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REPORT: Steve Burton Returning to ‘General Hospital’

While ABC is not commenting, it’s being reported that actor is returning to “.” But will he be reprising his iconic role as Jason Morgan, currently portrayed by , or will the soap tackle The Tale of Two Jason’s?

“Well if nobody else will say it, I will. It’s Steve Burton,” wrote TV Guide‘s Michael Logan in a tweet after Twitter began to light up with speculation over a big announcement hitting daytime. The news was first teased during a podcast by Daytime Confidential‘s Jamey Giddens, who states that the set of the soap “has been buzzing for weeks with gossip about Steve Burton’s imminent return.”

Burton, who just won his second Daytime Emmy Award for his portrayal as Dylan McAvoy on CBS’ “” for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, vacated the role of Jason Morgan in 2012, nearly 20 years after joining the soap. Miller took over the role of Jason in late 2014.

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  • Secret Squirrel

    If Burton is brought back with a good, compelling story, it could provide a real ratings boost to GH. Of course that’s a BIG if given the soap’s current writing regime.

    • Brad Jones

      I wish that they never would have fired Ron C. and replaced him with these 2 old hags they have now.

  • Janie Grubbs

    I love Steve Burton and was really bummed when he left GH. But hiring and subsequent story lines for the Jason Morgan character via Billy Miller has been fantastic. I never thought anyone could replace Steve Miller in the role but Billy Miller did. I love his take on the role….he can be deadly when necessary and can be loving and caring. That is not the role that Steve Burton played……..he was deadly and hard all the time. He rarely showed any compassion even to his own t.v. wife. I will be glad to see Steve back at GH but not in his old role of Jason Morgan……leave that to Billy Miller. I at this stage of the game he would be better suited to the role of mafia king whom Sonny has called in to take his place.

    • Carrie Walker

      *Steve Burton
      I never thought anyone could replace Steve Miller* in the role but Billy Miller did. I love his take on the role….

  • 1gh

    This is great news. For me, the only roll for Steve Burton is as Jason Morgan. Billy Miller is a great actor but he has never felt like Jason to me. Billy Miller’s version has always been too glib, too open, too quick with a smile and a joke. That was never Jason. He didn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. As for the fan who thinks he was all Stonecold all the time, apparently we weren’t watching the same performance. Steve Burton’s Jason wasn’t a muscle man threatening people. He was an enforcer who usually used his gun, not his brawn, and only when called upon to protect his boss and those he cared about. And he was caring. He just kept his feelings to himself and when he did display them, it made it that much more special. I can remember so many scenes. Jason carrying Robin off the stage at the Nurse’s Ball after Stone died. Carrying Elizabeth out of the burning Metro Court when she was pregnant with Jake. Riding in a limo with Brenda trading barbs and even a joke and a smile. Sneaking in from the terrace to visit Monica because he knew it was important to her to see him, even though he couldn’t remember her being his mother. His exasperation with the constantly babbling Spinelli, even though it was obvious that he loved him like a little brother. I can’t wait for him to be back and I only hope it is proved that Billy Miller’s Jason is an imposter. Maybe Helena programmed him to have amnesia and then suddenly remember that he supposedly is Jason. However, I would be delighted if Sam decides that she is in love with the new version of Jason, and Steve Burton could finally get back with Elizabeth where he belongs. Sorry Jasam fans. That relationship has always irked me, and if I have to listen to that stupid song they always play when they are together one more time, I may be physically ill. Welcome back Steve Burton and please STAY!!

    • Janie Grubbs

      Well I am one of the Jasam fans and if they decide to put him with Elizabeth….then you can color me FORMER FAN OF GH. I loathe Jason and Liz together and will no longer watch. I don’t think the Steve B. portrayer of Jason has any real feelings for anyone except Carly and Sonny. After seeing Billy Miller with KM and their chemistry, it would be shameful to put SB AND KM back together. I for one like the attitude that Billy Miller brings to the character…..more depth!!!!!!!!!!!