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AMC PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

HOME / Previews / AMC PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition


AMC PreVUE: Week of February 25 Edition

Pine Valley is a Battlefield
Thursday, February 21, 2008 3:28 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Can the residents of Pine Valley survive the perilous situations set in their paths?



The bad news keeps on mounting for Erica who learns that New Beginnings has been cancelled. Erica blames Adam for her predicament and demands he help her. Erica shows Samuel just what she’s made of as she calls a press conference where she both addresses the charges against her and aptly turns the table on her prosecutor.


Richie spins a tale to Babe as his henchmen take JR hostage and prepare to extract his bone marrow. Babe assumes the worst about JR when she learns that he never showed up at the hospital. A calculating Richie arranges it so Babe and Krystal find JR in a hotel room with a prostitute. Richie is confident that he can have it all.


Jesse believes Remy’s death may somehow be connected to what happened to him. Angie lays down the law to both Jesse and Frankie. Jesse decides to take action to reclaim his life. Tad, Jesse and Angie search the hospital files to find out who was on duty in the morgue the night Jesse “died.” Jesse realizes that the people who are after him know that he’s back in Pine Valley.


Despite an emotional scene between father and daughter, Annie remains adamant that Ryan move out as planned. Greenlee enjoys the easy rapport she shares with Zach. Meanwhile, Kendall and Aidan remain uneasy over their impending travel arrangements. Zach encourages Annie to fight for Ryan – who Kendall and Greenlee later push in Mrs. Lavery’s direction. The tension spills over as Ryan, Annie, Zach, Kendall, Aidan and Greenlee find themselves stuck in the Fusion elevator together. Later, Greenlee sidles up to Ryan in an effort to get him to remember, while a tipsy Annie sidles up to a stranger in an effort to forget. Zach prevents Annie from making a mistake she’ll regret. A frustrated Greenlee pulls Ryan into a steamy clinch in an effort to make him remember the love they shared. Zach, Annie, Ryan, and Greenlee end up at Zach’s casino. Ryan reaches out to Annie. Kendall and Aidan get past the awkwardness between them.

– “Dancing with The Star’s” sexiest professional dancer stops by Pine Valley. READ MORE


Monday: Kendall is terrorized by an overzealous male fan. Annie and Ryan’s anger soon gives way to passion.

Tuesday: JR is frustrated by Babe’s refusal to believe him. Someone has ominous plans for Jesse, Angie, Tad and Krystal. Aidan insists on keeping a close eye on Kendall.

Wednesday: Annie sets herself up for major disappointment. A confident Erica gets in the last word with Samuel. Adam sets out to find out more about Samuel.

Thursday: Tad wants to get Krystal and Jenny out of the line of fire. Richie is certain his scheme will turn out exactly how he wants it to.

Friday: Tad senses danger when he realizes he and Angie are being watched. Frankie lets Jesse know exactly how he feels.

Pictured: David Canary courtesy ABC | Cameron Mathison/Melissa Claire Egan courtesy Steve Fenn/ABC

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