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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition

HOME / Previews / AMC PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition


AMC PreVUE: Week of March 3 Edition

The Stranger Amongst Us
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 11:00 PM | By Angela Rosa

( — Danger looms close by.



A startled Kendall finds “her biggest fan” waiting for her when she exits her hotel room shower. As the situation in Kendall’s room grows increasingly volatile, Aidan finally realizes something is off and races to get to Kendall. Kendall valiantly fights off her would be rapist. After finishing up the job on Walt, Aidan insists on staying the night on a shaken Kendall’s couch. Aidan convinces Kendall that she’s not to blame for what almost happened to her the night before and the pair’s friendship seems to finally be back on track. After finagling a set of keys, Ryan shows up in Kendall’s room where he finds a tipsy Aidan and Kendall in a seemingly compromising position.


Jesse, Angie and Tad have no idea just how close their enemy really is as they plan their next move. Tad meets his Uncle Robert, who claims to be Ray Gardner’s brother but is secretly connected to the mystery surrounding Jesse. Jesse insists that Tad accompany Angie when she goes to question Remy’s mother. Meanwhile, Opal warms up to Robert, who subtly probes her for information. Although wary at first, Mrs. Remington begins to open up to Tad and Angie. Mrs. Remington shows the duo a special pendant that her son gave to her before his death. Close by, one of Robert’s armed henchmen keeps an eye on the meeting. Jesse comes face to face with Robert.

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Zach and Greenlee get too close for comfort after she coaxes him into taking a spin at pole dancing. Erica leaves Samuel speechless as she admits guilt to her indictment while simultaneously putting the press under her spell. Richie grows dark after JR cuts short his chat with Babe. Annie is overly optimistic about the future after waking up in Ryan’s arms. Dre and his father, Samuel, have an icy reunion. A smitten Colby finagles her way into working side by side with Frankie. Greenlee’s jealousy is peaked as she believes Ryan had a memory of Annie and not her.


Monday: Robert is one step ahead of Frankie. Tad comes up with a wild idea to keep Krystal and Jenny safe. Aidan refuses to allow Ryan to spend time with Kendall.

Tuesday: Kendall can’t turn her back on Ryan. Adam gloats that he can do for Krystal what Tad can’t. Jack and Erica grow closer as her court date looms.

Wednesday: Krystal fights the passion she feels for Adam. JR manipulates the situation to be closer to Babe. Jesse struggles to uncover the mystery surrounding his “death.”

Thursday: Zach is privately upset when Kendall lies and denies spending time with Ryan. Annie unleashes her fury on Ryan. Greenlee keeps her and Ryan’s kiss a secret from Aidan.

Friday: Zach is annoyed that Kendall is still keeping secrets from him. Tad and Jesse uncover a clue. Erica learns her fate in court.

Pictured: Jill Larson courtesy Shirley Green/ABC

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