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Kristoff St. John Takes to Facebook To Discuss Behind the Scenes ‘War Zone’

Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS
Robert Voets/CBS

In a near 2,600 word posting on his Facebook page, “'” (Neil Winters) further commented on the situation occurring behind the scenes at the daytime drama series following the breast groping scandal that has rocked the show and the industry.

A portion of his message states, “The implosion at Y and R, has caused fans to seek an even bigger explosion, one that is unwarranted, and without real merit, based on what little information has been given or leaked. Because of this soap opera behind the scenes hysteria, we are now ALL in a WAR ZONE. Can you blame the actors when under fire and being attacked, for putting on flak jackets, arming themselves with the only weapons available, (social media) and firing SOMETHING, anything back? The problem here is that we have very little artillery. Our hands are tied, beyond belief. Beyond our control. WE WANT THIS TO END AS MUCH AS THE FANS DO. But I’ll be damned if I allow a FEW OF THE MANY THAT HAVE HELPED TO CONSTRUCT THE HOUSE THAT WILLIAM BELL SR. built, along with his precious wife LEE PHILLIP BELL, with THIER own hands, from the ground up, to BULLY ME, SCARE ME OR MY FAMILY, AND IMPEDE MY PROGRESS IN THIS ONLY LIFE THAT I/WE HAVE. I have worked for 40 years in this Hollywood machine and have never witnessed such senseless, misdirected anger and discontent. It reminds me more of a Shakespearean play, where misunderstanding and deceit are played out on stage by colorful characters with much charm, but with insidious intentions. Remember, “The play is the Thing” (wherein I will catch the conscience of the King) Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2. You don’t cut down the entire apple tree because of one infected apple. This IS SHAKESPEAREAN by design, with tragic consequences for those that allow it.”

The actor also says, “I implore all of us, fans, actors, producers, writers, cast and crew, from the smallest to the largest, journeymen, astronauts, traveling through time and space. it is TIME TO WAKE UP, and believe in our brother man and woman. That TOGETHER we have unheralded strength. TOGETHER we can spread the message of love, harmony and peace. STOP THE HURT, HEAL THE WOUNDED, EMBRACE THOSE THAT NEED LOVE AND COMFORT. This is just a blip on Gods radar. A moment in time, that will pass, if we ALL WORK TOGETHER. ”

To read St. John’s full message to his fans, followers and viewers of “Y&R,” click here.