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GH PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition

HOME / Previews / GH PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition


GH PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition

By Errol Lewis

( — A family says goodbye to a loved one.

Dylan Cash


Sonny accuses Kate of betraying him. Jax finds an emotional Kate in her office after her fight with Sonny. Sonny sees Claudia and admits that he finds her ability to not pretend that she’s something she’s not even though he finds her loathsome. Alexis can’t deny she’s jealous when she catches Jerry with Claudia. Lucky asks for Tracy’s help in getting Luke to realize the Zaccharas could destroy him. Johnny and Lulu forge a plan to make it appear as though they are a couple to catch Anthony in a trap.

Lucky and Sam find an unconscious and pale Nikolas in his hospital room after they go to visit him. Sam realizes the medication that Nikolas appears to have overdosed on is the same medication Elizabeth was reprimanded for giving to a patient that almost died. Spinelli freaks out after learning Maxie is spending a lot of time with a hot young male designer. He later turns to Patrick for advice on how to attract women. Robin starts an online blog about the struggles and triumphs of pregnancy. Jason rescues Spinelli from a hooker.

The Inside Story: Michael’s Family Says Goodbye

Carly turns to Jason after she finally comes to terms with sending Michael to the permanent care facility. Sonny has second thoughts about sending Michael away as his time with his son dwindles. After her talk with Mike, Kate goes to the facility and overhears Sonny voicing his guilt over saving her and not Michael. Jax suggests to Carly that Sonny should sign away his parental rights to both Michael and Morgan. Blaming herself for putting her children in harms way, Carly goes to see Sonny. Sonny accuses Jason of blaming him for Michael’s condition. Memories of Michael flood Sonny and Carly’s minds as they ride in the ambulance to the permanent care facility with Michael. Jason sees Michael and leaves him with the book of Africa. Sonny, Carly and Jason say their goodbyes to Michael.

Dylan Cash

A Closer Look: Alexis and Ric Discuss the Zaccharas

Alexis voices her concerns to Ric about his involvement with the Zaccharas. Ric tries to get Alexis to understand that he has changed ever since Trevor manipulated his and Marianna’s relationship. He now has a plan in motion that could rid himself of Trevor for good. Anothony gives Ric an order to keep Claudia in the loop on everything. Jason informs Claudia that he will not kill Anthony without proof that he is responsible for Michael getting shot.

What to Watch

  • Luke makes an impassioned appeal to Tracy.


Monday: Claudia confesses the truth to Nikolas; Elizabeth consoles Jason over his guilt about Michael; Sonny and Carly try to push aside their grief.

Tuesday: Sonny is flabbergasted when Carly asks him to stay away from Morgan; Jason and Elizabeth wish things could be different for them; Luke is arrested for money laundering.

Wednesday: Carly returns home only to find Jax missing; Nikolas comes to terms with his dealings with Ian; Luke opts to go on the run with Tracy by his side.

Thursday: Sonny pleads his case to Carly; Carly enlists Spinelli’s help in finding her husband; Johnny and Lulu rebel.

Friday: Jason and Carly are skeptical of Sonny’s about face; Nikolas threatens Claudia; Robin is stunned by Anna’s latest actions.

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