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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

AMC PreVUE: Week of March 31 Edition

Taking a Stand
Thursday, March 27, 2008 8:36 AM | By Angela Rosa

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) – Are the residents of Pine Valley making the right decisions or taking wrong turns this week?



Erica’s deft knowledge of fashion forces the truck driver to rescind his threat of calling the cops. Erica tells Carmen the story of her humble beginnings as they settle in for the night at the discount superstore. Erica manages to release herself from her bind and snatch the gun after Carmen gives way to sleep. Kendall and Zach are relieved to hear from Erica but dismayed when she informs them that she’s going to stick with Carmen for a bit longer to help her out. Erica holds her ground with Mando’s mother, Louisa, who is none too pleased to have uninvited guests in her home. Carmen melts at the sight of Mando. Louisa gets the upper hand on her visitors after she manages to snatch the gun away from Erica.


Frankie and Colby rush JR to the hospital where Angie investigates the marks on his body. Richie’s anger boils over when instead of taking him to her home, Babe takes him to Opal’s to recuperate. Babe sets Richie straight about their relationship. Babe stays by JR’s side as he remains delirious with fever. Angie determines that JR is suffering from Hepatitis A. JR begins to remember what happened with Richie the night Zach was run over. Opal has a bad feeling when she gives Richie a tarot card reading. Richie starts to develop a high fever.


Jesse, Angie, Tad and Krystal have a double date at the Comeback. Samuel wants to meet with Jesse. Although appreciative, Jesse turns down Samuel’s job offer. Samuel opens up to Jesse and reflects on how lucky Mr. Hubbard is to have such a caring family. Jesse surprises Angie by taking her to the home of the Justice of the Peace that originally married them and even though he’s no longer alive, they romantically renew their wedding vows.


Zach defends his actions when Kendall takes him to task for the unorthodox method of “memory rejuvenation” he used on Ryan. Ryan is hard-pressed to believe Greenlee’s claim that he wasn’t the horrible man he believes he was. Greenlee’s feelings for Ryan come bubbling to the surface as she recounts their history. Elsewhere, freshly rejected by the detective, Annie questions how Aidan can be so accepting of Greenlee’s behavior. The tension between the Lavery’s remains thick. Ryan visits his sister’s grave where he vows to make amends for his mistakes. Aidan’s romantic proposal to Greenlee is interrupted when Ryan’s first act of amendment leads him to make an important call to his ex-wife. Aidan reels straight to Annie’s door after Greenlee turns down his proposal. The Slater’s agree to disagree about the tactics Zach used with Ryan, but an angry Greenlee is less amicable about Zach’s behavior. Kendall urges Greenlee to keep her distance from the situation with Ryan but Greenlee has other ideas and tracks down her ex. Greenlee refuses to let Ryan walk out of her life. A drunk Aidan reveals a little too much information infront of Annie.


Monday: Greenlee wants to know where she stands with Ryan. Zach and Jack are hot on Erica’s trail. Jesse and Angie’s romantic evening is anything but.

Tuesday: Jack and Zach come to Erica’s rescue in the nick of time. JR tells a disbelieving Babe he remembers what Richie did to him. Colby’s attraction to Frankie continues to grow.

Wednesday: Ryan finds Annie’s divorce papers. Greenlee tries to make things right between her and Aidan. JR enlists Amanda’s help in his quest to expose Richie’s crimes.

Thursday: Ryan makes a heartfelt and honest appeal to Annie. Zach questions Greenlee’s feelings for Aidan. Erica sets out on a mission to help Carmen.

Friday: Greenlee uses seduction to win Aidan back. Rob tries to get information out of Jesse. Zach grows suspicious of Kendall and Aidan.

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