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GL PreVUE: Week of April 7 Edition

GL PreVUE: Week of April 7 Edition

One lie is all it takes…
Saturday, April 5, 2008 10:39 PM | By Venus Stone

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — Lies and schemes could tear several couples apart…


As everyone continues to honor Gus’s memory, Cyrus learns that Harley’s credit card isn’t able to pay for the funeral expenses. Alan comes to Harley’s house and Rafe extends himself to him. Sam and Ava try their best to get Olivia out of her depressed state. Olivia admits that she is unable to accept that Gus is gone. When Daisy runs into Sam, he gives her advice on how to stop doing things for Rafe and start doing things for herself. Natalia is angered by the fact that Olivia can’t accept Gus’s gift of life. Remy tries to get Rafe to unleash his anger over Gus’s death in the boxing ring. Reva discovers that Dinah was the one that brought Alan down and requests the two be partners.


In an effort to get Harley out of serious debt, Cyrus corners Daisy, insisting she make him a partner in her fake ID scam. She quickly lashes out at him saying that Harley will never see him the way the she sees Gus. Mallet continues to show his discomfort with the fact that Dinah owns the Spaulding mansion. When he starts to investigate Philip’s whereabouts, Dinah panics and recruits Remy to help her out. Remy says he’ll only help her if she pays him and gives him a room in the mansion. The two concoct a ‘good-bye’ letter, which Mallet calls Jeffrey about. As the two are talking, Reva overhears. Dinah quickly hired on Matt to re-decorate the entire mansion as her very own.

As Bill and Lizzie get closer, Bill confronts Ava about her pregnancy, requesting she come to him with proof. Bill sends Ava into the bathroom with a pregnancy kit. Ava immediately panics until she notices a pregnant lady there with her. When she returns, she tells Bill it’s time he break the news to Lizzie and own up to his responsibilities. Bill takes Lizzie rollerblading and another tender moment between the two of them prevents Bill from coming forward about Ava. Ava, however, pays Vanessa a visit, asking that she give her son some advice on doing the right thing. Meanwhile, after making love, Bill tells a heartbroken Lizzie the news.

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