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Senior Vice President of CBS Daytime, , took to Twitter today to announce that the network’s number one soap opera, “,” has made a behind-the-scenes change: The show’s publicist, , has stepped into the role of Associate Producer!

“Congratulations @YRJimmyF on being promoted to associate producer!” the exec tweeted earlier this morning.

Freeman, a fan of “Y&R” since the early 90s, has been a very active supporter of the show since joining in the role of publicist in 2013. In addition to being hands on in bringing the show as much positive publicity as possible, he was integral in the production of the Jeanne Cooper [Katherine Chancellor] tribute special, conducted all of the drama’s 40th anniversary video interviews, and has focused on building up the show’s social media presence via his own Twitter page, as well as the show’s official Twitter page (which has over 104,000 followers).

At press time, a new successor for the publicity department had yet to be announced.

  • Lots of things happening right now at Y&R. Hopefully the lawyers are searching for a way to get rid of Jill.

    • ROBNYC

      I really hope so. With the amount of time they film in advanced I am fearful that time is of the essence.

      • JayTN

        From what can be gathered from casting news, Y&R films about one month to six weeks in advance. That’s seems to be comparable to what most primetime series do. If you want to talk about filming in advance, the winner has to be “Days”, which films about 4-6 months ahead.

        • ROBNYC

          Thanks Jay. I had known about Days and assumed they all film that far in advance. That is really bad that Days does that. Leaves very little room to change course or rewrite.

          • Andrew Hass

            Days is the only soap that tapes so far in advance.The other 3 soaps tape about 1-2 months in advance.However i agree with you that Days taping so far in advance is a bad thing because they can’t change stories.Plus the scenes and stories are probably written even longer back then that.

      • Freeman is probably a double agent sent to spy on Jill. Hopefully her days are numbered.

    • mdbball02


    • Mika

      Gosh, I hope not. I want Jill to remain as long as she wants because then maybe GH can truly become #1!

  • JayTN

    I don’t really know that Jill’s job is in true jeopardy. As has been said, she was brought on to control Y&R’s budget, and she appears to have done just that. I do agree that these recent changes (the Freeman promotion, Eileen Davidson’s return) do seem to be made with an eye at the recent ratings. TV series that are doing well don’t really make a lot of changes. My own personal opinion is that if these behind-the-scenes changes don’t get the numbers back up, then Sony may go shopping for a new EP. But, only if these current changes don’t work.

    • don

      I think they are doing that right now, they made those changes because of the latest numbers of the ratings and it ain’t good to say the least and if it continues like that they will be shopping of a new EP behind the scenes soon.

  • Andrew Hass

    That’s great for jimmy Freeman and i hope he does well.However i don’t know what an associate producer does.As for Jill Ferren Phelps i do think she’s on the hot seat but i don’t take this as a sign she’s going to be fired.In the last ratings report Y&R was up.So Sony and CBS may want to see if that continues or not.

    • mdbball02

      Y&R has lost 1.5 MILLION fans since she took the reins…don’t know what ratings report you’re looking at.

      • Andrew Hass

        Jill Ferren Phelps was hired by Y&R in July of 2012.Now i don’t know when her work started airing.However during the week of August 2-6 2012 Y&R had 4,314,000 viewers in total for that week.Now in the las ratings report which was for the week of June 2-6 2014 Y&R had 4,319,000 viewers in total.So if i do my math right that is a gain of 5,000.Now the week of January 6-10 of this year Y&R did have 5,472,000 viewers in total.So in the last 5 months or so the show 1,153,000 viewers.However the other 3 soaps lost viewers in that same time frame too.In that 5 months or so B&B lost 601,000,GH lost 174,000 viewers and DOOL lost 507,000 viewers.

        • Patrick Ferrando

          Her stuff didn’t air until Oct 2012. Her first ratings week she had 4,502,000. During her tenure ratings have mostly climbed until the decline in March. I hate Phelps, but ratings although down now, have been up the majority of her tenure.

  • Melissa Martin

    Well Mr. Freeman, start your new job off right with apolgoizies to two actors, then hire back Mr. Muhney as Adam, and apololgies to the viewers. The once great Young and Restless is boring and stupid right now, and the whole operation has the feel of a very unethical place. Hire back Mr. Muhney as Aadam. Thank you very much.

    • Andrew Hass

      Jill Ferren Phelps is still the executive producer.Which i think means she’s above Jimmy Freeman.Plus Muhney himself said that CBS and Sony wanted to give the character of Adam a 4-6 break before bringing the character back.So i’m taking that to mean it was CBS and Sony who made the final decision about firing him.Yeah Phelps as executive producer may have been the one to tell him he was fired but she may have had no choice.

      • Lili

        Seems to me that ‘PHELPS’ is the one who orchestrated the whole thing, manipulation lies and deceit are things ‘TPTB’ know a thing or two about. The demise of Y&R is no accident!

    • Freeman doesn’t owe anyone any apologies. Sony and CBS made the decision. Move on already.

      • mdbball02

        IF his sole job was publicity HE SUCKS AT THAT! There was no good publicity for Y&R over the past year, so lets move him UP the food chain? SMH

      • sands of time

        Wasn’t the mountain climber/YodeleR available?

  • Fox

    Seems more like a lateral move than any kind of promotion, especially since he has no experience as an AP. And given all the bad ‘publicity’ the show has garnered over the last year, maybe they want someone new in that function. – jmho

  • mdbball02

    WOW he knows how to post to FB and Twitter and he’s been a publicist on Y&R for a year and THAT qualifies him to be a ASSOCIATE PRODUCER?!?!?!?!? How about they TWEET that these job openings are available and let some LIFE LONG DEVOTED FANS, who respect the history and veterans and long term story arcs apply! SMH

  • Davida Burns

    OMG, all you people do is bitch about this soap and Jill Farren Phelps and Michael Muhney. GET OVER IT!! I have been a fan since this soap first aired. JFP is actually taming things down on Y&R. Unlike MAB who took the soap and made a laughing stock out of it. Phelps is building on the core families and it takes time. It’s called story telling. If the viewers are that bored with it and hung up on Michael Muhney then maybe it’s time for those people to move on.

    • Myles Stevens

      THANK YOU.

    • Terry

      SORRY but I’ve been a fan of Y&R for more than 30 years. This is the worst it has ever been PHELPS has made this show better than a Ambien. Boring Boring Boring. Losing Muhney-Miller and Stafford were huge blows to the show and of course the passing of Jeanne Cooper was so sad. SO “NO” we won’t get over it until she is gone and hopefully Michael Muhney will return since Michelle and Billy have already joined GH.

      • Andrew Hass

        It was Sony and CBS who mainly wanted Michael Muhney gone if i’m not mistaken .I’m not saying Phelps didn’t want him gone too but she may not have been able to do it without support from CBS and Sony.Plus even if Phelps is fired there’s no guarantee Sony and CBS will want Muhney back.