go because he has the antidote. Rick flees but takes Alison with him. Chris hands the antidote to Bob, who proceeds to administer it. Chris manages to chase Rick and get Alison back to the hospital. Unfortunately when he brings her back, Bob has used the last of the antidote on Susan.