R.I.P. Beau Kazer – ‘Y&R’ Alum Passes


, who originated the role of Brock Reynolds on CBS’ “” in 1974, has died. The actor passed on December 30 in Thousand Oaks, California. He was 63 years old.

Sean Smith/JPI Studios
Sean Smith/JPI Studios

Survived by his wife, , Kazer had been a fixture on “Y&R” for much of its 40+ years on television. He most recently appeared in 2013 episodes of the daytime drama series celebrating the life of Jeanne Cooper and her character, Katherine Chancellor, who was Brock’s mother.

Alkus notes that “Y&R” was a large part of her husband’s life and that he was very proud of [being part of the cast].

“The Young and the Restless has lost another of its own… RIP Beau Kazer (Brock) I remember the first time I heard your voice and thought wow! This guy should have been in radio! Then I watched u act and was blown away with how natural and honest your performances always were. God Bless,” shared (Cane Ashby) on Facebook.

“So sad to hear of the passing of Beau Kayser …Brock Reynolds on the Young &The Restless…Kay Chancellor’s son…rest in peace Beau❤,” said , who is the head of hair and makeup at “Y&R.”

  • Very sad news. RIP good Sir.

  • Chas

    heart attack maybe

    • Doris Storlien

      Haven’t heard or read the cause of death.

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Very sad news. I know it had been years since he was a regular and had story, but he was an integral part of the cast that made Y&R a success in the 1970s. Sympathy to his family.

  • fanny

    Who could forget Brock addressing his mother as “Duchess”, a suitable name for Katherine.
    Sweet memories…
    R.I.P. Mr. Kazer!

  • Patricia Lindsey Smith Davis


    • Sandra Moore

      We can hear you.

      • Doris Storlien

        Yep, not deaf!!!!

  • Angie Molinario Parker

    Sorry to hear of his passing – loved how he called Mrs. C “Duchess!” He will be sorely missed.

  • Sparkle Owens

    You will be missed Beau! RIP handsome.

  • Carrie Lynn

    Dang! Could you at least spell his last name correctly? You have it spelled 3 different ways in this one short article! EDITING!!!

    • Kay Kristin

      The other spellings were in direct quotes from other people. You don’t edit what other people write.

    • Doris Storlien

      I read through the article and say the last name spelled Kazer and Kayzer. Kazer was by the author of the article, the other was a quote from the hair and make-up person. You had to really look to see that, I went back and reread it again in order to see what the heck you were talking about. SO the make-up artist added a “Y”. Pretty close, I’d say. Close enough to not make a big fuss about it.

    • Fox

      The variation of spelling comes from the actor himself; as during the course of his career, he used no less than three different spellings. So in credits and quotes, you may see it differently. Perhaps Denney (who’s been a makeup artist with Y&R for years wasn’t aware that he’d changed it again.)

  • Cindi Hornaday

    They need to do a tribute to him like they did Katherine. Will miss him at least now he is with the Duchess.

    • Rocker

      They did today

      • Cindi Hornaday

        thank you will make sure I watch it

  • JJWhorley

    Brock was one of the few totally nice and decent characters on the show. I always enjoyed when he was on. Beau played him well!

  • Tuula Luostarinen

    I had the worst “crush” on Brock, and always hoped I would find a husband just like him! I’m 57 and still have not found one! RIP and my prayers go out to all his friends and family…God Bless You! And thanks for the memories….

  • JAD

    I was so sorry to read this–he was the perfect man, in my personal opinion.

  • Sabrina

    I will miss seeing him on Y&R, so very sad!

    • Doris Storlien

      He hasn’t been on for over a year.

      • RGValleyGal

        So what? He was an icon on the show!

  • Andrew Hass

    My condolences to his family.However i hope Y&R acknowledges that the character of Brock has died too.Maybe Jill could get a phone call informing her that Brock has died and that could lead to some flashbacks of Brock.

  • Jenna

    I thought he was the first gay man on a soap.

    • Sandra Moore

      To soon for that comment, and who care’s if he was.

    • Doris Storlien

      I hadn’t even heard that,, but so is Kevin. What difference does it make
      if they are good actors????

    • Sheppard1

      aren’t you a nasty piece of work.

    • Jessie Henson Long

      I thought so too but says he is survived by his wife who is a female.

  • pam

    Another great actor has gone to heaven. Beau Kazer has passed away. He will be missed by many including myself. He joins Jeanne Cooper who played his mother on Y&R for many years. 2 great actors in my book. I have watched this show since it 1st aired on television. May you rest in peace Beau. God bless you and your family. Such a great loss to the acting world. Prayers for your loved ones.

  • Reneé T. Armstead

    Does anyone know how he died?

    • Doris Storlien

      That is what I was looking for, to see why he died!!!

      • Reneé T. Armstead

        Here is something I just found from an article about him. “No further details about the cause of his death has been released.” That makes me wonder was it drugs or something?

  • Carl Mape

    He was NOT a fixture for “much of it’s 40 years on TV.” He was only on a couple of years, and hasn’t been on in over 15 years. He was last on playing the first “Mac’s” father, but that was only a few episodes. RIP, your Mama is waiting for you.

    • Jessie Henson Long

      He has not been on much but he has indeed always been a fixture or member of the show.

      • Jessie Henson Long

        Kazer had appeared on Y&R semi-regularly since the character’s introduction to the show. He played the role of Brock from 1974 to 1980, then again from 1984 to 1986. Brock returned to Genoa City in 1988 and stayed through 1992, then returned in 1999 before departing in 2003. He had appeared occasionally since then, including a brief return in November 2008 to deliver the eulogy at Katherine’s funeral.[2] However, Brock’s mother did not die (instead it was Katherine’s look-alike,Marge), and Kazer reprised the role temporarily in April 2009.

  • Jennifer Loukota

    RIP Beau Kazer. Enjoyed your character on Y&R as Brock years ago. Hopefully you’re in heaven with Jeanne Cooper aka Katherine Chancellor who played your TV mom.

  • Amie Huffman

    I agree they need to do some sort of a tribute to him on Y&R. I have watched this show from day 1. Beau always played Catherine’s son Brock. They need to remember him as such. It would be nice if they brought MacKenzie (his Y&R daughter) on and have a memorial service for him. Rest in peace. I don’t know anyone that didn’t love you.

  • Robyn

    Brock is with the Duchess!!! RIP Beau Kazer

    • Cindy Todd

      I couldn’t have said it better. <3

  • RGValleyGal

    RIP, Brock. You are now in the company of the dear duchess. We!l never forget you with your good manners, good looks, and proper self. Tell the Duchess hello from all of us and that we miss her.

  • Carol Hartline

    I remember when Y&R first came on the air, your Brock was one of my favorite characters on the show. I hated when you stopped being a regular and looked forward to your visits to The Duchess. Your character grew so in depth as a humanitarian who put others in need in front of himself and the life of wealth Katherine Chancellor’s son could have had. I loved it when he (you) learned he had a daughter.
    When you see The Duchess up there, tell her how much we all miss her. She was one of a kind. We will miss you too.

  • PGStiles

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Beau Kazer. Loved seeing him on Y & R! RIP!

  • Sue M.

    RIP…Beau…you are now in the company of Jeanne Cooper (your beautiful duchess).

  • Deb

    Sharon Alkus so sorry for your loss…It seems like yesterday when Jeanne Cooper passed and this has really taken me by surprise…

  • Skiwoman61

    I am saddened to hear of Beau’s passing.I loved it when he called Katherine The Duchess.

  • Kimber

    My condolences to the family of Beau. I have watched Y&R since it began and always loved the character of Brock. He will be missed.

  • Marilyn

    I just read that he died in his sleep

    • cdmthomas

      must have been a heart attack… 🙁

      • Josie

        could be he just went to sleep –
        lets let them find out if they want, and say if they choose to speak!
        RIP Beau!! You sure will be missed on the show and by everyone!

  • Grandhuff

    Was anything mentioned about this and the end of an Y & R episode? Any short mention about his death? They usually do that when a cast member dies. Current, recurring, or former. My mother just told me today.