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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of January 14 Edition

Every action has a consequence
Sunday, January 13, 2008 10:34 PM | By Scotty Gore

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A new mother is haunted by the past.


Rex tries to reassure Adriana. Natalie freaks out when she witnesses a kiss between Jessica and Jared. Nash explodes in anger upon learning that Jessica is continuing her charade. Clint and Nora are worried how Bo, Matthew, and Viki will react to their budding relationship. Bo informs Talia that she must report for duty in Cherryvale, much to Antonio’s dismay. Later, after sharing a bittersweet good-bye, Antonio is assigned a geeky new partner. Addie slips into bed with an unsuspecting Charlie. Bo becomes Lindsay’s guardian. Cristian hires Markko at the Diner. Langston and Cole end up in group counseling together. Markko becomes a little jealous when he sees Langston with Cole. Cristian and Sarah have an impromptu date. Starr confesses to Markko that her family forgot her 16th birthday. While Cole and Langston bond over their losses, a thoughtful Markko cheers up Starr. Antonio and Talia realize that romance is harder than they thought. Charlie misses his lunch date with Jared, thanks to Dorian. Jared reflects on all the other times his father stood him up. Rex realizes he doesn’t have much of a family. Clint and Nora drop a bombshell on Bo. Nora tells Lindsay that she knows she’s faking her mental illness. Jared feels uneasy when Bo brings someone from the past to the Buchanan Enterprises board meeting. Jessica keeps Natalie in the dark.


Following Michael’s heartfelt plea, Marcie realizes she has run out of options and silently hands over Tommy to Todd. Michael says good-bye to his son. Dorian has a plan to keep Charlie in the dark. Marcie and Gigi share a jail cell. Gigi remains in Marcie’s corner. Michael has an emotional visit with Marcie. John asks Gigi for help. Shane asks Viki to help his mother. As Viki visits Marcie, Jessica and Natalie arrive at the Bon Jour Cafe. Starr and Cole throw a surprise party for Blair, Todd, and Sam. Blair is distraught upon remembering she forgot Starr’s birthday, but let’s her daugther know just how much she loves her. Todd and Blair draw closer. Alone with Sam, Blair is overcome with stress. Viki stands up for Marcie and posts Gigi’s bail. John works to persuade Gigi to turn the tables on Ramsey. Viki shares an emotional farewell with her friends at the cafe. Dorian makes sure Charlie knows just exactly who the real Viki is. Jessica and Natalie want to know all about Charlie. Meanwhile, Dorian advises Charlie to keep his distance from Viki. Jessica and Natalie are upset to learn Viki let Charlie walk out of her life, and encourage her to track him down. Blair appears on the verge of a breakdown as she has a haunting visit from beyond the grave.

D2D PreVUE’s for the week of January 21

Monday: Todd is furious to learn Viki has dropped the charges against Marcie.

Tuesday: Nora believes Bo isn’t in favor of her relationship with Clint.

Wednesday: Jared has Jessica committed to St. Ann’s.

Thursday: Ramsey warns Gigi to keep quiet.

Friday: Blair confesses to Todd that she doesn’t think she can be a mother to Sam.

Pictured: Robin Strasser courtesy Donna Svennevik/ABC

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