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Ratings Report for the Week of April 3-7, 2017

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Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,567,000 (+103,000/-502,000)
2. B&B 3,540,000 (-69,000/-340,000)
3. GH 2,574,000 (+72,000/-226,000)
4. DAYS 2,092,000 (-102,000/-166,000)

1. Y&R 3.23/11 (+.05/-.31)
2. B&B 2.5/8 (-.07/-.29)
3. GH 1.91/6 (+.04/-.17)
4. DAYS 1.54/5 (-.08/-.15) <—— ties low *

* Rounded to 1.5

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 555,000 (+3,000/-104,000)
2. B&B 458,000 (-5,000/-57,000)
3. GH 438,000 (+18,000/-13,000)
4. DAYS 313,000 (-28,000/-89,000) <—— new low *

* Previous low: 325,000 (March 20-24, 2017)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 0.86/7 (+.01/-.17)
2. B&B 0.71/6 (-.01/-.1) <—— ties low (6th straight week) **
3. GH 0.68/6 (+.03/-.03)
4. DAYS 0.48/4 (-.05/-.15) <—— ties low (3rd straight week) ***

** Rounded to 0.7
*** Rounded to 0.5

Women 18-34 Viewers
1. Y&R 138,000 (-18,000/-60,000)
2. B&B 116,000 (-25,000/-38,000)
3. GH 105,000 (-5,000/-16,000)
4. DAYS 76,000 (-5,000/-23,000)

Women 18-34 Rating
1. Y&R 0.4 (-.05/-.18)
2. B&B 0.34 (-.07/-.09) <—— ties low *
3. GH 0.3 (-.02/-.06) <—— ties low (13th straight week) *
4. DAYS 0.22 (-.01/-.07) <—— ties low (6th straight week) **

* Rounded to 0.3
** Rounded to 0.2

Women 25-54 Viewers
1. Y&R 850,000 (+38,000/-77,000)
2. B&B 687,000 (+5,000/-89,000)
3. GH 640,000 (+59,000/+10,000)
4. DAYS 407,000 (-31,000/-98,000)

Women 25-54 Rating
1. Y&R 1.39 (+.06/-.15)
2. B&B 1.13 (+.01/-.16)
3. GH 1.05 (+.1/same)
4. DAYS 0.67 (-.05/-.17)

Day-To-Day Ratings – HH/Total Viewers

Monday: 2.56/3,706,000
Tuesday: 2.55/3,623,000
Wednesday: 2.45/3,444,000
Thursday: 2.49/3,502,000
Friday: 2.43/3,394,000

Monday: 1.49/2,005,000
Tuesday: 1.58/2,186,000
Wednesday: 1.62/2,175,000
Thursday: 1.51/2,029,000
Friday: 1.54/2,109,000

Monday: 1.85/2,559,000
Tuesday: 1.91/2,619,000
Wednesday: 2.01/2,694,000
Thursday: 1.90/2,457,000
Friday: 1.85/2,542,000

Monday: 3.25/4,646,000
Tuesday: 3.24/4,574,000
Wednesday: 3.21/4,529,000
Thursday: 3.30/4,618,000
Friday: 3.14/4,459,000

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  • robert

    these DAYS numbers don’t surprise me. the show is awful. we still have over three more months of Dena Higley’s material. they should drop what their airing now and start airing the new stuff

    • Amie

      Days are in trouble now.Come on Ron fix the show now.

      • Pete Ra

        If only they didn’t have that crazy 6-7 month lead time in taping! They can’t adjust story, etc.

    • Layla

      They have to stop the long lead time for the taping. It’s not worth it, whatever money they are saving. They should axe the rest of Higley’s stories as soon as they can.

    • davvid

      Days other co-head writer, Ryan Quan is also to blame for what we are watching now. Many forget to mention his name when they talk about how bad the storylines are.

  • jesse

    Days is really bad ppl are leaving,the demos are awful.Will anybody watch when Ron starts.Nbc should stop rewarding Corday for the way he has trashed the show,treated fans,actors etc.Enjoying Y&R although disappointed Chloe got away.I think Sally is doing a good job.It”ll be good if the momentum keeps going heading into sweeps.

    • Amie

      Y&R is getting good now Victor will find Chole.She aint off the show.Hope they caught her.Thats my favorite was Chelesa finally slap her when she found Adams ring.EEE That smack down its amazing

    • Amie

      Oh I’m sorry that spell Chloe wrong But she needs to be caught like now.Both acts nailed it.I felt bad for Kevin he finally see the truth.Gloria is finally told him right.

  • Amie

    YAYY Y&R went up again.That show is sooo Good.Congratualtions to the Mal and Sally writers and producer on amazing week.

    • jesse

      Yes Sally/Mal are good.Adam story was exciting.Chloe has to be caught eventually.

    • TruthSquad

      Do you like Scotty and Reed? I am especially unfond of Scotty but wish they had cast those two differently.

  • Salem Spectator

    Help, DOOL has fallen and can’t up!

    • vivien

      Eric dreaming of Nicole was a good start, but this show BADLY needs some REAL romance. May have to wait for Carlivati.

    • ellen65

      A lot of people have off for Easter/Passover this week. I am sure it will be a good week for soaps.

  • Bantilau Regnies

    YR ratings keep going up and there are still 500,000 viewers lost somewhere from last year lol.

    Sally seems to loose a lot of leadership in the stories (Philly, Adam front and center, Bella’s paternity coming, Lauren calling Jill her sister… it’s everything she refused to deal with)
    If she can stop with her obsession with chemless couples (Deriah, Chick, Villy …), with Newmans (AH and JM don’t need to be on every day of every month) and Reed and his boring stories (who cares about his music or his love life?) maybe we’ll have one or two decent stories.

    Oh, and last request, learn your history Sally. Reed was born in November. Why are they celebrating his birthday in April?
    The Ashby twins aged when Faith, born before, is still 9? LOL

    • ian

      This is the best Young and Restless has been in years BUT you are spot on. The show could be so much better. Especially if they did what we all want…make Kevin Bella’s father, make Nick Christian’s father, and bring back Michael Muhney!

      • Bantilau Regnies

        What we all want? I don’t want Kevin to be Bella’s father, I don’t want Nick to be Christian’s father and I DO NOT want Michael Muhney back.

      • Carmel Smith

        I agree with two of the three. Kevin should have been Bella’s father and Nick’s should be Christian’s father. He has been in enough paternity stories. MM can stay where he is at. Too much drama.

    • robert

      i have a feeling someone forced Sally to change direction because she’s now doing stories she said she was against in the interview

      • padange

        Dropping ratings did LOL…

      • truth

        well, at least she woke up a little..

  • Paul

    Days are in a bad state i don’t this show can be saved how they got renewed again is beyond me but its obvious they not happy with the show. When they got renewed press release was very short NBC never bragged how good the ratings were like they did in previous years just said it was renewed again. They need to listen to the fans Sony said Sami and EJ were sorely missed in a poll they did in Feb what they doing about it. Why not have CM back as Will and ED as Kristen i am not saying they going to save the show but it give the show a huge buzz if fans knew they were coming back i bet you get lots of fans excited about the show again.

    I know they is new writing coming in Sep but that not going to changes things that much its about the characters as well some people fans just don’t want to watch.

  • TruthSquad

    Congratulations to Y&R for finally turning the corner. 2 solid weeks of increases and well positioned for a decent May sweeps. Should be a wake up call to B&B to change course that they went down while Y&R went up. That means a lot of people went out of their way to change the station. Congrats to GH as well.

    • TruthSquad

      One grievance I have about Y&R; please recast Scotty and Reed. Not doing it for me.

    • Keanna

      Congrats to GH for what?

      • TruthSquad

        GH showed gains in every category. I am not a regular GH viewer but enjoy it from time to time and have been enjoying it this last month.

        • Keanna

          Yet down still in MULTIPLE categories and only had ONE day over a 2.0, people were probably on their spring break. Some are on spring break this week, I want to see the ratings after Jack bring thrown under the bus. But hey if you accept mediocrity on this show have at it, me, I refuse to.

          • TruthSquad

            Most of our shows are not what they used to be: They keep cutting budgets and cast members.

    • ian

      B&B lost me when they went transgender.

      • TruthSquad

        I like Maya and the Avant family. It’s the Sally, Saul and Darlita thing and Quinn and Ridge that is annoying to me.

  • Pete Ra

    Nice seeing Y&R increasing a bit from last week! Keep going in that direction! Days barely hovering over 2 million has to set off alarms again. So far it hasn’t dipped below that, but it got close!

  • Layla

    Days may never recover from the mean-spirited & grotesque way the celebrated their 50th. It was unspeakably nasty on so many levels, and Josh, Dena and Ryan have added nothing to replace what they destroyed. Everything is a bad copy of something better that the show did under different writers.

    They could bring back EJ, Sami, Will, Bo, Jack and Aiden and make the whole thing a dream and it might not be enough. How many times can a show outright spit at its own fans and survive?

    Also, the show needs to move forward as well. It does need new characters, just not at the expense of beloved old ones. The way the Hernandez family has been propped at the cost of the Bradys and Hortons is ridiculous. Abigail and JJ, two legacy characters, have been thrown under the bus to prop them. Bo’s memory has been erased to make Hope Rafe’s property. Yet, we need new characters and younger pairings. Billy Flynn’s Chad was the last successful new character and TomSell did that. Maybe Tripp could be something, we’ll see.

    It’s telling that Paulson having sex on Wilson’s anniversary, JJ dating his rapist and a Jarlena dream that was made up of old footage is the lowest rated day of the year.

    Jarlena is popular, but that dream was hyped and it did nothing for the ratings. Without younger characters and pairings and above all, good stories, nothing can save this show. Corday has no talent or instincts, he has to go.

    • Tammy Bostick

      oh my you said it perfectly i stopped watching !! i was a Bo fan and 33 years of history discarded with the nastiness of so-called writer Higley what a joke hope has web ruined and i will not watch !!

      • SoapArmageddon

        I’ve stopped too. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I refuse to watch a show that is counting on my loyalty and doesn’t do anything to show they appreciate the 33 years (since summer of 1984) I put into watching it. Ken Corday knew Dena Higley’s work rubs fans the wrong way, and he still brought her in for two more years of bad writing. Enough is enough.

        • Tammy Bostick

          absolutely the disrespectful way characters and actors were treated i won’t support the show or corday!! His parents created a beautiful show story and he’s trashed it!!

    • Paul

      I read that Days is trying to lure two big fan faves back some think it may be Ali and James i am not sure even them can help stop the rot some think it may be PR or MA or CM. I think if they got all of them back it help give the show a lot of buzz it certainly make fans want to tune in when the new writing starts but new writing has to be good as well or all we see is short term bumps.

      • lulu

        Yes so they can leave them alone and don’t wast them (and/or destroy them) with bad writing. THey can use the actors and characters already at their disposal and try to learn how to write good soap storytelling.

    • lulu

      Stop stop stop, leave Ej and Sami (and their portrayers) alone, they should not be used to prop the characters still on this soap who can’t manage to create interest by THEMSELVES and this lame soap opera who tried and tried and tried to destroy their characters and their dynamic ad nauseam, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, leave them alone (and us their fans) alone ! Fed up. ps: Will, they can do what they want about it, i don’t care..Bo..if the actor really need some money and is really least they don’t try to destroy the character again and again..already that. And Kristen..the actress is not interested, she has better paycheck with Y&R and she is too busy (and above it) with her reality show.

    • Eileen

      I stopped watching around the 50th when they killed off Will and just about anyone else they could think of. Haven’t watched since and reading the boards is not tempting me to come back. The sudden overdose of the Hernandez family and turning Hope and Rafe into rogue cops was another huge mistake.

      • Layla

        Dena had one agenda and that was to turn the show into one about the Hernandez Family and make the criminals, stalkers and murderers in that family the show’s heroes. Even poor Paige, Shane’s granddaughter and a medical student, was killed off instead of being sent to Stanford so shallow & needy Gabi could briefly warm JJ’s bed before callously tossing him aside. Gabi has stalked and killed people and shown almost no guilt but Will’s daughter was literally handed to her and he was never seen holding her again after Gabi returned. There was a long goodbye scene between murderer and criminal Eduardo and Ari but Will got nothing but having his corpse literally treated like trash but the picture blowing away. Dena brought her poisonous misogyny and homophobia to the show and it’s completely destroyed for it.

  • Hedda Lettuce

    Y & R was really good again this week. All hail Queen Nikki.

  • Happy Accidents

    Dena’s DAYS: the Brutal Stats!
    Households at 1.54, one point up from their all-time low of 1.53!
    And a deep new ALL-TIME LOW in the KEY DEMO!

  • Derrick

    Well, I’m happy Y&R has increased for the 2nd week and HOPEFULLY, it’ll increase some more next week. At least B&B didn’t go down too much!

    DAYS is a worrying factor right now! I really hope and pray it recovers before it’s too late!

    • Kevin Little

      Totally agree.

      I think it’s safe to say that the whole country is falling in love with YOUNG & THE RESTLESS all over again.

  • Felicia Callari Cacioppo

    The only reasons DOOL is still on the air is because they are the beneficiary of over saturation of talk shows and reality TV.

    • Nick

      Personally, I think the only reasons why Days is still on the air are the following:

      1) Even though the previous contract was to run through this coming September, because of that asinine taping schedule (they had reportedly taped episodes into July when the renewal announcement was made in February), NBC/Sony clearly realized that they wouldn’t have enough time to properly wrap up the show, so they agreed to gift Days another year. (I’d love to know the licensing fee that NBC and Sony agreed on to keep the show going. It has to be a bargain-basement rate given the awful key demos.)If you read the actual announcement, you’ll notice that NBC never made mention of or bragged about specific numerical ratings that Days got.

      2) Clearly, NBC has not yet found a lower-cost game show, talk show, etc that they’re supremely confident in, that they think will get close to or better than Days ratings, thus earning more ad revenue over time. (Remember, television is a business and networks have to answer to their shareholders.) But it stands to reason that NBC has to be weighing other alternatives. Individual stations certainly don’t appear to be happy, given that Days has been downgraded from its longtime 1 pm time slot in a number of key markets (including to 12 pm noon in NYC).

      • JayTN

        If I were in charge at NBC, I would go with a game show – either one 60 minute one or two 30 minute ones – to replace “Days”. NBC always had more success with their game shows than they did with their soaps. I would test the waters by replacing the Kathie Lee & Hoda hour of “Today” at 10am with a game show, since the 9am hour is being turned over to Megyn Kelly. An NBC game show at 10am would go against syndicated programming or “Let’s Make a Deal” on CBS (affiliates can air “Deal” at 10am or 3pm).

  • Pat

    Days of our Lives is Dead Soap Walking. I wonder if NBC/Sony have egg on their faces yet. By the time Ron Carlivati’s work (talk about a transparently desperate Hail Mary attempt to save the show!) starts airing over the summer (!!), it will sadly be too little too late, I predict. How low will the show’s numbers be by then? That 6-7 month lead time in taping is going to be the fatal blow for the show, and I think that was the only reason the show got a one-year reprieve. I don’t care how much $$$ is being saved. IMO, it’s an utterly ridiculous production schedule, and you see first hand the damage that can be done when a soap has no way to adjust/remove stories that clearly are not working. Ken Corday should be thoroughly ashamed of the total destruction of his parents’ show.

    The mean-spirited, nasty nature of the 50th anniversary was disgraceful and permanently turned off myself and a good number of women I know who watched/followed Days regularly for many years. And judging by the ratings, obviously I’m not alone in that sentiment.

    • JayTN

      That spike in viewers for the week of March 13 seems to have been a fluke instead of a sign of possible growth. “Days” was just 5,000 viewers from dropping below 2 million viewers on Monday. Last week was the second least watched week of the season for “Days”, just above the week of March 20, which is the least watched…so far. By the time Carlivati’s work begins to air, “Days” may be looking back fondly on the numbers from last week.

      • robert

        the 7 month tape ahead schedule is hurting the show. they should just drop the current stuff and start airing the new material

    • robert

      the 50th was so bad. they had a big opportunity and they blew it

    • George

      The Rafe and Hope storyline has been going on for a lot longer than 6-7 months. Ken Corday stuck his head in the sand and let the writers keep going with them even though fans of the show have been really loud about how much they hate them. Does he hate Hope that much? Fans of the show wanted Eric and Nicole for a lot longer than 6-7 months and they wrote a stupid storyline that broke them up and put Nicole with Daniel and sent Eric to prison. Days fans also wanted Will and Sonny to fix their marriage and raise their daughter. They killed Will. Fans wanted Aiden back and were loud about that for a long time so they bring him back just to prop a couple that most fans hated and got rid of him again. The problem with Days isn’t their production schedule. It’s the dummies running the show and that they don’t see what’s in front of the faces. The problem is how removed they are from their fans. They don’t pay attention to anything and Ken runs the show like it’s a friend support group. They can change the writers every month but that won’t help because Ken is at fault.

  • padange

    Well Y&R is doing a little better, but it kind of seems it is mostly because of the Chloe’s reveal which was Pratt’s story not SSM’s. Still waiting for Sally’s BIG stories.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Glad to see Y&R had 2 good weeks in a row. Worried about B&B when it can’t even stay up in the ratings when Y&R is up. People just don’t seem to be liking the new Spectra stuff. The ratings have just been hit and miss since it started.

    I’m still liking what Sally is doing at Y&R. Still feel she would be better with a full co-head writer and not just Kay as consultant. Someone with just as much power as she has and can balance things out. Sally is great with character stuff but needs work on the plot side…and I’m not talking about plot at the sacrifice of character. We have had way too much of that.

    I love my soaps but I would really love to see that couple who are two strong individuals and actually start out hating each other. I even love villain couples with lots of sexual chemistry. I loved couples in the past like Tony and Anna on Days or Scotty and Heather on GH. I would love to see another couple in that vein who join together to plot against the main couple but become a great couple in the process.

    And I am greatly missing those stories where they build to points, psych you out with another twist, before they build to a big climax. The psych outs are so good they leave you shaking your head or wanting to throw something at the TV.

    Soap writers today just fail in telling those type of stories. I mean they can’t even tell coming out stories right. Those should be filled with drama and tension, but on today’s soaps everybody in town is perfectly happy with a transgendered bride or a gay son. Stuff like that should provide dramatic tension for months.

    Oh well we can only hope that one day things will get much better. And that ratings will one day get much better too.

    • bubllebee

      I would really like to see Lucy hale as a guest star in days now that pretty little liar is all over.

  • Ang

    In case anyone missed the Soap News today, Ali Sweeney is going back to Days for 2 months…She’ll start filming in May and will probably start airing in October. My prediction is Will is coming back from the dead.

    • cab

      That is possible. But Will has no credible way as coming back from the dead. However, they have secretly been auditioning actors for a character called Gabe, which is a cover up name for EJ. EJ was injected with something by Kristen DiMera which could possibly cause him to be resurrected.

      • Ang

        How many characters currently on the show were dead at one point? Did they all come back credibly? Or did viewers just give them a pass because it’s what Soaps do.

        Also, the age range for the Gabe character is apparently 18-25. He’s more likely to be Johnny than EJ.

        • JayTN

          Most of the time, whenever a soap character is brought back from the dead, the writers have made it at least credible. For example, how many characters have been written off as dead, but their bodies never found? Will, by contrast, was murdered and buried. I agree that it is a little hard to credibly come back from that. But, this is “Days” we are talking about and credibility is not their strong suit.

          • TV&MovieBuff

            With Days anything is possible. I mean Jack Devereaux died and had his organs donated to someone else. Then they brought him back from the dead. Fans that complain about someone being killed on Days just make me want to shake my head. No one is ever dead on Days.

          • Ang

            Corday certainly doesn’t care about credibility so he won’t care how lame the story is that brings Will back. I’ve seen some speculation that the Will that came back from LA wasn’t the real Will and that someone switched them out. More than likely it will be either the DiMera’s or the Kiriakis’s who did it. Or maybe they’ll bring in a new evil family.

            I’m not in anyway defending the show lol. I just think this is something that would bring Ali back happily. I’m sure the storyline will be silly but viewers are used to it by now.

      • Pete Ra

        LOL!!! It’s Days! Everyone’s come back from the dead at least once! And any resurrection of Will would be as credible as say the many times Marlena, John, Roman, Andre, etc have all died on camera.

    • samiifan45

      I am sure if they offer her more she would stay longer. Her being on Days also helps her other business happenings.

  • cab

    Days always bounces up and down. They had a good week last ratings period with Y&R. Now when the new writers take over in September, things may improve drastically. Ron and company have been at work trying to fix the show, even enticing Alison Sweeny back for a couple of months. What Ron did to convince her to return must have been magic for her to give up her other prospects with the Lifetime channel. Rumors are they are also looking into recasting the EJ role, even though I haven’t seen anything else that James Scot is working on.
    I think given the chance, viewers and fans will be happy with what Ron is going to do to Days. As a fan I can wait till then and wont wait till then to watch to show. I also think that some fans might even return to the show that they love.
    I still watch faithfully and really do not have any complaints. As soon as they made Will gay, a legacy character, I knew something was going to happen to him. Take Dynasty, Steven was gay, but as a major character to the show, all of the sudden he was straight and married a woman. Other shows either (Y&R), have the character killed, all of the sudden straight, or just written away. I am surprised that Sonny and Paul are still on. When John’s father had Paul brainwashed, I thought that it would make him straight, that would have caused me to get upset and maybe not watch anymore. Days and its’ writers have always tried to keep things interesting by inventing storylines that may draw viewers, but it will have to be a big one to make people want to watch, and Ron might just be the guy to do it.

    • Salem Spectator

      Ron’s material starts in July onscreen with the wrapping up of Dena’s storylines lasting until September.

    • samifan45

      If he was not on Wrecked and if the money is right I am sure they can bring James Scott back.

    • scott16475

      The days of new writers getting ratings to rise are long over. “Back in the day” new writers would come in and new viewers would watch in droves but over the past 10 years or so new writers cause nothing more than a small bump in viewership and even that is short term.

      I’m not saying that you are, cab, but folks who believe that Ron or any other new writer(s) on a show will give a show a huge long term rise in ratings are living in the 1960’s.

      I do think that Days will see a small bump shortly after Ron’s work begins to air but it won’t be enough to nudge it out of 4th place, I don’t believe. And even that will be a temporary bump.

    • Ang

      Ron enticed Ali back by bringing Will back from the dead. She’s going to shoot for two months and that’s it for now. I have the SOD article and she talks about having plenty of work the rest of the year with Hallmark, not Lifetime. I already explained in my other response that the casting rumor is actually for someone in the age range of 18-25. That’s not for EJ.

      • kylell

        Maybe its for EJ’s son..i forgot his name.

    • kylell

      I think they got rid of Arianne Zucker (Nicole) so Days could afford to pay

      Alison Sweeny (Sami) to come back for a couple of months.

      • cab

        Arianne choose to leave on her own to pursue other projects

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Reports that I keep reading are indicating that the industry is close to another writer’s strike. I just wonder if the soaps can survive another one, and if any writers will be willing to go fi-core to continue writing. The ones who did last time were really given a hard time for doing so by others in the industry.

    • Salem Spectator

      DOOL can shut down production for six months, the length of the strike that many are predicting.

    • JayTN

      I don’t really see a problem with the soaps in regards to the writer’s strike. The last one didn’t really seem to have an impact. I’m not an expert when it comes to the WGA or their rules and regulations, but both CBS soaps have writers who are also producers (Sally Sussman & Bradley Bell), so they may be able to continue writing without repercussions. “Days” is helped out by its long film-to-air schedule, so GH may be the one to best affected, at least in terms of hurt feelings.

      • TV&MovieBuff

        Bell wasn’t allowed to write any of B&B the last time. One of the other writers went fi-core in order to write it. I forget which one. I think MAB went fi-core to write for Y&R the last time.

        Depending on the timing of the strike the biggest problem Days would have is the momentum it would have with Ron C.’s new writing. It would be possible that someone would have take over in the midst of his stories just about the time it would effect contract negotiations the next time around. Ron C. did not go fi-core the last time for GH and I highly doubt he would for Days.

        Many things floating around on the net are suggesting that Gary Tomlin is being sought after to possibly write GH during the strike. He is a fi-core status writer so the strike would not effect him.