Share Laughs With ‘Y&R’s’ Sean Carrigan

Steven Bergman Photography
Steven Bergman Photography

’” (Stitch Rayburn) may spend his 9 to 5s surrounded by drama, but what many fans might not know is that the daytime newbie actually moonlights as a comedian! And lucky for his Southern California fans, he’ll soon be appearing on stage to flex his comic muscles!

Carrigan will be performing alongside national headliners and , as well as fan fave at The Comedy Store in La Jolla, California on Friday, July 18 and Saturday, July 19. You can catch the actor in shows starting at 7:00PM and 9:30PM on both nights.

For more information and tickets, visit The Comedy Store’s La Jolla website.

  • CBRVA83

    It’s the Comedy Store, not the Comedy Story Kambra!

  • Denise

    I want Sean carringan off show the young and restless I do like . Him being Victoria I don’t her be with Dr ben I want her be billy

  • Blink

    Would love to see him bring some of that joking cheer to his character….at least it would be one character that’s not gloomy doomy if they let him. Kind of feel bad for the character of Stitch, he seems to be condemned for having the gall to have a “secret” and of course “love” Victoria.

  • Who is Ben Rayburn? Now that we know he has assume a dead mans identity.

    • Evie Cate

      Can u update me pls? I missed today and haven’t heard anything about him taking a dead man’s identity. Thank u!

      • Kevin told Chelsea that he discovered that “Ben” graduated HS and shortly after he died in a car crash. Ben and Kelly are also brother and sister, Kelly came clean to Jack.

        I’m really curious how Stitch was able to serve in the military and become a Doctor using the identity of a dead man.

        • Fox

          The same way teenager, George Kaplan, took his dead friend’s identity to enlist in the military as “Brad Carlton” and become a Navy Seal… lol! .. Let’s hope this yarn doesn’t have anything to do with a Reliquary

        • Evie Cate

          Me too! Thank u so much!! I can’t wait to hear! It’s the only story beside Paul and Dylan’s that I’m really interested in. I miss Billy Miller and Michael Muhney so much! I started watching General Hospital a week ago and am already interested in it. Our “Phyllis” has a great evil part on it! Thanks again for the update!!

          • I wasn’t interested in Stitch until the reveal about his identity. I really hope his secret isn’t something lame like he killed a man to protect his family. I’m also really enjoying the Paul/Dylan storyline. I absolutely love that Doug Davidson is receiving good material, and the Nikki/Cricket drama is great as well. Best part is that Victor is keeping his nose out of things.