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OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition


OLTL PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

Llanview plots against Ramsey
Sunday, February 24, 2008 4:37 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Power isn’t everything.


Jessica fears Allison may never regain consciousness and that she really does have a secret. Jessica and Nora are women on a mission following a call from Clint. John and Antonio grill Jessica and Natalie about Allison’s escape from St. Ann’s. A sketch artist faxes a drawing of Allison’s accomplices to the LPD. The Buchanan girls fear the worst. Jared and Nash join forces to tamper with the sketches before they reach John and Antonio. As Nash hovers over Allison’s bed determined to make sure that she will never hurt Jessica again, Allison opens her eyes. Meanwhile, after being turned down for a loan, Nash makes a secret phone call, and later has a mysterious business meeting. Jared refuses to sell his half of the vineyard to Nash. Natalie gets Jared to reconsider in order to keep peace in the family.

Rex realizes why Adriana is hesitant to go to Paris and, with the help of Layla, convinces her to change her mind. Gigi surprises Rex with the news that she is staying in Llanview. Cristian is unable to hire Gigi at the diner.


Cole shares his concern about Ramsey with Langston. Talia finds herself on Ramsey’s bad side, and later teams up with Antonio and Bo to trick Ramsey into signing John’s reinstatement papers. John is shocked to see that he has a new boss upon returning to Llanview. Antonio and Talia keep John from making a mistake. Bo convinces John to stay on the force and be his mole. Ramsey leaves Talia with a creepy feeling. John and Ramsey prepare to do battle. Gigi hides Ramsey’s threats from Rex. Todd formally drops the charges against Marcie, but not before insulting her. Nora realizes the effect that Ramsey’s new position has on Todd, and suspects that he holds the key to destroying Ramsey. Todd drops a bombshell on his family, declaring that they are moving to Hawaii. Ramsey sees red upon realizing he has been tricked. John confronts Ramsey. Blair believes Todd’s announcement is somehow connected to Ramsey. The thought of leaving Llanview devastates Starr. Viki questions her brother’s motives for wanting to move his family across the country. Blair is spooked by her encounter with Ramsey at the diner.


– Michael tells Marcie to stop feeling sorry for herself.

– Jared and Natalie find themselves together in a crisis.

– Michael forces Marcie to face the fact that Tommy is safe and loved.

– Dorian confronts Nora after watching the surveillance tape of her breaking into the box of secrets.

– Bo and Nora slip into their old routine while helping the family at BE.

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Monday: Jessica and Natalie discover what Jared did to help them; Dorian and Nora reach a stalemate; Starr rebels at the thought of leaving Llanview.

Tuesday: Starr makes a decision concerning Cole; Nora confesses to Clint.

Wednesday: Todd resorts to violence; An unexpected ally comes to the aide of the Buchanans; John, Talia, and Antonio work to bring down Ramsey.

Thursday: Blair finds herself between John and Todd; Being close to Rex has an effect on Gigi; Natalie and Jared struggle with their feelings.

Friday: Antonio is floored to learn about his financial status; Clint decides what’s best for the family; Gigi is unsettled to watch Rex bond with Shane.

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