RATINGS: CBS Daytime Posts Overall Growth in Viewers: ‘B&B’ Up 10%; ‘Y&R’ Up 8%

CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
CBS Broadcasting, Inc.
Francis Specker/CBS
Francis Specker/CBS

With the traditional 2013-2014 television season (September to May) now concluded, has posted overall year-to-year growth in total viewers, while also posting 2014 May Sweep increases in viewers and in the key sales demos compared to the 2013 May Sweeps period.

CBS’ “” and “Let’s Make a Deal 1” and “Let’s Make a Deal 2” attracted their largest season ever in Total Viewers. Additionally, “Deal 1” was up 13% (3.03m from 2.69m), “Deal 2” grew 12% (3.50m from 3.11m) and “Talk” grew by 16% (2.78m from 2.40m) from the 2012-2013 television season. This was also the best May Sweep ever, live plus same day, in viewers for “Deal 1,” “Deal 2” and “Talk.” “Deal 2” and “Talk” also posted their best May Sweep ever in households.

Meanwhile, “” was up 8% (5.24m from 4.82m) and “” was up 10% (3.89m from 3.52m). “ 1” grew by 12% (5.02m from 4.48m), while “ 2” was up 9% (5.81m from 5.33m).

In demos this was “Talk’s” best season in Women 25-54 rating (1.1/06, 10% from last year), while both “TPIR 1” (+8%) and “TPIR 2” (+7%) grew in the demo year-to-year. Both editions of the most watched broadcast television game show posted their best Women 25-54 deliveries since 2009-2010. “TPIR 1” also posted its largest audience for a season since 2003-2004, while “TPIR 2” posted its largest audience for a season since 2006-2007. Both saw their largest May Sweep in Total Viewers since 2007.

“B&B” posted its largest audience since the 2007-2008 season, while “Y&R” attracted its largest audience since the 2009-2010 season. “Y&R” posted its best household rating and its largest audience in a May Sweep since 2011, while “B&B” posted its best household rating and its largest May Sweep audience since 2008.

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  • Bexx

    Let the conspiracy theories begin…

  • TV&MovieBuff

    Congrats to CBS

  • Maddy

    Good for B&B! Congrats CBS!

  • Fred

    This press release is confusing. SON ratings for Y&R May sweeps are in 4.4 million average range which would show a drop. Is the 5 million number for the season? If so, the increase is due to the talents of Muhney & Miller for bringing the ratings up. And CBS rewarded them by firing them. Ratings have dropped by millions since.

    • MK

      you are 100% correct.
      The average for the season being 5.3m and the current being 4.4m
      Sounds down to me

    • nyvoter

      Yes, its for the “season” (September to May) which is totally inapplicable to a daytime program that has NO season; it is simply another way to spin those inflated numbers of 5.7ml and 6.0ml back in Jan/early Feb by including them in every conceivable bracket, even irrelevant ones (such as “seasons”). Ultimately, it will bite them sharply when, without improvement, in Jan/Feb 2015, their numbers from “last year” will be down over 1 million viewers. Best way to correct the future is to improve the writing, acting, s/ls and overuse (IMO) of certain characters. If your ratings are flailing, you can either “pump it up” with new measurements or take a long, hard look at what might be going wrong and correct it.

    • Fox

      Also, the weekly ratings posted at SON are based on “Live+Same Day” viewing, while I believe the season averages are based on “Live+7 (Same Week).” So there’s always going to be more viewers added in when one allows for another six days to watch. (At least, that’s how it used to be.)

  • Viking

    Y&R ratings have dropped and no amount of spin will change that. And…. they have dropped even further for the last 7 weeks in a row! What will change that is getting the executive producer out!!!!!! I had watched Y&R since it started, but stopped watching in Jan and will not watch again until she is gone. Terrible casting, writing and story lines!