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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 24 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 24 Edition

Like mother, like daughter
Sunday, March 23, 2008 3:10 PM | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


Adriana is ready to sever ties with Dorian, who begs her daughter for another chance. Adriana gives Dorian one last chance, but with strings attached–she must ensure that the wedding goes off without a hitch or she is out of her life for good. Rex and Jared come to blows at the diner. Layla informs Adriana of what happened between Jared and Rex. Gigi treats Shane to a special birthday breakfast, and dodges his questions about his father. Adriana proves she is her mother’s daughter when she confronts Gigi and demands the name of Shane’s father. Rex’s curiosity is quipped when Dorian is overly nice to him. Just as Adriana is about to get the truth from Gigi, Shane enters the room and states that his father was Sgt. Hogan McNair. As Dorian covers for Adriana, Rex confronts her on her sudden interest in the wedding. Layla’s arrival pokes a hole in Adriana’s cover plan. Adriana, meanwhile, tells Rex that she and Gigi had a nice friendly conversation. Dorian notices changes in Adriana.

Blair narrowly succeeds in keeping Todd from spotting Cole, and reminds he and Starr what Todd will do if he finds them together. Cole manages to sneak back out of the house. After confronting Markko, Blair seeks John’s aid in keeping Cole away from Starr. Todd finds wisdom in Addie’s words about Starr. John receives warning from Blair that Todd knows about Cole shooting Miles. John forces Cole to realize that he must stay away from Starr. Langston is shocked to discover Starr bought a home pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Antonio gives Talia and John the cold shoulder. Ramsey gets to John when he warns him that his job is in jeopardy and wonders how many people will go down with him. Antonio’s jealousy continues to build. Talia slaps Antonio when he tells her that John only wants to sleep with her. Ramsey and the other cops at the LPD watch as John confronts Antonio about his attitude toward Talia. Later, Ramsey makes a cryptic phone call.


Viki and Charlie are blissfully happy together. Charlie responds to Dorian’s overt threat with a stern reminder of whose holding all the cards. Roxy confesses to Charlie that she has no clue as to the true identity of Rex’s father. Charlie and Roxy come to the realization that they were both in Atlantic City and heavy drinkers around the time Rex would have been conceived. Clint gives in to temptation and uses the information Lindsay gathered on Warren Cobb. Bo tells Lindsay he wants them to take things slow and see where they lead. Nora’s blood boils when Lindsay suggests that she knows Clint better than Nora does. Bo is disappointed to watch Clint gleefully destroy Warren Cobb. The tension begins to mount as Clint defends his actions to his brother. Jared agrees with Clint, while Natalie sides with Bo. Natalie tells Jared she doesn’t like people who pretend to be someone they’re not. Clint organizes a BE business meeting retreat at the Buchanan Lodge. Jared and Natalie are rattled after almost sharing a kiss. Jared tells Charlie that he is unsure how much longer he can pretend to be a Buchanan, and wonders if Natalie and Viki could forgive him. Viki continues to be happy with Charlie. Jared and Natalie find themselves stranded at the lodge in an ice storm without power. Jared gives in to his feelings and kisses Natalie. Lindsay demands Clint take her to the lodge upon learning that Bo and Nora are on their way there. Meanwhile, Bo and Nora’s car swerves off the road.


– Blair buys Capricorn.

– Marcie and Michael find themselves growing apart.

– Blair offers to buy Capricorn.

– Nash’s business partner continues to offer him money.

– Nash hires Sarah to help him organize an event in Napa.

– Sarah is surprised by Nash’s offer.

– Jessica and Cristian bond over their shared past.

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Monday: Jared confesses to Natalie; Lindsay warns Clint that Bo and Nora may still have feelings for one another; Starr shares her greatest fear with Langston.

Tuesday: Natalie makes an unexpected decision concerning Jared; Adriana looks for info. on Shane’s father; Bo tells Lindsay to get over her jealousy of Nora.

Wednesday: Cole comes to Starr’s rescue at school as they try to steer clear of each other; Cristian and Jessica are shocked as Nash and Sarah head to Napa.

Thursday: John discovers that he has been set up by Ramsey; Jared informs Charlie that Natalie now knows the truth; Lindsay and Nora continue to bicker.

Friday: Starr receives the results of her home pregnancy test; John accuses Antonio of siding with Ramsey; Dorian does Adriana’s dirty work and investigates Shane’s father.

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