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OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition

HOME / Previews / OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition


OLTL PreVUE: Week of May 12 Edition

A severe case of cold feet..
Thursday, May 8, 2008 12:24 AM | By Scotty Gore

( — It’s too late to turn back now, or is it?


After overhearing Jared state that he is not a Buchanan, David Vickers devises his latest scheme. Viki is shocked to find David in her kitchen. David meanwhile, gently probes for information on Jared, and later comes face to face with he and Natalie at Asa’s mansion. Jared and Natalie pale as David claims he knows everything, however he remains clueless to the fact that he is the true Buchanan heir. David proceeds to blackmail Jared and Natalie demanding money in exchange for his silence. Nigel worries that Natalie and Jared’s relationship won’t remain a secret for long.

Cole manages to win Starr a stuffed frog along the boardwalk. John demands answers from Winter. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Langston confesses to Dorian that she’s not the one who’s pregnant. Dorian meanwhile, is unable to reach Blair on her cell phone. After scolding her for lying, Dorian praises Langston for her loyalty to Starr in her time of need, and breathes a sigh of relief upon learning that Langston is still a virgin. Blair receives a jolt when Todd joins her and John at Virginia Beach. Todd receives the third degree from Blair, who
warns him to change his attitude. Winter doesn’t give John much information to work with, however, he is successful in gathering enough data to run a background check on the guy. Blair demands separate motel rooms for her, John, and Todd as her anger reaches its boiling point. Addie finds out that Starr is pregnant. Blair accuses Todd of allowing his anger to get in the way of his concern for Starr. While suffering from a rough bout of morning sickness, Starr realizes just how much she misses her mother. Blair’s nerves are calmed when John informs her that he told Winter to provide Todd with false information so they could get to Starr and Cole before he did. Todd, meanwhile, discovers that he has been set up. Hot on her daughter’s trail, Blair is heartbroken to see how Starr has been living since running away. John discovers that Starr is pregnant, but decides not to tell Blair. While walking on the boardwalk, Starr and Cole come face to face with Todd.


Brody spies on Gigi through a window. Still in a drunken stupor, Rex seeks advice from Bo. Adriana communicates to Brody via text messages, urging him to reveal himself to Gigi. Brody informs Adriana that is unable to at the moment because Gigi is not alone. Meanwhile, an intoxicated Rex tries to tell Gigi something but is interrupted by Shane. After Gigi sends him home, Rex is surprised to find Adriana there waiting for him. Certain that he is lying about not visiting Gigi, Adriana asks Rex to make love to her. Trying to tone down the situation, both Rex and Adriana are dismayed by his sudden case of erectile dysfunction. Brody looks on as Gigi breaks down in tears, and leaves without revealing himself to her. As Rex and Adriana awaken on their wedding day, neither are as happy as they should be. Considering it a bad omen for them to be together before their wedding, Roxy goes into panic mode. Roxy exhibits strange motherly behavior when she reminds Rex that she has always loved him. Bo suspects Rex is suffering from more than a case of cold feet. Marcie receives a surprise when Gigi informs her that Rex is Shane’s father. As Gigi is leaving for the wedding, Marcie urges her to tell Shane the truth, but Gigi feels that it is best for everyone if it stays a secret. Marcie and Gigi rush to Llanfair is search of Shane’s inhaler following a severe asthma attack. While there, they encounter Rex, who is searching for Charlie. Adriana reminds Brody of their agreement. Adriana and her bridal party make their way to the church for the wedding. Back at Llanfair, Rex gives Shane mouth-to-mouth resuscitation just before he and Gigi rush him to the hospital. Charlie and Bo are concerned when by Rex’s absence as the wedding is about to begin. Dorian reverts to her old ways when she pays Brody is disappear. Rex and Gigi nearly give in to their feelings. A heartbroken Gigi successfully urges Rex to leave for the church. Adriana is relieved by Rex’s arrival. Although secretly troubled, Rex assures Bo that everything is fine. Dorian tries to manipulate Gigi in order to get what she wants. As Brody recalls the day he said goodbye to Gigi, he remains conflicted on what to do next.


– Antonio and Talia’s kiss at Capricorn is interrupted by Cristian who warns them that they are placing their plan in jeopardy.

– Antonio assures his brother that he and Talia are playing it safe.

– Alone together in a closed Capricorn, Antonio and Talia find it difficult to keep their hands to themselves.

– Antonio and Talia are disciplined by a priest who finds them making out in the church.

– Sarah and Cristian enjoy a little play time.

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Monday: Gigi has something to say at the wedding; Blair orders Todd to stay away from Starr; David places Jared on the hot seat in front of Clint and Nora.

Tuesday: Starr opens up to Blair; Gigi is floored to see Brody alive and well; Jared will stop at nothing to silence David.

Wednesday: Blair wants to keep Todd in the dark about Starr for as long as possible; Natalie and Jared realize they must confess before David outs them; Natalie works to keep Clint from spotting David.

Thursday: Blair tells Todd to find a new place to live; Lindsay vows to make Nora suffer for coming between her and Bo; a scorned RJ warns Lindsay that her secrets will be exposed.

Friday: Todd has a trick up his sleeve concerning Blair and his kids; Viki’s world is rocked by Charlie’s confession; Gigi informs Adriana of Dorian’s latest actions.

Pictured: John-Paul Lavoisier courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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