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DAYS PreVUE: Week of March 24 Edition

DAYS PreVUE: Week of March 24 Edition

The wrong person becomes the target…
Friday, March 21, 2008 3:31 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Mistaken identity catches Hope off guard…


Marlena is stunned to learn that Belle and Shawn plan to leave Salem. Nick visits Chelsea at the hospital. Stephanie and Morgan learn that they must have live documentation of their internships. Anna is furious when she discovers that Tony has claimed Kate’s business for his advertising agency. Bo shares a special moment with Chelsea. Chelsea audtions for a local opera house. Max tries to say those three words to Stephanie. Marlena is not swayed by John’s attemps at romance.

Phillip tries to conduct business with Tony. All suspicious eyes are locked on Chloe concerning Brady. Maggie has some sound advice for John. Bo susgests that Victor let Chelsea stay at the mansion to recupperate. Daniel pampers Chelsea with tons of his attention. Kayla keeps a close vigil on Bo, fearing something will go wrong with the transplant.


Steve gives Hope information about who Ava is. Bo has a disturbing dream and worries when Hope doesn’t answer his phone calls. Hope is hit from behind and taken captive. Bo doesn’t inform anyone of his worries about Hope. Hope, pretending to be Kayla, contacts Steve. Ava is convinced by Hope to get Steve to meet them Meanwhile, Steve informs Bo about Ava and how Hope was kidnapped by her.

Pictured: Kristian Alfonso courtesy NBC

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