How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of 'GH,' 'The View' and 'The Chew'; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

How WATCH ABC Changes Will Affect Viewing of ‘GH,’ ‘The View’ and ‘The Chew’; Shows Also on Hulu Plus

One man way too many…
Friday, March 21, 2008 3:55 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Another man takes a shine to Gloria…


Things don’t go as planned at the launch party. Nick continues to stress that he is done with Victor. Victoria and Adam go head-to-head once again. Felicia tells Phyllis to watch her back where Amber is concerned. Daniel and Danny reconcile. Devon is there to catch Lily’s fall. Kay lets Jill know that she suffered a mini stroke. Nikki can’t shake her doubts about David.


Gloria continues to believe that Jeffrey is the one scaring her with items of John’s. Alistar helps himself to the liquor at the Athletic Club and gets drunk. Jeffrey tells Jack about Gloria’s fears of seeing the ghost of John. A ticked Jack has a confrontation with a drunken Alistar, prompting him to quit. Someone gets caught in the crossfire of Jack’s scheme. Alistar floors Jack and Sharon when he tells them that he’s seriously attracted to Gloria.

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The wrong person becomes the target…
Friday, March 21, 2008 3:31 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Mistaken identity catches Hope off guard…


Marlena is stunned to learn that Belle and Shawn plan to leave Salem. Nick visits Chelsea at the hospital. Stephanie and Morgan learn that they must have live documentation of their internships. Anna is furious when she discovers that Tony has claimed Kate’s business for his advertising agency. Bo shares a special moment with Chelsea. Chelsea audtions for a local opera house. Max tries to say those three words to Stephanie. Marlena is not swayed by John’s attemps at romance.

Phillip tries to conduct business with Tony. All suspicious eyes are locked on Chloe concerning Brady. Maggie has some sound advice for John. Bo susgests that Victor let Chelsea stay at the mansion to recupperate. Daniel pampers Chelsea with tons of his attention. Kayla keeps a close vigil on Bo, fearing something will go wrong with the transplant.


Steve gives Hope information about who Ava is. Bo has a disturbing dream and worries when Hope doesn’t answer his phone calls. Hope is hit from behind and taken captive. Bo doesn’t inform anyone of his worries about Hope. Hope, pretending to be Kayla, contacts Steve. Ava is convinced by Hope to get Steve to meet them Meanwhile, Steve informs Bo about Ava and how Hope was kidnapped by her.

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Captured Hearts
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:30 PM | By Angela Rosa

( – Are some of Pine Valley’s finest doomed to remain prisoners?



After killing him, Robert claims that he Rafael was really Papel, the drug lord after Jesse, and that he is an undercover FBI agent. Angie implores Jesse to accept that his nightmare has finally ended. Jesse and Angie are affected as they face Jesse’s photo on the wall of fallen officers at the police station. Tad remains wary of Robert, who is still secretly after Jesse and is clearly not what he seems to be. Angie is overcome with emotions as she and Jesse adjust to living a “normal” life together free of danger. Joe reveals that Mrs. Remington was murdered. Opal continues to be charmed by a deceptive Robert.


A jealous Greenlee ends up saying too much as she reveals to Annie that she kissed Ryan and admits that he’s been faking getting his memory of her back. Annie is furious that Ryan lied to her. Ryan turns to Kendall as a friend and admits that he lied to Annie about starting to get his memory back. Zach returns home and comes face to face with Ryan. Zach pulls no punches with Ryan as he forces him to face his past. Annie pretends to forgive Greenlee.


Krystal is concerned for Adam’s health and the connection between them is very much alive. Moving day arrives at the mansion. JR makes it clear to Babe that he’d like her to stay right where she is. Meanwhile, Adam and Krystal try to hide their true feeling as she packs to leave. Elsewhere, Colby’s attraction to Frankie grows.


After sharing a heartfelt goodbye with Kendall and Zach, Erica finds herself in a major jam when the van transporting her to federal prison skids off the road rendering the guards incapacitated. Carmen’s powers of persuasion prove to outweigh Erica’s who decides to cease her protest of Carmen’s plan – for them to hunt her ex-fiancé down and kill him – in exchange for not getting shot. Kendall fears Erica is in trouble after suffering a nightmare. Zach receives word of a clue Erica left behind from a clerk at the convenience store. As they stow away in the back of a truck headed to Chicago, Erica and Carmen begin to bond as they discuss the men in their lives and after a literal bump in the road prompts them into an impromptu fashion show. Back home, Jack blames Samuel for Erica’s predicament. Erica is relieved when Carmen assures her that she won’t hurt her but alarmed when Carmen picks up the gun to deal with the approaching truck driver.


Monday: Erica proves she’s a force to be reckoned with. Greenlee grows more and more attracted to Ryan. Annie sets out to seduce Aidan.

Tuesday: Angie starts to piece together what really happened to JR. Erica tells Carmen the story of her humble beginnings. Richie lashes out when he doesn’t get what he was hoping for.

Wednesday: Aidan romantically proposes to Greenlee. Babe finds herself drawn to JR. Although free to leave, Erica decides to stay and help Carmen.

Thursday: Greenlee gives Aidan an answer to his marriage proposal. Ryan cuts his ties to Greenlee. Angie and Jesse enjoy a little romance.

Friday: Greenlee won’t simply allow Ryan to walk out of her life. Erica and Carmen set out to confront Carmen’s ex-fiancé. A drunken Aidan pays a visit to Annie.

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Y&R PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

A ghostly presence comes to life…
Saturday, March 15, 2008 11:56 PM | By Venus Stone

( — A deadringer could be Jack’s ace in the hole…


A reluctant Amber burns the stolen money with Daniel. Nick is determined to make the pre-launch party a big success. Paul calls upon Nikki to do him a favor by interviewing Heather for a postion at Jabot. Lauren and Michael bicker over Gloria. Danny Romalotti comes back to town, stunning Daniel. Katherine nearly collapses. Nick and Adam get into another confrontation with one another.


Gloria is convinced that Jeffrey is behind spooking her with John’s memory. Jack and Sharon go in search for the perfect role. While in the house, Gloria begins to wonder if John is haunting her. Jack and Sharon are stunned when they meet Alistar, a dead-ringer for the late John Abbott and are happy that their plan could truly put Gloria on the brink of insanity.

NOTE: The Young and the Restless will be preempted Thursday, March 20 and Friday, Mach 21 due to the NCAA Basketball tournament.

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DAYS PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

Not ready to let go…
Saturday, March 15, 2008 11:20 PM | By Venus Stone

( — Bo and Chelsea are prepped for the risk of a lifetime…


John continues to scheme is way into DiMera power when he bribes a customs official. Marlena is under the impression that she is getting one step closer in her relationship with John. Tony and Anna heat things up while at work at the ad agency. Belle drops the news on Philip that she’s leaving with Shawn and Claire to sail around the world. Victor and John have another face-off. Steve isn’t sure if he should tell Kayla about Ava. Anna tries to snatch up Tony’s new employee.


After finding Chelsea, Daniel gives her a lecture for her behavior. Kayla and Lexie work on getting Bo prepped for surgery. Hope doesn’t want to say good-bye to the love of her life. Daniel, Kayla and Lexie believe a drug they have discovered can keep Bo alive for a few more hours before his surgery. Chelsea goes to see her father and tells him how much she loves him. Alone with Chelsea, Daniel stresses how risky the surgery is. Kate spends time with her granddaughter and soothes her fears. Bo’s loved ones come to offer their well wishes for his surgery.

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GL PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

Alan’s set up for a mighty fall…
Saturday, March 15, 2008 10:52 PM | By Venus Stone

( — The great schemer gets played…


Coop is overjoyed to discover that the book he written is going to be published. Blake muscles her way into Coop’s life, which upsets Ashlee. Jeffrey promises to be there for Olivia after he learns that she is dying. Gus tells Olivia about a doctor that could help her. Harley continues to rub salt in Marina’s wounds where Cyrus is concerned. Frank is told he is going on immediate leave from the police force when word gets back of his flirting with someone at a crime scene. Mallet and Dinah share a heated kiss when he tells her about his job offer. Doris comes to offer him something better: Frank’s job as Chief of Police.


Lizzie isn’t thrilled about her date with Lawrence. When he asks for her phone number, she writes down Alan’s phone number instead. Ava, wanting to claim Bill out of spite, decides to calculate on getting pregnant. Lizzie is floored to receive a message from Phillip. Bill finds that his business meeting is with Lizzie. Once alone together, Lizzie tells him that she wants them to get back together. Alan becomes furious when he learns she’s seen Bill and locks her away in her room again. When his threats against Bill doesn’t work, Alan sends a message to Phillip. Bill stumbles upon the fact that Dinah has been pretending to be Phillip, duping everyone. Dinah and Bill devise a plan to strike back at Alan. Alan learns from Bill that Phillip has been tracking him and sets up a meeting at the gym to discuss what to do. As Alan is led on a wild goose chase, Dinah sneaks a file back in Alan’s office. Alan believe Phillip set him up when the police come to arrest him for financial crimes. Meanwhile, Bill and Dinah toast to the downfall of Alan Spaulding.

NOTE: Guiding Light will be preempted Thursday, March 20 and Friday, March 21 due to the NCAA Basketball tournament.

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OLTL PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

Secrets lie heavy on the heart
Saturday, March 15, 2008 6:56 PM | By Scotty Gore

( — Lies, confessions, and videotape.


Jared is placed on the offensive when he learns that Natalie recorded his conversation with Nigel, in which he confessed to not being a Buchanan. After unsuccessfully attempting to erase the tape, Jared panics when Natalie asks John to stop by her office. Jared jumps to the wrong conclusion and assumes the worst. John starts to become suspicious of Jared. Covering his behind, Jared claims to Natalie that he wanted to erase the tape because he confessed his true feelings for her on it. Natalie decides to erase the tape without even listening to it.
Jared attempts to cheer up Gigi….with a kiss. Jared and Charlie continue to bond. Charlie’s mention of a childhood accident unnerves Jared. Rex sees red following Jared and Gigi’s kiss, and punches him. Jared makes a shocking confession to Charlie concerning the untimely death of his baby brother.

Starr tells Langston that she had no choice but to break up with Cole. The break-up leaves Starr heartbroken and Cole miserable. Todd receives a jolt when he discovers Ramsey is still living in the penthouse. In a plot to get even with her father, Starr tells Marcie that she needs to have Sam taken away from Todd because he abuses the boy. Starr’s plan however quickly falls apart when Marcie calls John.
Although Starr apologizes for the incident, Marcie is left visibly shaken. Langston and Markko develop a plan for Starr and Cole to be together. Blair catches Cole sneaking into the house to see Starr. Ramsey refuses to sell the penthouse back to Todd. John is angered when Antonio refuses to stand up to Ramsey. Antonio, meanwhile, apologizes after blowing up at Talia. Later his anger bubbles when Ramsey assigns John and Talia to lead a task force to combat gang violence in Angel Square. Ramsey’s erratic behavior continues, meanwhile it is revealed that he now has a female roommate. Later, Ramsey makes a mysterious phone call. Antonio struggles to control his anger as John and Talia begin investigating Ramsey.


Bo is perturbed when Ramsey takes over the investigation of embezzlement charges against Harris York involving Buchanan Enterprises. Lindsay’s actions continue to anger Clint, especially when she tells him to step down off his pedestal and do what needs to be done to protect BE. Nora’s sudden arrival at Clint’s office forces Lindsay into hiding. Bo warns Nora to stop badmouthing Lindsay. Although
managing to cover her actions in front of Bo, Lindsay gets drenched in the process. Lindsay continues to urge Clint to use the information she has obtained on potential BE adversaries. Later, Bo, Lindsay, Nora, and Clint find themselves at the diner, where Viki is filling in for Carlotta. Gigi helps Viki at the diner. A smug Dorian drops by the diner with the Mayor after learning Viki is waiting tables again. However, much to Dorian’s dismay, she is unable to get a rise out of Viki. Viki, meanwhile, enjoying waiting tables again.


- Gigi comes clean about Shane just as Adriana returns from Paris, unfortunately neither hears her confession.

- After making love, Adriana tells Rex she wants to get married sooner rather than later.

- Blair offers to buy Capricorn.

- Learning of Adriana’s return home, Dorian sets out for Rex’s apartment.

- Although she manages to get Adriana to delay the wedding, Dorian is disgusted at the thought of having Rex as a son-in-law.

- Sarah saves the day by showing Nash a design of Cristian’s that is exactly what he is looking for.

- Adriana angrily confronts Dorian after learning the reason for her recent stay in Paris.

- Layla tries to tell Adriana she has nothing to worry about as far as Rex and Gigi are concerned.

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Monday: Blair keeps Todd from finding Cole; Dorian begs Adriana for a second chance; Antonio gives John and Talia the cold shoulder.

Tuesday: Clint can’t resist the urge to use Lindsay’s information; Adriana demands answers from Gigi; Charlie warns Dorian to keep her mouth shut.

Wednesday: Adriana lies to Rex about Gigi; Bo and Clint butt heads; Marcie and Michael feel they are beginning to drift apart.

Thursday: Frustration builds between Antonio, John, and Talia; Natalie is shaken after almost kissing Jared; Blair confronts Markko about helping Cole sneak into the house to see Starr.

Friday: Natalie and Jared find themselves alone and in a cabin; John manages to convince Cole to stay away from Starr; Antonio accuses Talia of getting hot and heavy with John.

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AMC PreVUE: Week of March 17 Edition

A Game of Chicken
Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:27 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Will Jesse Hubbard end this hectic week as a free man?



GET SET-UP: Tad and Jesse arrive at the warehouse where Jesse was held prisoner, just as Robert wanted them to. Joined by Angie, Jesse and Tad uncover a creepy shrine dedicated to Jesse. Jesse and Tad finally realize that someone wanted them to find the warehouse. Meanwhile, after working a little of his charm over on Opal, Robert proceeds to make Frankie and Colby disappear. The voice on the digitally enhanced voice recording challenges Jesse to come back to the warehouse alone. Jesse, Angie and Tad are horrified to discover Frankie and Colby have been kidnapped. Robert and Rafael discuss their plan to use the kids as bait to lure Jesse out of hiding.

DEVELOP A PLAN: Tad swears to an enraged Adam that he’ll bring his daughter back to him. Jesse goes to extremes to prevent Adam from contacting the authorities. Jesse prepares to trade himself for his son and Colby. Meanwhile, Krystal and Angie team up to find a clue that will lead them to the kids and end up at Mrs. Remington’s house where they make a shocking discovery. Jesse’s luck get even crappier as Adam and Tad get derailed off his trail after Adam suffers a sudden cardiac episode. Back at Mrs. Remington’s wrecked house, Krystal and Angie find Mrs. Remington dying of a heart attack. Meanwhile at the airstrip, Robert holds Mrs. Remington’s necklace in his hands. Jesse is hit with blinding lights as he arrives at the airplane hanger to meet with his enemies.

…AND GO!: A lethal Adam insists that Tad get back to the matter at hand and drive. Meanwhile at the hanger, Jesse challenges Robert to finally reveal himself. Their escape attempt having flopped, Frankie and Colby are led to Jesse by gunpoint. Although clueless as to what he has been looking for and where to find it, Jesse does his best to bluff Robert. Chaos ensues and gunshots ring out as Adam and Tad arrive at the hanger. Colby and Frankie are saved. Mrs. Remington slips away. A distraught Angie and Krystal realize Mrs. Remington’s necklace may hold the answers to Jesse’s disappearance twenty years ago.


Samuel gets his fill of Kane women as Kendall unleashes on him and Erica proceeds to mock his successful conviction. Meanwhile, Jack is stunned as Greenlee suggests he start playing the field while Erica is incarcerated. Annie and Richie realize nothing has changed between them when Mrs. Lavery’s visits with an ailing Richie quickly takes a nasty turn. Zach breathes a sigh of relief when Kendall finally tells him about meeting with Ryan in Los Angeles. Adam and Krystal have honest conversations with each other’s children. Greenlee knows Ryan is faking when he claims to Annie that his memory is returning but promises to keep his secret. Things turn lethal after JR arrives at Richie’s hospital room to taunt him. Jack does his best to bolster Erica’s spirit before her transfer to prison. Erica has her hands full with Carmen, her new cellmate who refuses to be ignored.


Monday: Greenlee clearly has unresolved feelings for Ryan. Tad and Jesse are dubious of Robert’s claims. Frankie and Colby form a new bond after their harrowing ordeal.

Tuesday: Carmen forces Erica to go on the run with her. Ryan continues to lead Annie to believe he’s getting his memory back. Greenlee’s jealousy gets the best of her.

Wednesday: Erica manages to leave a clue as to where she and Carmen are headed. Jesse appears to finally be a free man. Krystal has a hard time moving out of Adam’s.

Thursday: Carmen gets Erica to open up about her feelings for Jack. Ryan comes clean with Kendall. Annie isn’t going to let Greenlee off the hook so easily.

Friday: Zach forces Ryan to face the man he really is. Greenlee and Kendall vow not to repeat their past mistakes. Jesse wonders if he’ll ever get all the answers he seeks.

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By Errol Lewis

( — Note: The following information covers March 11-14, 2008. March 10 information will be posted at a later date as a recap.

Kimberly McCullough


Trevor shows his true colors when he leaves Johnny in the hands of Sonny. Johnny composes music with Lulu in mind, but it is later taken from him as he remains Sonny’s hostage. Scott accuses Lulu of deliberately hurting Logan in order to get revenge. Lulu lets Scott know exactly what Logan means to her. Marianna and Elizabeth strike a friendship after a productive exchange at Kelly’s. Ric thanks Marianna for coming into his life and making him a better man. Sonny and Jason part on bad terms when Sonny takes his frustration out on Jason after Jason questions him on his reasoning. After her face-off with Sonny, Claudia throws down with Trevor. Alexis is surprised to see the positive changes in Ric’s life. Peg urges Michael to do the right thing and go home and face the music. Sonny is forced to admit that Michael ran away after “Bugs” and “J.T.” admit they sold Michael a gun. Spinelli is impressed when Maxie deduces that Michael had been on a certain supply ship.

Patrick informs Jason that his best chances for a full recovery are with a specialist in Seattle, Washington and wants Jason to go there as soon as possible. Elizabeth is saddened over the thought of Jason leaving town.

Spinelli learns that Diego had planted several timed bombs, but is unable to crack the code to locate them.

The Inside Story: The Kick that Rocked General Hospital

Patrick and others work to save Nikolas’ life, but in a hallucinogenic state, Nikolas longs to be with Emily. Nikolas realizes that Spencer needs him to live, but in a battle for survival Nikolas gets violent and kicks Robin in the stomach. Afterward, in the operating room Nikolas holds the hospital staff at bay with a scalpel. Nadine is able to calm Nikolas down, and pretends to inject him with a sedative in front of the others. Patrick displays paternal qualities when he insists that Robin gets checked out by Dr. Lee. Despite her love for Patrick, Robin pushes him away when he makes it clear he wants to be in his child’s life. Nikolas agrees to let Ian use his experimental drug on him.

A Closer Look: Did Elizabeth Run Sam Down?

Sam doesn’t know what to think of Ian. Lucky confronts Jason over the confession he overheard Elizabeth make. Sam feels her life is crumbling when everyone and everything she cared about is no longer there as she learns she has been fired from Everyday Heroes. Lucky questions Elizabeth over her belief she ran Sam down. Sam overhears Lucky and Elizabeth’s talk and is saddened to hear Lucky say that he will speak with her about not filing charges against Elizabeth. Tracy confronts Monica with the clothes she wore the night Sam was ran down and the two battle it out at General Hospital.

What to Watch

- Sonny learns that Kate knows that he was unfaithful during their supposed breakup.

- Marianna stands up to Trevor, but comes face-to-face with Randy.

- Claudia believes that together she and Ric could be a forced to be reckoned with, but unknown danger could spoil her plans.

- Michael has an emotional reunion with Carly after he runs into her arms and tells her the truth about why he ran away, but an explosion puts their lives in danger.


Monday: Johnny saves the day when he helps find survivors from the explosion; While looking for Carly, Sonny finds Claudia instead; Ric moves heaven and earth to protect Marianna from danger.

Tuesday: Carly is rescued by an unlikely source and is rushed to the hospital; Sonny offends Claudia by claiming he wants nothing to do with her; Johnny has revenge in mind for Sonny.

Wednesday: Carly and Jax do not see eye-to-eye where Michael is concerned; Claudia pays Carly a visit in the hospital; Trevor and Anthony form an alliance.

Thursday: Carly’s future is shattered after she gets devastating news; Jason and Claudia work to talk sense into Sonny and Johnny; Alexis and Diane clash over the warehouse explosion.

Friday: Jax and Carly come to decision as far as their kids are concerned; Jason convinces Sonny not to kill Johnny; Sonny proposes a truce with the Zacchara’s.

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Decision Time Arrives
Sunday, March 9, 2008 3:38 AM | By Angela Rosa

( — Every action has a consequence.



A nervous Erica tries to keep a brave face about her impending court date. Jack implores Erica to rethink her decision to plead guilty. Later, a session of reminiscing leaves the ex’s on the brink of love-making. Judgment day arrives, and Ms. Kane’s judge is convinced that the deal Erica’s been handed is way too sweet. Jack and Samuel work together to convince the judge to stick to the original terms of the deal. Erica shocks the packed courtroom with her announcement.


The anxiety rises as Tad reveals that he’s positive that he and Angie were being watched outside of Mrs. Remington’s house. Robert infroms Tad of the his earlier sighting of a man who could be the “late” Jesse Hubbard’s twin. Robert plays on Tad’s sympathies in an attempt to shut down his suspicions. Later, a lethal Robert arrives at Mrs. Remington and dupes her into believing he’s trying to track down her son’s killer. Meanwhile, a heartbreaking letter leaves Jesse with a sincere desire to uncover the truth about Remy. Jesse shares with Tad a potential clue he uncovered in Remy’s date book as the men try to figure out just where Jesse was held after he “died.”


Adam is surprised to find Tad waiting for him when he returns home from visiting JR at the hospital. Adam makes sure to have great fun at a desperate Tad’s expense before he agrees to allow Krystal and Jenny to move back into the mansion for their protection. Elsewhere, word of Krystal’s sudden move prompts Babe to pack her and Little Adam’s bags and join her mama in her former in-law’s mansion – a move that in turn prompts JR to come running back home. A persistent JR is confident he’ll win Babe back. Krystal admits to Babe that being in such close quarters with Adam is more difficult than she expected.


Zach and Annie enjoy an impromptu play date with Spike. Meanwhile back in L.A., an honest conversation seems to be on the menu after Kendall sneaks out to meet Spike’s daddy. Kendall recounts for Ryan the details of how he broke her heart. Ryan confesses to Kendall that he’s been misleading Annie. Back home, Annie unleashes on Ryan upon learning of his recent deceptions. Zach’s temper rises after Aidan finally confesses to him that Kendall’s claim about not seeing Ryan again once he left her hotel room is false. Kendall and Greenlee agree not to let any residual desire they have for Ryan to still have some feelings for them get in the way of their current relationships. Greenlee keeps her and Ryan’s kiss a secret from Aidan. Aidan warns Ryan to back off Kendall but Ryan has other ideas.


Monday: Jesse faces the horrors of the past. Zach is relieved when Kendall finally comes clean with him. Erica struggles to stay brave as she’s led off to the slammer.

Tuesday: Tad, Jesse and Angie make a disturbing discovery. Robert has Frankie and Colby right where he wants them. JR is left unsettled by Richie’s violent outburst.

Wednesday: Angie and Krystal are desperate to find their missing children. Adam holds Jesse responsible for Colby’s kidnapping. Ryan has the best intentions when he spins a tale of lies to Annie.

Thursday: Babe finds JR on the verge of killing Richie. Jesse will sacrifice himself to save his son. Frankie and Colby work together to try and escape their captors.

Friday: Jesse faces his tormentors as chaos and gunfire break out. Angie and Krystal realize a necklace could be the clue to solving the mystery. Erica finds herself stuck with a woman with murder on her mind.

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