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GH Alerts: Week of May 2 Edition

GH Alerts: Week of May 2 Edition

( — “General Hospital” DVR Alerts for the Week of May 2, 2011.


  • Monday: Brenda unravels with Lucian’s disappearance, accusing Sonny of not giving a damn about her son. Jason breaks into Johnny’s penthouse only to discover a suspicious woman in the doorway. Jason asks Sam what she wants to do about the fertility procedure.
  • Tuesday: The identity of Lucian is revealed. Jax threatens to take Carly to court to win custody of Josslyn. Jason and Abby have a heart to heart about Michael.
  • Wednesday: Luke seeks legal representation from Alexis to regain his life. Elizabeth returns to work, only to be haunted by visions of Jake. Siobhan takes Lucky to a romantic cabin in an attempt to distract him.
  • Thursday: Luke invites Ethan to a drink. What will he do? Elizabeth decides to tell Lucky the truth about Aiden. Sam goes to General Hospital for the procedure.
  • Friday: Luke confides in Ethan about his own alcoholic father. Jason and Elizabeth comfort each other in their grief over Jake. Elizabeth rushes to the justice of the peace with Aiden’s paternity. Will she stop Lucky and Siobhan’s wedding?
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